Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Israel, Lebanon Battle Over Gas Field

A new battlefield is growing between Israel and Lebanon over mammoth gas fields discovered off the coast of Haifa.

The Houston-based Noble Energy firm, drilling for Israel’s Delek fuel group, has discovered billions of cubit meters of natural gas in the coastal waters of the Jewish State, catching the attention – and envy – of neighboring Lebanon.

One find has totaled nearly 87 billion cubic meters of gas in three deposits in the Tamar drill sites. This summer, an assessment of the field released by the firm indicated enough natural gas exists in that field alone to allow Israel to be self-sufficient for at least two decades or more. The field is located about 90 kilometers west of Haifa, between Israel and Cyprus

Another, more recent discovery, the giant Leviathan energy field, promised a potential of some four billion barrels of “black gold,” and is also being explored by Teshuva’s group. If the discovery at Leviathan 1 is found to equal or exceed its initial assessment, Teshuva has said the gas reserves will transform Israel into an energy exporter.

However, Hizbullah terrorists and the Lebanese government claim that the Leviathan reserves lie in Lebanese territorial waters – and have threatened war over the energy field.

Hizbullah, already under pressure as it faces the likelihood of its members facing indictment for the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, has warned it will defend what it believes are Lebanon’s oil and gas resources. Israel has vowed to retaliate for attacks on its oil and gas facilities.

Now, as a result of these gas and oil finds, we have yet another potential stimulus for warfare in the region.

PA Threatens More Hands-On Jerusalem Activity

PA prime minister Salam Fayyad announces that not just in words, but also in actions, Jerusalem will be the “eternal capital of Palestine.”

In his most recent weekly radio speech, Fayyad announced that the Palestinian Authority provides, and will increasingly provide, municipal services in “all spheres” in Jerusalem. The city will be the “eternal capital of Palestine," he stated.

Fayyad thus continues his campaign to focus on Jerusalem as the capital of what he hopes will be the future Arab-Muslim state of Palestine.

Fayyad’s talk included further incitement against the “settlers,” whom he accused of “daily terrorism against Palestinians” and attempts to “rip away the city from its Palestinian expanse, and to remove it from the map of the State of Palestine.”

And of course, the seemingly eternal conflict over Jerusalem - the burdensome stone indeed - as yet another source of conflict in the region.

More on the pestilence story in Haiti:

Haiti cholera deaths rise sharply

The number of people known to have died from a cholera epidemic in Haiti has increased markedly.

Health officials say 105 more people have died since Saturday, bringing the total to 442.

They said there had been a 40% jump in the number of new cases.

Aid agencies fear the outbreak could worsen further, if heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Tomas hit the island.

Doctors warned that torrential rainfall could flood sanitary installations and contaminate drinking water.

If it continues along its current path, forecasters expect Tomas to make landfall in Haiti on Friday.

Doctors say poor sanitary conditions after January's earthquake made the country vulnerable to cholera, which is caused by bacteria transmitted through contaminated water or food.

Jocelyn Pierre-Louis of the Haitian Health Ministry says almost 2,000 people have been taken to hospital with cholera infections since Saturday.

It has always fascinated me how the birth pains for this generation, as stated by Jesus in Matthew 24 (adding Luke 21 and Mark 13), all tie together. Earthquakes and war both ultimately lead to the well-known problem with refugees and unsanitary encampments, and that scenario subsequently leads to famine and pestilence. They are all tied together, and watching Haiti reveals what was seen on epic scales following WWI and WWII, which many of us believe were the first signs of this generation, or, as stated by Jesus:
"All these are the beginnings of birth pains".

Now we are watching the contractions growing closer and closer as we approach the last hours of these "birth pains". Watching the events in Haiti represents just a small microcosm of these signs - and Haiti is just one of many such scenarios being played out around the world.

In each of the multiple regions that are experiencing ongoing warfare at this time see here, we see refugees on the run or in "encampments" and their resultant problem with pestilence and famine. We have become desensitized to this process which is being played out across the globe and most of these regions receive little publicity, but it is a growing problem which shows no signs of abating.


Glenn said...

This little article is not directly on point, but it is provided as another indicator that things are lining up for the post-Rapture economic scenario described in Revelation (specifically chapter 6 and verse 6 referring to the hyper-inflation that will take hold and plague the world as the Seven Seals are opened).

Currency wars (I am convinced there are several occurring now) and competitive currency devaluations (which is what the Fed is doing, devaluing their Fed-issued unsecured and non-interest bearing "notes" against competing currencies, and Japan is aping their behavior) among all developed nations will of course erode the purchasing power of the world's "middle class" (to say nothing of the working poor and below).

This will as a matter of course accelerate into hyper-inflation and the Revelation 6 scenario, unless the United States quickly and drastically reduces its spending and most importantly its debt creation. The US calls the tune, at least for now, because our central bank for now issues the world's reserve currency. If our Congress stopped the excessive spending, the rest of the world would not have to devalue to compete with us.

I could go on but the point is, our current world economic situation gives evidence that the post-Rapture economy is approaching. This statement assumes that Chapter 6 occurs post-Rapture, which I am convinced is true.

My thinking is that the Beast will use the coming (beginning?) hyperinflation and currency wars as the pretext for replacing all the world's currencies for one centrally controlled currency--to start with a clean slate, so to speak. An already shell shocked citizenry will be so desperate after losing all their wealth and purchasing power that they will gladly go along based on the hope of a return to 'normalcy.' The super-wealthy won't care because their assets are and will continue to be inflation protected (they are not dumb enough to hold their wealth in bank accounts). This again would imply that we won't see a 'one world currency' until after the Rapture.

Then again, who knows? Only the King.

Scott said...


That is EXACTLY how I see things playing out....I can't add anything because you covered it so well - I completely agree.