Saturday, December 31, 2022

The New Nazis:

The New Nazis Are On The March

LIKE most Jewish children, I had extensive Holocaust education, making it easy for me to spot parallels with the New Nazis foisting medical and climate change fascism on to us. I also experienced at first-hand the fascism of apartheid policy in South Africa.

Before March 2020, we were encouraged to make comparisons with history’s monsters such as Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. But today’s New Nazis, a depraved mix of the United Nations (UN), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), World Economic Forum (WEF), Chinese Communist Party (CCP), public health officials, pharmaceutical companies, social media giants, mainstream media and politicians, have cleverly sidestepped such comparisons by claiming both the moral high ground and control over world health. Consequently, all that has been abnormal these past two and a half years is normalised, the ultimate end game appearing to be UN Agenda 2030.

It is easily forgotten that what Hitler’s Nazis did was also in the name of public health; they demonised Jews as ‘unclean’, called them untermenschen (‘inferior people’) and blamed them for spreading disease, claiming that national health and purity had to be protected. The New Nazis, in the name of public health and safety, aided by plenty of useful idiots, dehumanise, demonise and cancel anyone who dissents from the green agenda, Covid Cult and its vaccine zealotry. They have locked down entire populations and removed all freedom in this name; hurting the poor most.

Like the old Nazis, the New Nazis, including British MPs in all parties, are guilty of supporting essentially a eugenics agenda. The old Nazis murdered 200,000 mentally and physically disabled victims, including babies whom they starved to death, deeming them all ‘unworthy of life’.

The anti-science, CCP-style lockdowns of the last two years provided a cover for the practitioners of a new brand of eugenics. It denied lifesaving treatment, vital healthcare and indeed any care unless you had Covid-19. In the spring of 2020, some NHS health authorities actioned their own eugenics programmes, demanding Do Not Resuscitate orders for autistic adults deemed to have fallen dangerously ill with Covid-19. The Care Quality Commission later found that blanket DNR notices had been imposed across the board for those with dementia over 80 in some care homes. 

The New Nazis ruthlessly enforce their intertwined (and equally futile) ideologies of Zero Covid and Net Zero, no matter how many livelihoods they destroy, as did the old Nazis. Both are authoritarian policies. The Times recently extolled the virtues of shivering in the dark and cold to ‘preserve resources’, which the New Nazis certainly won’t be doing themselves. ‘Own nothing and be happy’ is the mantra that sums up this perverse and callous approach advocated by Klaus Schwab and his acolytes at the World Economic Forum.

Fascist regimes typically destroy economic and social foundations in the pursuit of a rigid ideology centring on apocalyptic fears and threats, thus making obedience and reliance on the state for survival a necessity. A New Dark Age, twinned with a new feudal system, is upon us.


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