Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Earthquake cluster in Israel

Seven Mild Earthquakes Shake up the North

Northern residents shook off seven mild earthquakes between Sunday and Tuesday while heavy fog shut down Ben Gurion airport, stranding thousands of travelers.

One earthquake in the Galilee before dawn Tuesday morning measured 3.6 on the Richter scale and did not cause any injuries or damage.

Mild tremors are not uncommon in Israel, which is situated over the sensitive Syrian-African fault, but it is unusual that’s so many are reported within the space of two days. The first tremor struck Sunday evening in the Upper Galilee, measuring 2.7 on Thursday Richter scale.

This story may have absolutely no meaning or significance, but it is interesting because it represents the 3rd or 4th time since summer, that an "unusual" earthquake cluster occurred within a brief period of time (the most recent just yesterday, see here). It will be interesting to see if this pattern continues throughout other parts of the world.


Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott
Its hardly in the same league, but I still wonder about that 'likkle' tremor I heard and felt a few weeks back that no one else seems to have noticed.

I was told that women are more sensitive to low level sounds than men, because of our greater FAT distribution, and as I was laying in my tummy ---! :D


Scott said...

NO, that was the sound of "international troops" landing at the nearest airport :) (just kidding).

Expected Imminently said...

I may be mistaken, but did you see the troops that took back that ship from Pirates? I think they were Dutch and I am fairly sure I saw the word 'Internationale'? on their backs.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott
Concerning the ‘birth pangs’ we were speaking about recently.

I have been listening to an audio by David Hocking (I love this brother). He considers 2Timothy 3:1-17 “…in the last days perilous times shall come…” are ‘shadows’. He says there are those who teach these are not until the Trib, then goes on to show this is about now, and includes what is going on in the Church, not just the world. I don’t think he uses the term ‘birth pangs’, or ‘sorrows’, but clearly the end time apostasy of the last days before the Rapture, bears the same intense traits as Jesus gave in Matthew 24 for the birth pangs.

05. “What we Face in the Last Days” Dr.David Hocking (Jewish believer).


The 'non signs' include ‘false CHRIST’S’ and it is an historical fact that this happened in Israel after the time of Jesus. However since the WW, the problem is of ‘false PROPHETS’ which is increasing daily within ‘Christendom’ as the day of THE false prophet arises with a/c.


Scott said...

There are so many false prophets out there right now - I need to consolidate and post on the many false prophets who are gathering small and large followings. The world is in search of a "messiah" - and unfortunately, they are all looking in the wrong places (as usual - and as you say, even going back to the days of Jesus).

Its sad that people can't simply open themselves to the one TRUE Messiah.