Saturday, December 24, 2022

Wisconsin Power Company Warns Customers To Lower Thermostats

Wisconsin’s ‘We Energies’ Company Warns Customers to Lower Thermostats to 60 Degrees After Natural Gas Pipeline Malfunction as Subzero Temperatures Hit State

Wisconsin Energies (WE Energies) asked customers on Friday to immediately lower their thermostats to 60 to 62 degrees on Christmas Eve.

The gas company is experiencing a significant failure in equipment that is limiting the amount of fuel it sends to its customers.

WE Energies serves more than 1.1 million users in Wisconsin.

Temperatures are expected to be 6 degrees on Christmas Eve.

This email was sent out to customers.

We Energies asks customers to immediately lower their thermostats

We Energies is urging customers to reduce their natural gas use by immediately lowering their thermostats to 60 to 62 degrees. The move will allow customers to stay safe, warm and help avoid a significant natural gas outage.

This request comes after one of the interstate pipeline suppliers who provides natural gas to We Energies experienced a significant equipment failure that is limiting the amount of fuel they are sending We Energies.

The impacted pipeline is one of multiple sources We Energies uses to receive natural gas. On a typical day, an issue like this would not require customers to reduce their usage. However, with extreme cold setting in over much of the United States, We Energies is unable to receive additional natural gas from its other pipeline suppliers.

We Energies has already taken numerous steps to reduce demand for natural gas, including drawing from its liquefied natural gas and propane storage facilities, and reducing natural gas to business customers who have agreed to special billing in these types of events.

We Energies strongly urges customers to reduce their natural gas use by lowering their thermostats and avoid using other natural gas appliances like fireplaces, dryers or ovens.

The company is working to maintain service to emergency and critical facilities.

Customers should take the following actions to help reduce natural gas demand:

Set thermostats between 60 to 62 degrees. Add layers or blankets to keep warm when lowering a thermostat’s temperature.
Close blinds or drapes at night and avoid opening doors to retain heat. Open blinds during the day to let in heat from the sun.
Avoid using secondary natural gas heating sources, such as natural gas fireplaces.
Use natural gas ranges sparingly. Prepare food with slow cookers or microwaves.
We expect this shortage will last throughout the rest of the day — we will reassess tomorrow.

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Boy ole boy my wood stove sure feels good today. Remember folks, convenience kills. That goes for Amazon and drive thru’s also. You heard it here first.