Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Ahmadinejad Incites War"

This quote comes from a former fighter pilot in the Iranian Air Force who has defected from Iran and is now in hiding.

I can't imagine a better, more accurate, more honest source of information. Its certainly far better than the information we receive from the MSM.

Former Iranian fighter pilot: "Ahmadinejad incites war"

In Channel 10 interview, Bahazad Masawi says Iranian regime is "world's biggest terrorism supporter"

Iran has a nuclear military plan and intends to acquire nuclear weapons, said a former Iranian army lieutenant in an interview with Channel 10 news Tuesday night.

Bahazad Masawi, a former fighter pilot in the Iranian Air Force who defected from the regime and is in hiding in Paris, said in the interview that "Ahmadinejad creates terror and incites war in the area. This is not good for the Iranian people. Ahmadinejad makes the situation in Iran and in the entire region worse.

Masawi expressed regret in the interview for Iran's support for Hizbullah and for terrorist organizations. "All of the state's money finances terrorism, the Islamic regime in Iran is the biggest supporter of terrorism in the world. Everyone knows this," he said.

Speaking about the regime, the pilot said, "One young man comes out and speak against the Iranian regime, shouting in the streets, 'Death to the dictatorship,' and then they arrest him, rape him, imprison him, and then kill him. This is called a dictatorial regime. This is not a just regime."

And that, in a nutshell, is what we are dealing with in Ahmadinejad. He is determined to do whatever it takes to destroy Israel, and he sees this as his religious mission on earth. While in the process of destroying Israel, he fully expects to precipitate the return of the Mahdi and then see Sharia Law imposed upon the world.

That is the vision of Mr Ahmadinejad, and in his mind, nothing will stop him in this quest - and that fact alone makes him a very very dangerous man.

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