Friday, December 30, 2022

Brazil Comes Down To The Last Moments: Will Civil War Come Next?

Brazil Down to the Wire: “There will be Civil War if the Army Doesn’t Act”

It is down to the wire in Brazil as convicted criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is scheduled to be inaugurated Jan. 1. The leftist Supreme Court has ordered mass arrests of Bolsonaro supporters and for the protest camp outside Army HQ in Brasilia to be cleared. President Bolsonaro has appointed a new Military Commander and has not left the Presidential Palace yet. He is due to speak today.

Fake news CNN Brazil spread false rumors that President Jair Bolsonaro had fled the country for Florida, when actually he had sent his wife Michelle and daughter, possibly to keep them safe from an eventual confrontation. A special unit was put together to provide security to the Bolsonaro family in the USA. Rumors have it the Bolsonaros may be at Mar-a-Lago.

The president remains in Brazil. Bolsonaro has not left the Palacio do Planalto, which he should have left two weeks ago.

He is ruling by executive orders (which can be revoked by the new leftist government), appointing a new Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces,  General Júlio Cesar de Arruda, who is said to be pro-Bolsonaro. Protestors blamed the Generals for not acting to save the country, with banners reading “Cowards!”

Bolsonaro continued to play his hand close, saying “We have not mobilized, and we have not demobilized.”  Bolsonaro is “under extreme pressure and threat of being arrested by the Supreme Court but he is also courageous and sees himself as on a Mission. He got stabbed and it did not stop him from running 2018”, one observer who does not want to be named says.

“I think Alexandre de Moraes can arrest Jair Bolsonaro. He’s crazy.” said son and Senator Flávio Bolsonaro. “He is not respecting the law or the Constitution. The Senate and the other Justices of the Supreme Court are doing nothing. So he can do anything, anything can happen!”

“All of Brasil is now converging on the capital of Brasilia for a major protest. There are buses coming and the Federal Police is stopping them on the road,” says our observer. “If the Army does not intervene, the people will rise up and there will be Civil War.”

Federal Police controlled by the Pro-Lula Supreme Court have issued arrest warrants for 32 Bolsonaro supporters for the crime of alleged “vandalism” and “undemocratic acts” in what they are calling Operation Nero. Roman Emperor Nero is famous for letting his country burn down. Federal Police also attempted to clear the protest camp outside the Army HQ in Brasilia but were stopped by soldiers, since the camp is on military ground.

A man arrested for planning a bomb attack in Brasilia said Police Chief forced him to say he was against Lula. A video circulating on the Internet “goes against what has been said by the press,” reports Brazil in English. “Mr George Washington accused of planning a bomb attack on a tank car to cause an explosion at the airport of Brasilia said that he was forced by the Police Chief to say that he was against President- elect Lula da Silva”

Bolsonaro is making preparations for a major operation, according to our observer, including preparations for counter cyber war, and giving the armed forces control of communication.  The government authorized millions to be invested in cloud capacity, to buy drones and ammunition.

There are many military people being allocated to strategic positions. Lots of weapons  are being purchased and agreements being made with companies to provide logistics support for the army forces.

Special ambassadors being assigned to speak and represent Brazil overseas with a clear mission to speak positively for Brazil and avert claims of a “Bolsonaro coup”. Recently a cabal  of deep-state “diplomats” plotting against Bolsonaro was uncovered in Foreign ministry, who had been sabotaging Brazil’ foreign policy.

If Article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution is invoked, empowering the military to restore order, the military will then have access to the source code of the sketchy election machines, so they will find out whoe the real winner was, and call for new elections, goes the hope.

In this case, our observer expects “a civil war scenario” as the narco militias and leftist governments of South America (Sao Paulo Forum) “desperately want to get hold of Brazil.” This is also the reason why the military has been deployed to the Venezuelan border.

“It seems that Brazil is being prepared for war,” the expert says, “which is realistic, because the cartels finance the leftist governments of Latin America in exchange for liberty to freely pursue their business.” The corrupt Brazliian justice system also assists the cartels, the observer said. Since 2020, Police are not allowed to patrol in the favelas on the ground or with helicopters on the orders of Judge Fackin, for example.

The cartels are heavily armed, and have their own set of rules and justice system. “It is believed that they will act in case Bolsonaro fights back,” says the expert. “Cartel militias will go down and terrorize Rio de Janeiro.” President Bolsonaro has extened the Federal Mandate for Rio de Janeiro, and the Army has eliminated Lula-allied Red Command cartel leaders.

Humorists Paulo Souza and Bismark Fugazza left Brazil to avoid being arrested by Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, Brazil in Englishreports. “Ten days ago, we received information from a very important source that our names would be on the list of an arrest warrant”, revealed Souza, adding that the name of Journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio would also be in the crosshairs of the magistrate. “That is why we made the decision to leave Brazil.”

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