Sunday, November 14, 2010

Racing towards a "Peace Plan" and a PA State

Considering the past 25 years of watching various events in the Middle East, it is easy to say that the push for completion of a "peace plan" involving Israeli borders and a "Palestinian State" has never reached current levels.

Despite the fact that the current round of peace talks appeared dead in the water, intense negotiations have been held behind closed doors over the past weeks, mainly pushed by the U.S.

Are we near a deal?

And if we are reaching a final arrangement, what are the prophetic implications?

First, to the articles:

Netanyahu concessions for talks go far beyond a building freeze

At first, I was a little skeptical of this piece - until several other publications confirmed most of the content of this article:

The package Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has accepted for US-sponsored talks with the Palestinians contains more substantial concessions than merely a freeze on settlement construction and goes far beyond the one-year deal put before the security cabinet Saturday night, Nov. 13, DEBKAfile reports from Jerusalem and Washington.

The deal unveiled in Jerusalem early Sunday is only stage one of a larger secret package to which only Netanyahu and his close adviser Yithzak Molho are privy...

This package has been in secret negotiation for several weeks in the Jordanian capital Amman - and possibly European venues - between American, Israeli, Palestinian, Saudi, Jordanian and Egyptian representatives. According to US and Saudi sources, Israel has made four major concessions that will go into force if and when peace is signed with the Palestinians.

Under the deal concluded with the United States - as reported to the Security Cabinet Saturday night - Israel has accepted a second three-month moratorium on West Bank settlement construction including starts made after the expiry of the first 10-month freeze on Sept. 26. It will not apply to Jerusalem.

1. To request congressional approval for the sale of 20 F-35 stealth warplanes worth $3 billion in addition to the 20 already allocated.

2. To follow an Israel-Palestinian peace accord, if it is concluded, by signing a mutual defense treaty with Israel, negotiations for which to begin in the coming weeks.

3. To veto any anti-Israeli motions put forward at the UN Security Council or other international bodies on four subjects:
--- Initiatives for imposing political solutions on Israel;
--- Any unilateral Palestinian bid to establish an independent state;
--- All acts aimed at undermining Israel's legitimacy;
--- Any attempt to use the Security Council to deny Israel's right to self-defense.

Also note this interesting nugget - as we have been predicting:

The Jordanian military's functions along the Jordan River and on West Bank soil would be governed by agreed rules of conduct.

Those rules would extend to other parts of the West Bank where the deployment of foreign forces is under negotiation.

There it is - "the deployment of foreign forces is under negotiation". Enter the EU right about now....

Now we see the ultimate threat which may be leading to these intensive talks leading into the current "agreement":

PA: Freeze settlements of we'll go to UN

Chief Palestinian negotiator says if US fails to force Israel to halt West Bank construction by end of November, Palestinians will ask Security Council to recognize independent state within 1967 border

Speaking during a visit to Morocco, Erekat said that "if the United States won't force Israel to halt settlement construction this month, our next step will be to ask the Americans to recognize a Palestinian state within the 1967 border."

He added that if the American pressure failed to bear fruit, the Palestinian Authority would turn to the United Nations Security Council and request that it recognize an independent Palestinian state.

There it is (again) - the constant threat. Unfortunately, based on the current make up of the UN and its Security Council, it would be easy to see this as a reality. It may be forcing Israel's hand.

There is more on this story:

Netanyahu, Clinton meeting ends after 7 hours

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held talks that were "friendly and productive" and stressed the importance of continuing direct negotiations in pursuit of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord, according to a joint statement put out by the two governments Thursday evening.

Clinton also reiterated the US position that negotiations can reconcile "an independent and viable state, based on the 1967 lines, with agreed swaps" for the Palestinians with Israel's desire for "secure and recognized borders that reflect subsequent developments on the ground," and provide Israel with security.

While no details were offered on the meetings, Israeli government officials said the talks were “very serious” and that “everything is on the table.”

Israel can't afford to postpone Mideast peace much longer

Note the calls for increased EU "involvement in the region":

Throughout the years Europe has tailored its Middle East policy to the positions of the United States. What will happen if, in the wake of the defeat in Congress, U.S. President Barack Obama washes his hands of the peace process? Will you too leave us to our own devices?

"The U.S. was and always will be the leading factor, but other players are required. The role of the Quartet has to be redefined, and the EU also must deepen its involvement in the region.

It wasn't simple to design a coherent EU Middle East policy when we were 15 countries, let alone when the Union has 27 members. Nevertheless, in recent years even Israel, which was unwilling to hear of a presence of European forces in the territories, has looked upon them cordially.

The Palestinians have informed us that when an independent state is established, and the Israel Defense Forces leaves the territories, they will welcome NATO forces in their area."

"Palestine? Yes!"

This article delves into the issue of the UN recognizing a separate "Palestine State" without Israeli approval:

Today, it is not Israel which is dictating the international consensus but the Palestinians; this is their opportunity to establish the Palestinian state.

