Thursday, December 22, 2022

Revealing The Future?

The Globalists Show Us The Script

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, held the Catastrophic Contagion tabletop pandemic exercise in Brussels, Belgium on October 23, 2022. This exercise, attended by 10 current and former public health officials from Africa, Singapore, India, Germany, as well as Bill Gates, simulated a pandemic in 2025. They termed this highly contagious disease “Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome”, or SEERS, that began as a mysterious outbreak in two Latin American countries and disproportionately affected children and young people. 

SEERS is an interesting acronym, but it shouldn’t be surprising if the globalists get a kick out of hiding their affiliations in plain site; e.g., Microsoft’s International Patent #WO2020060606, which is for a cryptocurrency system using body activity. The number 666 is widely known to be connected to the biblical Antichrist, who will rise to power and be used by Satan/Lucifer to deceive the whole world. Then there is luciferase, a bioluminescent enzyme-substrate system with light-emitting characteristics, which is used in many applications today and has a long history of originNow, there is SATiN, (here and here), a serological assay used to detect coronavirus antibodies in the blood. Interesting. 

Since Bill Gates and the likes of Yuval Harari and Klaus Schwab think so highly of themselves and view the rest of humanity as hackable animals, is SEERS, therefore, a clever play on words, an inside joke? Do the globalists view themselves as intelligent seers who can see what human calamities are coming in the future...?

Now that Catastropic Contagion with the SEERS pandemic has been scripted, what’s next? Since two months after the Event 201 exercise of October 18, 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, will a similar event happen in 2025 or sooner? Under the heading of Lessons from the Exercise, the following is stated: 

Leaders must prepare now to make difficult, critically important decisions with limited information in the early days of the next pandemic in order to increase the chances that a dangerous outbreak can be contained at the source. In the early days of a major new contagious disease epidemic, there could be a brief window of opportunity to stop it from becoming a pandemic. To successfully contain such an outbreak, decisive and bold action would need to be taken in the face of incomplete data, high scientific uncertainty, and potential political resistance. Thinking through such challenges, preparing in advance to react effectively, and practicing through both high-level tabletop and operational exercises should start now. 

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