Friday, November 19, 2010

Facing our fears

Caroline Glick has written another timely piece, and in addition to her usual insight, there are some interesting quotes that are worth repeating:

Column One: Facing our fears

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must have given Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu quite a reception. Otherwise it is hard to understand what possessed him to accept the deal he accepted when he met with her last week.

Under the deal, Netanyahu agreed to retroactively extend the Jewish construction ban ended on September 26 and to carry it forward an additional 90 days.

Clinton’s demand was “Not one more brick” for Jews, meaning, no Jew will be allowed to lay even one more brick on a home he is lawfully building even as the US funds massive Palestinian construction projects. The magnitude of this discriminatory infringement on the property rights of law abiding citizens is breathtaking.

The 90-day freeze is supposed to usher in a period of intense negotiations between Israel and Fatah. But those negotiations will not get off the ground because PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas has no interest in talking, and will never accept any peace offer made by Israel.

Thats the cruel irony. It won't even matter - and we all know that before the talks even begin. Yet the "game" continues as if the PA really wants peace. The same game we have been watching for decades.

Here is the truth of the matter:

But the Americans don’t care. They aren’t worried about the Palestinians accepting a deal.

What they want are more Israeli land surrenders.

And Clinton convinced Netanyahu to agree that the next round of negotiations will be devoted strictly to a discussion of the breadth and depth of Israeli land surrenders.

Lets bold the following quote and even repeat it, because this fact should be permanently etched into our brains:

The Palestinians won’t have to recognize that Israel has a right to exist

The Palestinians won’t have to recognize that Israel has a right to exist

The Palestinians won’t have to recognize that Israel has a right to exist

They won’t have to stop teaching their children to aspire to become suicide bombers. They won’t even have to stop their negotiations towards reconciling with Hamas.

What about the "pay-offs" promised from the U.S. to Israel as incentive to give up more sovereign land?

Rather than arm Israel with all the means it requires to fight Iran, the Obama administration is downgrading military assistance by conditioning its transfer of the F-35s on an Israeli agreement to commit strategic suicide by surrendering its defensible borders and capital city to its sworn enemies.

More than anything, the F-35 payoff exposes the degree to which Obama holds Israel in contempt.

Finally there is the administration’s pledge to support Israel at the UN for a year. What this pledge actually means is that a year from now, the Obama administration will present the deal as an excuse to abandon what has been the policy of every US administration since Lyndon Johnson and stop blocking anti-Israel resolutions at the UN Security Council.

That is all interesting, but below reveals information that should be VERY interesting to a prophecy watcher:

At the same time, these threats of economic and legal warfare should sound familiar, because they are already being implemented against Israel. The Palestinians do not need a new UN Security Council resolution to advance their political and economic war against Israel.

They just need the EU. And they have the EU.

The PLO has already convinced several EU member states to establish unofficial trade boycotts as well as military and academic boycotts of Israel. Israel has been required to remove goods produced beyond the 1949 armistice lines from its free trade agreements with Europe.

The legal war is also well under way. Today no senior military commander or politician is able to travel to Britain, for fear of arrest under trumped up war crimes allegations. Israeli officials have been similarly threatened in Spain and elsewhere.

The Palestinian Authority has filed war crimes complaints against Israeli leaders with the International Criminal Court at The Hague. It has done this despite the fact that the Rome Statute which governs the ICC only applies to states, and the PA is not a state.

Europe’s love for international institutions, and readiness to endorse nearly any diplomatic assault on Israel, has blunted European criticism of this perversion of law just is it has convinced the Europeans to support various UN bodies’ unlawful campaigns against the Jewish state.

First, Israel must attack the source of the problem – Europe.

Isn't it interesting how the EU keeps creeping into these discussions, and predictably, the EU is no friend of Israel.

This will continue. The EU will continue to become a significant presence in the Middle East and Israeli affairs.

After all, the road is being paved to the Tribulation.


hartdawg said...

the "palastinians" dont want a state BESIDE isreal, they want a state INSTEAD of isreal....well DUH! the question is this: is that statement true of our current regime?

Scott said...

In My opinion?
Yes, and yes to the comment and question above :)

hartdawg said...

it was a retorical question scott:) in short the answer is a clear WELL DUH! tho i`m sure you (and any [logical] thinking person) knew that

hartdawg said...

....then again, where is the logic these days? right scott? i mean...why let facts get in the way?

Scott said...

Just an "Amen!" from the backrow Hart ! :)