Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One more note regarding TSA security procedures

This article comes from the Canada Free Press site, and it is based upon the leaking of an internal memo from DHS, so it must be taken with a small grain of salt. However, if true, it is quite ominous. Our freedoms are being eroded at light speed.

DHS & TSA: Making a list

Following the publication of my article titled “Gate Rape of America,” I was contacted by a source within the DHS who is troubled by the terminology and content of an internal memo reportedly issued yesterday at the hand of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Indeed, both the terminology and content contained in the document are troubling. The dissemination of the document itself is restricted by virtue of its classification, which prohibits any manner of public release. While the document cannot be posted or published, the more salient points are revealed here.

The memo, which actually takes the form of an administrative directive, appears to be the product of undated but recent high level meetings between Napolitano, John Pistole, head of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA),and one or more of Obama’s national security advisors.

This document officially addresses those who are opposed to, or engaged in the disruption of the implementation of the enhanced airport screening procedures as “domestic extremists.”

This isn't surprising one bit and it is highly consistent with almost everything else we have been observing over the past several months. There is more:

The introductory paragraph of the multi-page document states that it is issued “in response to the growing public backlash against enhanced TSA security screening procedures and the agents conducting the screening process.”

Implicit within the same section is that the recently enhanced security screening procedures implemented at U.S. airports, and the measures to be taken in response to the negative public backlash as detailed [in this directive], have the full support of the President. In other words, Obama not only endorses the enhanced security screening, but the measures outlined in this directive to be taken in response to public objections.

The terminology contained within the reported memo is indeed troubling.

It labels any person who “interferes” with TSA airport security screening procedure protocol and operations by actively objecting to the established screening process, “including but not limited to the anticipated national opt-out day” as a “domestic extremist.”

The label is then broadened to include “any person, group or alternative media source” that actively objects to, causes others to object to, supports and/or elicits support for anyone who engages in such travel disruptions at U.S. airports in response to the enhanced security procedures.

For individuals who engaged in such activity at screening points, it instructs TSA operations to obtain the identities of those individuals and other applicable information and submit the same electronically to the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division, the Extremism and Radicalization branch of the Office of Intelligence & Analysis (IA) division of the Department of Homeland Security.

For “any person, group or domestic alternative media source” that actively objects to, causes others to object to, supports and/or elicits support for anyone who engages in such travel “disruptions” at U.S. airports (as defined above) in response to the enhanced security procedures, the [applicable DHS administrative branch] is instructed to identify and collect information about the persons or entities, and submit such information in the manner outlined [within this directive].

It would appear that the Department of Homeland Security is not only prepared to enforce the enhanced security procedures at airports, but is involved in gathering intelligence about those who don’t.

As I have written before, it has nothing to do with security and everything to do with control.

We are no longer watching the march towards the Tribulation - at this point its a full sprint.

And we're just getting a brief glimpse of what is to come.


hartdawg said...

there are 2 basic feelings i have about everything thats going on and tho contradictary, do you ever feel the same way? here they are:1) tho it comes from a lack of faith i get tired of everything coming to a head that it seems more like "someday theology" meaning he`ll never come back til im like 92, homeless miserable and broke,all my friends fallen away and then hell finally return. do you ever feel that way? 2)on the other hand when i see things rapidly deteriorating id be surprised if we`re still here in 10 yrs. what do you think?

hartdawg said...

do you ever struggle with the first description of how i feel? what do you do? and do you honestly see how apart from Gods restraining hand that we`ll still be here in 10 years? or even 5?

Scott said...

Wow - you have opened so many cans of worms. I don't know where to start.

As mentioned before, I believe prophecy watching is very hard to do for a number of reasons, some of which you touched on. Living with a constant expectation of Jesus coming gets tiring when it doesn't happen...If that makes any sense. I think, in some ways, being "lukewarm" is easier because you lack that constant awareness and desire to enter a world which is FAR FAR better than this world....It almost exacerbates the trials and hardships of this world, when you know a better place is JUST within reach, but NOT QUITE.

Then, comes the feeling of "well, it'll never happen"...."I thought last month that we were SO close, and now we're still here..."

Things like this make prophecy watching an endurance test -- meanwhile, your basic lukewarm church member never gives these ideas any thought, thus, no frustration when the event DOESN"T happen.

I believe this is one of the (many) reasons that we are rewarded for constantly "longing" for and hoping for Christ's return.

AND - having said that ---- I look forward to the day that I face Christ, and I (like most prophecy watchers) can tell Jesus what He already knows - which is "I love you SO MUCH - that I devoted my life watching the signs for your return - simply because I loved you SO much and wanted to be with you SO much - that it was worth it - because the signs were telling me that you would be coming soon and that meant enough to me to continually watch and prepare..."

I. for one, am glad that I will be able to present that to Christ.

Luke 12:35-41 describes this waiting and watching and it is CLEARLY what Jesus wants us to do.

Luke 12:37: "It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes"

Luke 12:38 "It will be good for those servants whose master finds them ready"

Amen - it will be worth it...All the watching, waiting, anticipation, etc....Once we're with Him - it will reveal our deep love and devotion we had for Him when we were here on this earth.

Its all good brother :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful answer Scott.

On another note, We have not moved
from where we've always lived but somehow we are now living in
communist China. It will take
a new mindset to keep going forward
and staying faithful.

hartdawg said...

coupla things...kem, as TOTALLY accurate as you are, as the old saying goes "you aint seen not`n yet" xpect more of our freedoms to erode at an excellerating rate. second: do you (anyone reading this) realize how far we`ve come since around summer of 2005? a mere 5 1/2 years ago? the Gog/magog allience tho hostile against isreal was just barely forming, the psalm 83 nations tho against isreal were not yet united, natural disasters tho increasing were not near the pace they are today...around late summer of 2005 all that started excelerating. anyone else notice that?

hartdawg said...

and about the tsa scanners, i`m flying up to alaska in bout 3weeks. i`m debating whether i should kick up a fuss or not...i believe jesus is the only way, i take the bible literally, i`m a pre-mill pre-trib, i believe the u.s is a great nation, i`m pro-life and against gay lifestyle and i support isreal. do you think i should avoid flying since that makes me a threat?

Anonymous said...

hart, I only know I won't ever
fly again till I go straight up.
And btw, A most blessed and
Happy Thanksgiving to you and to
everyone. Special hugs to Sue.

Anonymous said...

Do not fear for the worst , the freedom loving American will not take this forever ....... The American Revolution is on the way . God bless Ron Paul and Gerald Celente .

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows from watching war movies , how to derail trains ....... In war railway tracks are easy to attack and difficult to defend .