Friday, December 23, 2022

Bolsonaro Signs Order To Sideline Corrupt Supreme Court

BREAKING: Christmas Counter-Coup? Bolsonaro Signs Order to Sideline Corrupt Supreme Court

Brazilian President Bolsonaro has signed the order to elevate the Superior Military Court STM over the corrupt left-wing Supreme Court, in a move that many believe may pave the way for a military intervention before Jan. 1, when corrupt Communist convict Lula da Silva is scheduled to take office as President.

“In the last 72 hours, there has been much chatter and speculation on social media about Jair Bolsonaro having already placed Brazil under the Armed Force’s tutelage”, Rio Times reports. “It is also rumored that the country’s Superior Military Court STM has already responded positively to the complaints against the controversial Supreme Court.”

The Official Gazette of Brazil published a ruling that “The Ministry of Defense is approved to be the agency that interprets the Constitution in Brazil.”

This means, the Ministry of Defense will officially exercise the function of interpreting the Constitution. This privilege usually belongs to the Supreme Court. The new ruling “harbors explosive force in light of the show-down between Jair Bolsonaro and the Brazilian Supreme Court in the decisive battle for power in the country”, Rio Times writes.

“President Bolsonaro is playing chess”, Brazilian Conservative leader Samia Sittel-Faraj told Gateway Pundit. “Our Supreme Court changed the constitution so the left wing can take power. Justice (Luís Roberto) Barroso changed the interpretation of Article 142” which authorizes the armed forces, under the command of the president, to  perform a ‘military intervention’.

“But now, Bolsonaro has turned over the interpretation of the constitution to the Ministry of Defense. This is a clear sign that Bolsonaro will act. If he would be handing over to Nine Fingers (Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva) , why would he do that?”

President Bolsonaro had always insisted he would act within the law and the constitution, says Sittel-Faraj.

“This is the sequence of the chess moves”, she said:

1) On Dec. 19 all congress members were officially  certified, meaning that they have the right to assume their seats  in the parlament.

A large number of conservatives were elected, one of the the indicators Lula’s victory was fraudulent.

2) Bolsonaro signed the decree handing over responsibility to interpret the constitution to the Minister of Defence, sidelining the leftists Supreme Court.

3) As of yesterday, the parliament is on holiday, but the Supreme Court judges are so worried that they did not take the break.

A spy was uncovered within the Bolsonaro staff who was giving information to Chief Justice Alexander de Moraes.

“Moraes is now blind and very worried”, Sittel-Faraj said. “He should be, because if the President gives the order now, Moraes will go to jail.” If Bolsonaro would have acted before certification on Dec. 19, perahps the elected representatives would not have supported him, she noted. “But now, they have the right to take their seats.”

A new technical study by an international group of forensic analystsf0und more proof of election fraud, indicating strong divergences between new voting machines and old voting machines:

In analyzing the data from the second round, the forensic scientists found serious discrepancies.

The data took as reference the voting of the candidates in the second round, considering the electoral zones, with the analysis of the second digit of the numerical series.

It is evident from the analysis of these two graphic groups that if the results were corrected within the parameter of the discrepancies found, the winner would be the candidate Jair Bolsonaro, current President of Brazil. This is because the anomalies found indicate an artificial decrease in Bolsonaro’s votes against an artificial increase in Lula’s votes. Considering that the final election result was a difference of less than 1.8% in favor of Lula, a minimal correction would be enough to reverse the results.

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