Wednesday, November 24, 2010

N. Korea: Showing us the future with Iran?

Several stories are circulating today which are stating that the current situation with N Korea is revealing the future concerning Iran:

Analysis: Korean clash could happen with nuclear Iran

Many Israelis heard about the Korean flare-up on Tuesday between the North and the South and justifiably wondered what it had to do with the Jewish state.

Thousands of kilometers away from Israel, which already has enough problems closer to home, the tension in the Yellow Sea should not immediately be a point of concern. But it is.

From an Israeli point of view, the North Korean attack on Yeonpyeong Island Tuesday morning is an example of what Israel has been warning will happen if Iran is allowed to continue developing a nuclear capability – a nuclear power will be bolder in its acts of aggression.

North Korea and Iran are close allies and have for decades collaborated on military and nuclear technology. North Korea is a known exporter of missile technology to Syria and Iran, which have both built up formidable ballistic missile capabilities, from various versions of Scud missiles to Shihabs and Sajils. Some of the missiles are modeled on North Korean designs.

This next question hits the nail squarely on the head:

“I think that North Korea is, as we see, a threat not only for their part of the world, but also for the Middle East and the entire world,” Lieberman said. If the international community “cannot stop, cannot suffocate this crazy regime,” then how could it deal with Iran, he asked.

Also see:

Lieberman: How will the world stop Iran if it can't stop N. Korea?

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Tuesday slammed the world's response to North Korea's atatck on its southern neighbor, saying the intenational community was showing weakness in the face of aggression.

Lieberman told journalists in Jerusalem that a failure to confront the regime of dictator Kim Jong-il left the world little able to confront other agreesors, including Iran - which Israel and the West accuse of developing a nuclear bomb.

In other news regarding the N Korean situation:

US aircraft carrier heads to Korean peninsula

The USS George Washington, an aircraft carrier carrying 75 warplanes and a crew of over 6,000, shipped out towards Korean waters on Wednesday. According to US officials in Seoul, the carrier left Japan and was expected to join naval exercises with South Korea next week.

Also on Wednesday, South Korea said it found the burnt bodies of two male civilians on the island attacked by North Korea one day before.

The South Korean Coast Guard said the two construction workers were found Wednesday. They were believed to be in their sixties. The discovery came day after a frightening military skirmish between the Koreas ratcheted tensions on the peninsula to new extremes.

As closely as Iran and N Korea are aligned, one has to wonder if the "lines" are being tested - in other words, is the so-called "international community" being tested to see exactly what will and will not be allowed in terms of aggressive acts from one country to another.

If N Korea can destroy almost one hundred homes in S Korea, killing and injuring a number of innocent citizens, what is to stop Iran from doing the same thing to Israel?

Could Iran be involved in this latest crisis?

This story is far from being over, but so far, the "bad guys" are winning in a big way.

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