Thursday, December 29, 2022

Lies And Manipulation:

Unconstitutional Manipulation of News

Perhaps you will recall when Edward Snowden exposed the truth that the government was spying on American citizens, they called him a traitor and wanted to imprison him for life or even execute him for revealing that the government no longer complies with the Constitution, which to them is only a guideline at best, and a scrap of paper written by right-wing extremists as they would be called today.

Absolutely NOTHING came out of that release and the government claimed it was Snowden who was risking national security. Now with everything coming out from Twitter, the same thing is taking place at YouTube, Google, Microsoft, Wikipedia, you name it. That little backdoor that Microsoft uses with these endless updates to see what you are searching supposedly for target advertising, you can bet your life that also includes the very same scheme.

And these are the people pushing us into World War III and they are desperate to misrepresent absolutely everything. Zelensky is destroying his own country and he will live comfortably with a golden deal with the USA when the final collapse unfolds in Ukraine if the US even survives. These people have no regard for human rights no less our constitutional rights. They think they will rule the world, but our computer shows they will destroy everything and they will not retain power. But naturally, they do not want to hear that. Thus, the do everything in their power to make sure the success of our computer is never covered by the press.

I have received a lot of emails asking why just five days after the New York Post revealed the Hunter Biden laptop story that went all the way to the top involving his father, now President Biden, the former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapperannounced on October 19th, 2020, a letter stating that this was a product of Russian disinformation and “hacking.” There have been people looking into this pair of Neocons who will say anything to reach their end goal – World War III to wipe Russia off the face of the earth and attempting to investigate what amounts to TREASON. They are insisting on war and were against Trump for he did not want to wage war against Russia. That contributed to the whole RussiaGate nonsense.

It has been clearly established now that both Brennan and Clapper knew the Steel Dossier was fake and created by Hillary. They remained silent propelling the country into wasting millions and creating an image where 70% of Democrats believed that Putin interfered in the 2016 election. Without Putin, Hillary would have won and since Trump was against funding the NeoNazis of Ukraine that John McCain promised in December 2016 even before Trump was sworn in, that was it. He had to be removed to keep the hatred going of the Neocons.

Both of these guys did everything they could to ensure Trump would be removed from office. Why? Because Trump was anti-war the same as John F. Kennedy. The one thing that I was shocked and impressed with about Donald Trump was when I went to dinner at Mara largo in March 2020. He said then that he wanted to pull the troops out of Afghanistan. It was the first time I ever heard ANY head of state express any remorse for those who die in these endless wars.

Trump discovered that the people in his cabinet were all plants from the establishment. John Bolton never saw a war he did not support. He cared nothing about the boys who die for his Neocon extremes, or of the children whose levels will be forever changed because their father dies for Bolton’s Neocon dreams.

Robert McNamara (1916 – 2009) was a leading Neocon during the 1960s who pushed the country into the Vietnam war.  He was famous for saying:

I met Robert McNamara back in the ’90s. I must say, he was less of a Neocon thirty years later. Before he died in 2009, he wrote a book, which I recommend should be MANDATORY reading for all Neocons. What you think is real is far more dangerous than anything else when you have a settled closed mind. That is the mark of stupidity – not intelligence.

The very thing that destroyed Communism is what they are trying to do with us – end all conversation and accept only what they tell us. It is curiosity that keeps human society advancing. If we are not curious and question our surroundings, we crumble and die. A healthy debate of the issues is vital to our future survival as a society. Shut that down as they are doing right now with government censorship of social media, the end will not be that far behind.

The Deep State is controlled by the Neocons. They cannot sleep at night without an enemy. They NEVER advocate peace – they always want war. Most people believe that JFK was taken out by the CIA because he was against Vietnam. As soon as he was gone, Johnson took us into Vietnam even when the tapes confirm he knew the Vietnamese never attacked us. So much for details. They always need to pretend that they are not the aggressor – it is always the other guy.

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