Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Netanyahu Tone Changing: laying groundwork for strike?

I was wondering how long it would be before Joel Rosenberg weighed in on PM Netanyahu's comments regarding Iran.

Here it is:

Author Rosenberg says Obama not halting Iran nukes: Netanyahu tone changing: laying groundwork for possible first strike

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s tone on Iran is changing. For much of the year, he has been fully supportive of economic sanctions and diplomacy vis-a-vis Tehran. But on this week’s visit ton the U.S., the PM is now asking American officials to put a credible military threat on the table. Netanyahu is, I believe, beginning to lay the groundwork for a possible Israeli preemptive strike, if the U.S. and the West can’t stop Iran any other way.

Yesterday, I did an interview with Here are some excerpts:

“President Barack Obama isn’t doing enough to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands, and Israel may have to launch a military strike as a result, says author Joel Rosenberg, former political consultant to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” reports “Rosenberg, a New York Times best-selling author, recently published The Twelfth Imam, a novel. ‘It’s not simply dangerous that Iran’s leaders have publicly called for the annihilation of Israel and the U.S. and that Iran is rapidly pursuing nuclear weapons,’ he tells Newsmax.TV.

“’The problem in Iran is that the regime has an end-of-time theology. It believes we are living in the end of days. It expects the Islamic messiah, Twelfth Imam, to come at any moment.’ Furthermore, the regime believes that annihilating Israel — ‘the little Satan’ — and the United States — ‘the big Satan’ — is the way to hasten the Twelfth Imam’s arrival. ‘This is what’s so dangerous: nuclear weapons soon in the hands of people who believe it’s their God-given mission to end Judeo-Christian civilization as we know it,’ Rosenberg says. ’We’re rapidly approaching the point where this could become all too real.’

“Netanyahu has said that American economic sanctions against Iran aren’t working and that the United States must put a credible military threat on the table, Rosenberg notes. But he doesn’t think Netanyahu is convinced that the Obama administration will take decisive action. ‘I think the prime minister is laying the groundwork for sometime next year that if the world and U.S. don’t take decisive action, Israel may have to take action itself. I pray for peace but think we have to be prepared for war…..’”

I believe Mr Rosenberg has it right. This represents a significant change in the rhetoric from PM Netanyahu, and similar themes are coming from the Defense Department as we reported a few days ago.

Just as with other prophecy related news, this situation is worth watching closely.


hartdawg said...

hey scott: on the next "slow prophetic day" (those days seem rare these days. dont they?) can you post an in-depth study (it may take more than 1 part) on promises to isreal (the natural seed) promises to the church (the spiritual seed) and which promises apply to both? i`m having a hard time articulating which promises to isreal the church shares in.

hartdawg said...

the verse people use to justify their position is in galatians where paul says "to your seed not seed(s) plural..." and passages that say we are the isreal of God and we share in the promises to abraham...they have alot of hard evidence tho its wrong and im having a hard time articulating it. so on the next slow day would you be willing to post an indepht study?

Scott said...

Good idea. Actually, I might press my pastor to do this; he has a much better grip on this than I do, and its a great idea.

For what its worth, and on a slightly unrelated topic, I believe that Israel and "The Church" are completely separate and independent. I guess I'm a firm dispensationalist. (uh oh, I just said "the D word")....

But its a good idea - let me see if I can get someone who could convey this better than me :)

hartdawg said...

scott: i totally agree they are separate. i need good ammo to convey it (like apperantly you do as well:) tho they ARE INDEED separate there are promises we (the church) share in and if i know which ones, i can prove my (our) point alot better. talk to your pastor.