Sunday, December 25, 2022

Former Mossad Chief: 'Israel Should Prepare For Significant Attack On Iran And Will Have To Make Serious Decisions'

Former intel chief at Mossad says Israel must prepare for an imminent attack on Iran

The Times of Israel is liveblogging Sunday’s events as they unfold.

Zohar Palti, the former head of the Defense Ministry’s political-military bureau and former intelligence director in the Mossad, says that Iran is days to weeks away from enriching uranium to the 90% military-grade level.

Iran, he says “is at a more advanced level than I can ever remember when it comes to uranium enrichment,” Palti says. “They are days or weeks away from enriching uranium to 90%, which is military-grade.” Such a level “does not mean they can immediately build a nuclear weapon… but it’s very bad, and we’ve never been closer to it.”

Speaking at an event in Ramat Hasharon hosted by Times of Israel political correspondent Tal Schneider, Palti says Israel has the military capabilities to attack Iran’s nuclear plants: “I am not implying that Israel is capable, I am saying it is.”

Palti says he believes Israel should prepare for a significant attack on Iran and will have to make “serious decisions” in the near future.

“Iran is not a standalone issue,” Palti says of the current internal Israeli political divisions. “Our national security and our strategic relationship with the US are above all. Nothing can be done in Israel without the Americans.”

Palti warns against inflaming tensions atop the Temple Mount, saying that Israel’s relationship with Jordan is its greatest strategic asset.

“The national security of each of the countries is intertwined,” he says. “The interest of the State of Israel is for Jordan to be strong and unshakable. We have a strong and serious security system. The next IDF chief of staff, Herzi Halevy, will explain to the cabinet ministers what is at stake and what the meaning of violating the status quo on the Temple Mount is.”

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