"Turkey? Yes," "Russia? Yes," "United Kingdom? Yes," "United States? Abstain," "Israel? No." This is how a vote at the United Nations on the recognition of an independent Palestine may sound. And really, why should the Palestinians not demand international recognition of their state? In such a move it could shake the peace process and extricate it from the strangle hold in which Palestine and Israel are caught.

It is not too revolutionary. International recognition of the fact that the West Bank and the eastern portions of Jerusalem are occupied territory already exists, and many states received international recognition before their borders were finalized.

As for border crossings, Palestine has a land link with Jordan and could export products through the port of Beirut if Israel decides to prevent access to the sea.

Note the information conveyed in the following paragraph:

For defense the Palestinians, assuming they will not want to challenge Israel and establish a real army, could invite in UN observers who would fulfill a function similar to UNIFIL in southern Lebanon.

International recognition of a Palestinian state would not require the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and foreign embassies would be established legitimately in its capital because, after all, what will they be afraid of? An Israeli boycott? For the time being it is Israel that is faced with a boycott.

Note two key points above:

1. "For the defense of the Palestinians...could invite in UN (EU?) observers who would fulfill a function similar to UNIFIL in southern Lebanon" (comment in "( )" mine). The only problem here is that Israel would never agree to UNIFIL, as they have been a complete failure in Southern Lebanon, and their failure there is legendary.

2. "International recognition of a 'Palestinian state' WOULD NOT REQUIRE PALESTINIANS TO RECOGNIZE ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE". Wow. Talk about "having your cake and eating it". (caps mine).

--- And what, exactly would the "Palestinians" be conceding in this whole arrangement? Anyone? << crickets chirping in the background>> Exactly. Like you - I see absolutely zero concessions to be made by the "Palestinians"...As usual.

The last part of this article is a whopper:

It is not Israel which is dictating the international consensus but the Palestinians. This is their opportunity to establish the Palestinian state. And Israel? It will have to adapt.

Indeed. Israel will have to adapt, as absolutely nothing is being asked of, or required from the "Palestinians".

Below, in another article from Haaretz, we see the "carrot" which is being dangled for the Israelis:

U.S. offers Israel warplanes in return for new settlement freeze

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's seven-member inner cabinet discussed Saturday an offer by the United States to reinstate a freeze on West Bank Settlement construction in return for a package of incentives.

According to the offer Israel would stop construction in the West Bank for 90 days. The freeze includes construction that began after the end of the first settlement moratorium on September 26.

In return for an Israeli freeze, the U.S. government would deliver 20 F-35 fighter jets to Israel, a deal worth $3 billion. Moreover, if an Israeli-Palestinian agreement is achieved, the U.S. would sign a comprehensive security agreement with Israel. The U.S. and Israel are to discuss the nature of the new security arrangements in the next few weeks.

Such efforts included: curbing actions by the United Nations on the Goldstone Report; blocking anti-Israel UN resolutions concerning the Gaza flotilla raid; defeating international resolutions aimed at exposing Israel's nuclear program at the International Atomic Energy Agency; and strengthening pressure on Iran and Syria in regards to their nuclear and proliferation activities.

This is highly significant, prophetically. But to see this, one must take a step back and view the "big picture".

"The Nations", aka, the "international community", are determined to forge a peace deal. The current effort surpasses any previous effort both in scope (the various nations involved) and in pressure.

This isn't going to end until some kind of a settlement is reached - a settlement that clearly will involve international forces on the ground to protect the arrangement and the newly formed borders.

Why is this significant?

That answer is simple. Because Daniel 9:27 reveals to us that the antichrist will be responsible for "confirming" this covenant.

If the covenant is THIS close to being agreed, then the antichrist can't be far behind.

And if the antichrist is on the verge of being revealed (via his confirming the covenant) - then the Rapture of the Church is even closer.

Things in the Middle East are happening very rapidly now. This push for new borders around Israel, a "PA state", and confirmation of this agreement with peace-keeping forces in the land is very much a part of these discussions, exactly as we have been predicting.

The antichrist is patiently waiting for his moment to emerge. Although I doubt that this individual has an awareness of who he will become, he is most likely making his moves quietly, behind the scenes, waiting for his moment to emerge. I would assume he is a highly political figure, whether known to the west (or to "the world" at this point) or not.

But he is certainly alive and well, at this very moment - and working behind the scenes during these peace talks. Perhaps he sees his path to power via the agreement which seems imminent - somehow having to do with the "confirmation" aspect of the pending agreement.

Be assured that the antichrist is present and watching the developments in the Middle East very carefully. At present, I would assume that the individual is highly ambitious and somehow sees the current plans as a way to work his way into power.

These are exciting times for a prophecy watcher. One can almost hear the footsteps of the Messiah approaching.

The time is close.

