Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Ron Paul: Omnibus Shows Congress Priorities - Authoritarianism And War

Omnibus Shows Congress’s Priorities: Authoritarianism and War

The Omnibus appropriates a $44.5 billion giveaway to Ukraine. This brings the total US spending on Ukraine’s military to over $100 billion – approximately 50 percent more than Russia’s entire military budget! This money is spent in a conflict that does not affect US security, yet one that would likely have not occurred were it not for prior US meddling in the region.

The Omnibus bill provides $11.3 billion for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a $569.6 million increase and $524 billion above the President’s request. According to the Democratic leadership, the funding increase is so the FBI can better fight “extremist violence and domestic terrorists.”The public recently learned what the FBI considers an appropriate way to fight “extremism,” with the release of emails between Twitter officials and the FBI. 

These memos show the Bureau was working with Twitter—and almost certainly other social media companies—to suppress certain stories, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop, and points of view, such as skepticism regarding masks, lockdowns, and vaccine mandates. The bureau even used taxpayer funds to reimburse Twitter for the costs of implementing these “requests.” Government officials working with private companies to silence American citizens is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

This is hardly the first time the FBI has violated the constitutional rights of American citizens. In fact, since its founding the Bureau has targeted political activists and leaders such as Martin Luther King, whose agenda was considered “extreme” or “dangerous” by the Bureau’s corrupt leadership. 

The idea of a national police force with the power to target Americans because of their political beliefs would have horrified the drafters of the Constitution. The federal government has no constitutional authority over criminal law except for cases of piracy, counterfeiting, and treason. Libertarians, constitutional conservatives, and progressives who still care about civil liberties should join together to defund the FBI.

The fiscal year 2022 omnibus appropriations bill expands government, reduces liberty, and increases government debt, forcing the Federal Reserve to monetize more debt leading to more price inflation. Our political elites prioritize militarism abroad and authoritarianism at home over addressing the problems facing the American people like the Federal Reserve’s destructive monetary policy. This will fuel growing discontent with the political system. As the economy continues to worsen and the attempt to run the world continues to result in failures, the discontent will grow until the welfare warfare system collapses and, hopefully, a new error of liberty peace and prosperity dawns.

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Anonymous said...

Great Article!!! IMO, herein lies the USA's whole problem in a nutshell, Congress has the most insane evil corrupted priorities ever; In my opinion, American Citizen's don't need them near our Government that is to serve American Citizens!! This Government should have all those ruining America from within shelved as soon as possible!!!

American's priority is to put in good folks that have not committed Treason, IMO!!! Get this Nation functioning properly again, starting with enforcing our laws that are being broken by the very folks IN Gov. positions they have not honored, IMO! How sad the propaganda used by Media deceptively kept too many folks buying into accepting Woke Marxism as an American Norm, IMO. Do we have that many uneducated, godless, drug induced people here, one might ask???

If it's a numbers game, many folks that know truths about our reality, have lots of work to do to help deprogram ignorance rampant, right? Call a wrong wrong is a start. Not with using an acronym or BS label, or an insane Agenda, or a lawless immoral proposal, or other stupid excuse for staying ignorant while we sink, (figuratively speaking/then literally)! Actually, words are used like weapons, and it started with political correct nonsense, now here we are, many pushed BS Agenda's later. IMO! Stupid is as Stupid does!
Very informative needed Article...thank-you Ron!!! (: