Friday, November 19, 2010

Violence Increasing in Israel

After what is being called "barrage" of mortars and rockets fired into western Negev, Israel strikes back:

IDF strikes Gaza after phosphorus bombs launched into Israel

The Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson confirmed Friday that IDF attacked three targets in the Gaza Strip, following a barrage of mortar bombs and rockets fired at the western Negev.

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired a long-range Grad rocket and seven mortar shells at western Negev on Friday, following a night-long barrage of Qassam rockets fired from the coastal enclave.

Police investigation showed that one of the mortar bombs fired at Hof Ashkelon council contained phosphorus. "The IDF holds the Hamas solely responsible for the situation in the Gaza Strip," the IDF announcement said.

on Friday Gaza militants fired a long-range Grad rocket into the western Negev.
The rocket exploded north of the Israeli town of Ofakim, with security forces struggling to pinpoint the exact location due to heavy morning fog.

Lieberman instructs UN envoy to file complaint over phosphorus bombs fired from Gaza

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman instructed Israel's ambassador to the United Nations Meron Reuven on Friday to file a complaint regarding the phosphorous bombs fired from Gaza into Israel.

Following the barrage of mortar bombs and rockets fired from Gaza into the western Negev to which the IDF responded with an air strike on Friday, Lieberman told Reuven to file a complaint to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and to the UN Security Council.

"This is another reminder to the international community that Israel's southern residents are forced to live in constant fear in the face of relentless terror under the patronage of the Hamas regime in Gaza," said Lieberman.

Air Force bombs Gaza tunnels

IDF retaliates again for phosphorous shells, mortars fired at Negev communities earlier Friday

The Air Force bombed smuggling tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip Friday night, and direct hits were identified, the IDF said in a statement.

The escalation in the south follows the assassination of two senior members of the al-Qaeda affiliated Army of Islam group by the Israel Defense Forces earlier this month.


hartdawg said...

SOMEBODY CALL THE E.U. THE U.S. AND THE U.N! THOSE OCCUPANTS (the isrealis) HAD THE ODASSITY TO FIGHT BACK! HOW DARE THEY! WHAT GIVES THEM THAT RIGHT? scott, something must be done about that! can you believe those isrealis?

Scott said...

The sad thing is - even though you point out the absurdity of the situation - that IS the mindset of most of the world. But as we've said before "its supernatural" - the hatred of Israel - its completely illogical and has no basis in fact at all...More proof that we're living in "Satan's world" right now.

hartdawg said... statement unfortunately was too close to peoples perception to be funny. sad indeed.