Saturday, November 27, 2010

Peace deal falling apart (again). Iran-Lebanon. Persecution

Just a small sample of the news today:

US-Israel building freeze deal falling apart

This is actually quite stunning in terms of how the "new and improved" peace talks fell apart. When Israel forced the U.S. to commit to the "deal" in writing, the attempted fraud by the U.S. was exposed.

Originally, it was reported that in return for the building freeze and restarting direct talks with the Palestinians, the US would take Israeli security demands more seriously, provide greater backing at the UN, and give Israel 20 F-35 fighter jets.

The freeze would not include eastern Jerusalem, and would be the last time the US asked for or supporting a Jewish building freeze.

That is how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented the deal to his cabinet, because that is how US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented it to him.

The above describes the "original deal" that was brokered by the U.S. Lets see what happened:

But Israeli cabinet ministers were wise to insist on a written letter from the Obama White House before agreeing to the freeze, because it now seems the American leadership was trying to pull a fast one on Israel.

The first crack began to show early last week when American officials reneged on Clinton’s original wording by saying that a Jewish building freeze in Jerusalem was part of the deal. Israelis had at first been told Jerusalem would not be part of the freeze, in line with Israel’s position that Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem are not “settlements.”

Around the same time, National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau clarified that even Clinton’s wording was being misrepresented, as her offer of jets and diplomatic support would only be realized if the building freeze resulted in a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, a near-impossible feat considering Palestinian positions.

Israeli ministers later learned that the F-35 fighter jets, which were touted as the best reason for taking a risk on the freeze, were to be part of a separate package, and that Israel would pay for them in full.

More lies and deception - this time as promoted by the U.S. administration. At least Israel is finally getting the idea that the current administration cannot be trusted:

Israel National News (INN) is now reporting that Clinton and Obama tried to pull a “bait and switch” on Israel, with Clinton offering a deal the White House hoped Israel would accept without confirmation, only to later have Obama renege on the deal because he had never approved it in the first place.

According to a senior unnamed diplomat cited by INN, State Department officials were surprised when Netanyahu called them wondering why no formal letter or proposal had yet been sent. They insisted that Netanyhau had to have known that anything Clinton promised was only a suggestion, and that Obama has the final say.

Without a US letter guaranteeing that no additional freezes will be demanded and that the requested freeze will expire in 90 days, Netanyahu will not have the support of his cabinet in this matter. As the situation now stands, if Netanyahu goes ahead with the freeze under US pressure, it is highly likely that his government will be brought down by the right-wing parties.

In other news:

Lebanon PM: Cooperation with Iran indispensable

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Friday that cooperation with Iran was indispensable for Lebanon, the Iranian agency IRNA reported.

"We consider cooperation (with Iran) as indispensable for the threats endangering both countries," Hariri told official news agency IRNA in Beirut agead if his visit to Tehran.

Thats a big mistake on the part of Lebanon. We know the future of those who are aligned with Iran and it isn't pretty.

The Lebanese prime minister said that security among the Arab states in the Middle East was also important for Iran and therefore Tehran would do its best for realizing this security, including in Lebanon.

"The visit by President Ahmadinejad (last month) to Beirut was an opportunity for strengthening bilateral ties and God willing, this aim will be further materialized by my visit to Tehran," Hariri said in the exclusive interview with IRNA.

Iran supports the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah which however is leading the opposition against Hariri's Western-backed government.

Persecution grows in the region:

Things getting worse for Egyptian Christians

One Egyptian Christian was killed and hundreds more were arrested this week while protesting a government ban on their completing the construction of a new church near the famed pyramids. Naturally, government officials in Cairo blamed Israel for the entire affair.

The trouble started on Wednesday, when Egyptian police violently confronted about 200 Coptic Christian demonstrators outside an unfinished church building in Giza. The police shot and killed one protestor and wounded dozens of others. Another two dozen protestors were arrested.

A day later, the demonstration intensified, and police arrested 156 Christians.

They were denied legal representation during their questioning, according to local media reports.

The building at the center of the confrontation is already partially completed. But after discovering that the Christians intended to use it as a church, Egyptian police banned further construction work at the site.

Despite the dangerous situation for Egypt’s 10 million Christians, these events have garnered very little coverage from an international media still far too obsessed with reporting on the construction of a few Jewish apartments that upset the Palestinian Arabs.

It seems that the common denominator to so many of these stories involves lies and deception. And who is the father of all lies?

Lies and deception. If you think its bad now, just wait until the Tribulation begins and the antichrist and false prophet take over. At that time the world will witness lies and deception at levels never seen before on this earth.

Meanwhile, we continue the march towards the Tribulation.


hartdawg said...

scott: you`re deluding yourself. dont you know the reason why the talks failed is because the isrealis are abusing and persecuting the peace-loving "palastinians"? where have you been man? once again you`re letting the truth and facts get in the way of your thinking. thats not pc.

Scott said...

Yea - I am delusional - clearly - I need to start reading the NY Times to get my head right :)

hartdawg said...

now you`re thinking:)