Maranatha! Jesus is coming soon for His Bride!


hartdawg said...

i have a slightly different take on this issue. since a "palastinian" seems both certain and soon, and the conditions for the coming russian/islamic invasion do not fit a 2-state senerio (isreal must be a vast army and be a very wealthy nation) the only senerio i can come up with is this: that we must keep a very close eye on the "peace process" because the closer a 2-state solution is that would mean psalm 83 must be even closer.

hartdawg said...

does that make sense? i ask this because with all the various talks for a "palastinian state" the discovery of oil which would belong to the "palastinians" if the land is conceded yet the contradicting senerios it all gets a little confusing as to how itll go down. thats why i ask if the senerio i posted makes sense.

Scott said...

I just don't know Hart - I have spent a lot of time today (as usual) contemplating the various scenarios

First of all - God will probably surprise us and make a lot of our collective speculation laughable :)

Having said that - it still makes more sense to me (and thats pretty laughable really, considering how God controls all of this!) - that Gog-Magog (precipitated by Psa 83, Isa 17 etc) would come before the peace deal - and it may indeed...BUT

I can easily see a scenario in which we have the peace agreement, and then, while in "peace and security" (resulting from the peace deal) - we see an immediate invasion of the terrorists groups (led by Iran behind the scenes) - followed quickly by Gog-MaGog.

While I agree that the "burning of the weapons" doesn't sound like a Millennial Reign "thing" - don't forget that there are the additional 45 days (Daniel 12) between the end of the Tribulation and the beginning of the Mill Reign.

So - if Gog-MaGog were to happen within 45 days of the beginning of the Tribulation, there would still be time to have the "burning of the weapons" of 7 years, and STILL end before the Mill reign.

Does that make sense?

Also - its possible that we could see a "signing" of the covenant (before the "confirmation") - then Gog-MaGog -> then the "confirming" of the covenant.

There are a LOT of possibilities in play IMO.

Anonymous said...

No matter which way it comes down
we certainly seem to very close.
A friend called it surreal and that
is how it feels to me. My brain is
taking in all these things that we
knew were coming but my emotions
are up and down. We've lived with
relative normalcy for so long that
actually being on the edge of going
home is difficult to take in sometimes.

hartdawg said...

hey scott: could it be the burning of fuel in the first year of the millineaum can be partly a fulfillment of the prophecy that says "they will beat their swords into plowhooks and learn war no more"?

Scott said...

Hmmm...Good question Hart. Could be. My "feeling" regarding the idea that the burning of weapons won't extend into the 1000 yr reign is just that - a feeling. But it seems inconsistent with the renewed earth that we will have after the Tribulation.

I see the "swords into plowhooks" as more of a statement supporting the fact that there will be no more wars etc.

I have a hard time believing that the 1000 year reign will have a "carryover" of the type of labor that will be required during the Trib - just to stay alive/. I would imagine that during the 1000 yr reign, people would no longer have to resort to such tactics (burning of weapons) to stay warm, or to stay alive.

But thats all speculation on my part.

Expected Imminently said...

Just had to tell you that on TV on Saturday, I saw Gog and Magog being paraded through the streets of London. Bold as brass they were - honest!

It was the procession to celebrate the new Lord Mayor of London. He is appointed by all the commercial trade guilds to speak for them. One float was for the 'Young Freemen of the City'. It is an old association and effigies of Gog and Magog are made to represent them.

It was quite starling to see these two giant figures, this time made out of (I think) wicker, as in sticks. Spooky.


Scott said...

effigies of Gog-MaGog? Really?
Thats fascinating...really. Are there any pics of this floating around on the net? That would be so interesting if so, I;d love to see this!

Kem - I agree - it is overwhelming at times, and it is "otherworldly" - but thats where our eternal destination is! Our small brains have a hard time grasping the reality of heaven and eternity etc - I agree - but still can't WAIT to see what its going to be like!

hartdawg said...

"young freemen of the city" aka "young lions of tarshis". very interesting indeed! scott, i also have a hard time buying into a "carryover"

Sojourner said...

This is so amazing to watch this all come down so seemingly perfect. I have nothing to add really but my own excitement and elevated heart rate over the happenings in our world today. Thank you so much Scott for putting this in somewhat understandable format. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed trying to take it all in day by day.
Peaceseeker (Celebrate Jesus Forum)

Scott said...

Hart - all pure speculation on my part - I have no idea how this will all play out - its one of the aspects that makes prophecy watching so fascinating.

Junebug - I know what you mean. I have days that I just can't believe the array of various prophecy related news.

At this moment (usually sunday nites are slow) - I;m working on several stories for tomorrow! All interesting as well!

God Bless

(I wasn't logged on, so my name may not appear above)

Anonymous said...

Since the antichrist is being mentioned in some comments I wonder what the group thinks of the head of the IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn as a possible candidate. He's rumored to be the front runner in Frances next election in 2011. He is of Jewish decent but raised in Morocco. He represents someone behind the scenes who has quitely been credited with staving off the financial meltdown in Europe. Newseek has a big 3 page article about him in this months edition. He issued a press release on 11/13 saying he is ready to help Ireland who is the next European government needing a bailout.