Friday, December 30, 2022

Age Of Surveillance

Age of surveillance: Authorities now have even more control over ordinary people
Kevin Hughes

The world is now living in the “age of surveillance.”

Cameras with facial recognition systems, satellites, street sensors, license plate readers, drones, credit cards, computers, phones, televisions, smart devices and other technologies are already watching every move that people are making.

And companies are utilizing this cascade of data to earn more money.

Way back in 2013, a group of scientists studied 15 months of human mobility movement data collected from 1.5 million people. They concluded that just four points in space and time were enough to identify 95 percent of those people.

Nearly 10 years later, surveillance technologies penetrate all aspects of people’s lives. And they gather wraps of data from everyone in different forms and often without them knowing.

China has more than 50 percent of all surveillance cameras installed in the world, with almost 34 cameras per 1,000 people.

In Australia, Sydney has 4.67 surveillance cameras per 1,000 people and Melbourne has 2.13 as of last year.

CCTV cameras can be used for legal purposes – for example, promoting safety in cities and helping police with criminal investigations. But their use can also be abused by authorities.

New South Wales police were suspected of utilizing CCTV footage combined with facial recognition to identify people attending anti-lockdown protests last year.

The United Nations also confirmed that CCTV is being utilized to perform “serious human rights violations” against Uyghur and other principally Muslim ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang area of northwest China. Many CCTV cameras in China are also equipped with facial recognition, with some reportedly being tested to detect emotions.

The United States also has a long history of employing CCTV cameras to aid racist policing practices. Amnesty International reported that neighborhoods with a large percentage of non-white residents have more CCTV cameras.

Another issue with CCTV is security as many of these cameras don’t have password protection and can be easily accessed online.


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Anonymous said...

No they don't have, nor will use more control, IMO. Reminder, there is an older, but wiser generation, that does not want all the new bling that can infringe on privacy, spy on you, or whatever. Look at half the folks that do Global Security for instance, they usually are monitoring their companies own investments like Military Equipment, Farm, Corporatism etc. or if the CEO is kidnapped; the rest is of no interest, IMO. Or say, technology does not work, and many times it doesn't, worker does not pay attention, or back-up wasn't done, or even turned on??
How many times has someone wanted footage and oops, camera wasn't on then, or didn't show an angle, or did not even work? Or Biometrics from one state couldn't read a fingerprint 28 other states read with same fingerprints send out, CA? Try as may, tis my opinion, some IT surveillance is like trying to capture Bigfoot, right? Can't rule it out, yet can't be sure? LOL! We can be some on guard/paranoid, but after knowing the targeted mountains out of mole-hills observed, it's all about perception by those pushing their narratives, IMO.

They are more likely to create scenes like a movie patch worked together video for some manipulated deception they want to push, right? The fact they can't catch, hardly ever IMO, criminal illegals, Ballots stuffer's, Drug-Cartels, even Terrorist's, PLO's inside our USA, does seem quite suspicious that, they either seriously DO NOT want to, or surveillance does not work more than it does work, maybe? Most folks don't want to take time to go over footage, when do, shows whose innocent, but nothing done to criminals much these days, IMO! So point is, not sure the man behind the curtain watching much, too busy texting or something, in my opinion. When the bad guys start getting caught from surveillance, we know they hired more folks, right? Not sure what NSA does with all their spying though, USA has more problems, created chaos, and if NSA's doing it's job, shouldn't we have LESS criminals within creating chaos??? Intercepting spy messaging if done, heck we should know China's, Russia's, Iran's, etc., every move, right? NOT!

And why are we involved with Russia/Ukraine again? Watch Globally NSA, and we don't need War, we nip it ASAP, right? Wrong, so who wanted a war, who blew up oil pipeline, who pre-planned this?? Didn't camera's show anything??? Who do we believe? Satellites are expensive, and we know what, about what? We just had pandemic from what Lab, read the camera's!!! Someone out there? Oh, no one definitively knew anything, that is right? The masses are being sooooo punk, IMO!

Selective surveillance is believable which is quite a concern, Orwell coming to life in this case; We have been in convinced we are in fish bowls, but under the guise of what for sure? They want you to, LIVE IN FEAR, in my opinion, so dance like no one IS watching, and I can dance!