Saturday, December 24, 2022

Inching Closer To The Mark: EU Launches Testing Of Biometric Digital Wallets

CASHLESS TYRANNY: EU launches testing of biometric payments from digital wallets

The globalist-controlled EU Commission is throwing gobs of cash at a consortium tasked with rolling out a new biometric payment scheme for European Union residents.

Instead of paying for things with cash, test participants in the program will use their fingerprints to transfer money for payment from a digital identification wallet – no more paper or coins necessary.

The NOBID (Nordic-Baltic eID Project) was chosen to head up the multinational consortium, which includes as its members companies such as Thales and iProov. These two, along with others, will launch one of four planned EU digital identity pilot programs in March 2023.

“iProov is delighted that the NOBID consortium has been awarded funding and chosen to proceed with the pilot,” announced Andrew Bud, founder and CEO of iProov.

“This project will prove biometric-enabled Verifiable Credentials can address the emerging challenges of the increasingly complex world of payments.” (Related: The World Health Organization [WHO] got the ball rolling on all this with the introduction of a “digital wallet” to store covid “vaccine” certificates.)

Other technological partners said to be contributing to the scheme include Signicat, RB, Au├░kenni, IPZS, Poste Italiane, Intesi Group, InfoCert, FBK and Latvian State Radio, and Television Center.

NOBID itself consists of the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden. The following six states comprise the consortium: Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, and Norway.

By 2024, a full-scale, fully functioning digital ID will be ready for Europe (and probably the entire world)

The EU Commission has entrusted all of these countries and companies to “pilot and shape” the future of the European Union’s planned cashless society, which will cover all 27 member countries. Funding comes from the EU Commission’s DIGITAL Europa Program.

A consortium of banks, as you might expect, are also participating in the pilot scheme. These include DSGV, DNB and BankID, Nets, Intesa Sanpaolo, PagoPA, ABILab, and Grei├░sluveitan, among others.

Representatives from NOBID claim they already possess the experience necessary to produce a successful large-scale digital payment pilot scheme, which the EU has described as its top priority and “vision” for a digital, cashless future.

Existing infrastructure will be adapted to accommodate payment issuance, instant payments, account-to-account transfers, and payment acceptance both online and in stores.

The plan is to have everything fully ready by the year 2024. All EU residents will have their identity documents centralized within the platform, along with their driving licenses and bank accounts. Everything about a person, in other words, will be stored within a single scannable chip.

Privacy advocates such as European Digital Rights (EDRi) are speaking out against the plan, as are civil and human rights groups. They say digital ID programs like the ones being piloted violate many laws and constitutions throughout the EU, including in Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands.

Many companies also worry that the cost of transitioning to a cashless society will be insurmountable, causing them to collapse under the weight of this forced totalitarian oppression that is soon to come.

“It will be a social credit system, too, whereby they can dock your bank account for thought crimes which they will monitor via AI (artificial intelligence) connected to the nanowires in your brain,” speculated a commenter about the full extent of what is truly in store for this new dystopian existence.

“All your health records and all else about you will also be there.”

Another wrote that covid “vaccines” will also probably be included in the scheme, as the unvaccinated may not be afforded the same privileges as the fully vaccinated when it comes to the overall functionality of their digital ID wallets.

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