Monday, November 1, 2010

Revived Roman Empire in the News

The EU is back in the news. First, we see more details on their "border guards" (aka "Rabit") who are being deployed at the Greek-Turkish border:

EU sending 175 armed guards to Greek-Turkish border

As mentioned before, this represents a significant development for the Roman Empire of our generation.

One hundred and seventy five armed border guards from 25 European countries are to be deployed next Tuesday (2 November) on the Greek-Turkish border for a mission of two months, in a bid to help Athens stem the inflow of undocumented migrants, a move causing concern in the UN's refugee body.

''I am pleased to announce that today Frontex has signed with the Greek authorities the operational plan that will allow the deployment of the Rapid Intervention Border teams (Rabit) as of 2 November, with an anticipated duration of up to two months," EU home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said in a statement on Friday evening.

Following a request of the Greek government, the EU border management agency (Frontex) pooled English-speaking border patrols from all EU member states except Ireland and Great Britain, plus non-EU states Iceland and Norway.

So now we see the introduction of yet another group - FRONTEX - "the EU border management agency". That certainly is interesting. I assume they are in charge of the Rapid Intervention Border teams (Rabit).

The so-called Rabit-teams will be dispatched for "24-hour joint surveillance" with their Greek colleagues of the land border with Turkey - a stretch of some 120 km between the eastern Greek towns of Orestiada and Alexandroupolis, where most of the migrants are coming through.

The EU-armband wearing patrols are allowed to carry firearms and make use of force, if they have the consent of Greece and their home country. In a Frontex press release, the Rabit members are described as being qualified to detect false documents, stolen cars, to use trained dogs and to interview clandestine travellers via interpreters.

Rabit members will be treated in the same way as Greek officials with regard to any criminal offences committed against them or by them.

This sounds like the perfect solution for a future covenant in Israel - a covenant that will need border patrol from a non-US organization. Seeing this group emerge from the EU is very very interesting indeed.

More news from the EU:

The next article is interesting because it shows the growing power of the EU Council, and their ability to make decisions that do not require a parliament vote - an ominous trend:

'Small, small, small' EU treaty change to deliver 'quantum leap'

European leaders have given way to German demands for a change to the European treaties, but the procedure for the change and its size has been calculated explicitly to avoid the danger that it could provoke referendums in some EU states.

The method EU leaders chose to achieve the change will be via what is called the "special revision procedure," introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, under which the treaty can be amended by the European Council alone, so long as there is unanimity and the changes do not extend the competences of the European Union.

Caught between the need for a structural change and their fear of both the activism of Karlsruhe and the growing euroscepticism of citizens, the other leaders signed off on the move only so long as the change envisaged was "small, small, small - the smallest possible ... in order to ensure there is no possibility of referendums," in the words of a Danish diplomat speaking to EUobserver.

In this way, a full Intergovernmental Conference, normally required ahead of a treaty change and which involves consultations with the European Parliament and negotiations amongst the different member states, is also to be avoided.

"This leaves out the parliament and the possibility that different countries would come to the table with different things they want to add or take away from the treaty," the Danish diplomat continued. "We had to make sure that we did not open the Pandora's Box."

Who will determine what represents a "small change" to the Lisbon Treaty?

Lets not forget that the EU Council is essentially run by the 10-member "Western EU" group; that powerful bloc of countries who have remained together since their initial formation in 1948. Lets also not forget that the EU Council building in Brussels has the infamous "Woman on the Beast" structure in the front of the building, that has received so much attention in prophecy circles.

Now we have a convenient method in which a future ruler can make changes to the original treaty without even having to bother with the rest of the EU or their member states for approval.

How interesting.

This next article is worth reading in its entirety, and it serves as a bookend to the above articles:

Changing nature of threats to Israel affect security plans

In 1999-2000, Israel held fairly detailed and advanced negotiations with the Syrians and the Palestinians simultaneously. It was clear that Israel would have to give up land in both cases – the Golan Heights in order to reach an agreement with Syria, and a large area, perhaps even most, of the West Bank in favor of the Palestinians, while security arrangements were supposed to compensate Israel for the loss of territory.

This approach was partially correct for the time on both tracks, but it was also very short-sighted.

When Israel, at that time, debated the question of how to defend itself following a peace agreement with Syria, the prime minister and defense minister at the time determined (rightly so, in my opinion) that without the Golan Heights the country would be unable to defend itself.

But how do we resolve the dilemma of a peace agreement that includes handing over the Golan Heights to the Syrians, while facing the fact that Israel cannot be defended without the Golan Heights?

The way around this was supposed to be the inclusion in any peace agreement of specific security arrangements that would distance Syrian army divisions much further to the east, while Israeli divisions would be stationed on the banks of the Jordan River, close to the Golan Heights.

But events over the past 10 years have revealed a marked change in the types of threats to be expected from a Palestinian state, if such a state comes into being, or from the existing Palestinian entity. This involves a switch to three types of weaponry that create problems that are very difficult to handle: 1. Rockets and missiles of different varieties, positioned throughout the West Bank, would be easily able to cover the entire area of the State of Israel.

That serves as the background. Now notice the new plan:

That being so, the term “demilitarized state” is an almost meaningless concept, if not accompanied by a monitoring system. It is well known that even in the best possible scenario, the existing systems are able to monitor only standard military weapons. The only way to monitor the prevention of smuggling of such types of weapons into the West Bank, or prevent their manufacture within it, is control.

Can anyone say "Border-Control"?

Accordingly, only effective control of the Jordan Valley along the Israeli- Jordanian border can prevent the smuggling of these types of weapons. .

Even those Europeans who consider it important to maintain not only Israel’s existence but its security as well are not at all convinced that Israel alone is able to provide security.

They suggest different solutions, such as demilitarization, an international force, or international guarantees.

Israel could be dragged into a solution involving an international force, international guarantees, and promises that, when it comes to the crunch, could let the country down

Its coming, just as predicted. We're already hearing the drumbeat:

Just look at the quotes:

"control of the Israeli-Jordanian border"
"not at all convinced that Israel alone is able to provide security"
"They suggest different solutions, such international force..."
"Israel could be dragged into a solution involving an international force"
"The only way to monitor the prevention of smuggling of such types of control."

These ideas seem a perfect fit with the new EU border control group.

Is THIS how the "covenant" will ultimately be "confirmed"?

We know the leader from the Revived Roman Empire (once it morphs into the 10 Kings stage) will confirm the covenant, and it seems obvious to me (and the authors of these articles) that the ONLY way to confirm a covenant is with such an "international" border control group.

How convenient that the EU now has such capabilities.

Stay tuned.

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theyenguy said...

A revived Roman empire is making the news today as a core of Europe is emerging in the midst of a sovereign crisis. Rompuy, Merkel and Sarkozy on November 28, 2010, negotiated and announced, a Leaders’ Framework Agreement to establish a permanent crisis mechanism, that will replace that European Financial Stability Fund, EFSF, that expires in mid-2013. This sovereign debt default mechanism is called the European Stability Mechanism, ESM. We see that today, Germany is the power force, in attempting to find a way out of Europe’s sovereign crisis. Ambrose Evans Pritchard commented, on May 2, 2010, in the, in words reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher: “If the aim of Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand at Maastricht was to tie down a ‘European Germany’ with the silken chords of emu, they failed. Monetary union has delivered a ‘German Europe’ after all. And he continues, We now know the answer to Henry Kissinger’s question: “Who do I call if I want to call Europe?” Only one person matters. The Chancellor of Germany.

Evidence abounds that Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain no longer have sovereign debt seigniorage, and are not viably obtaining and will not be viably obtaining revenue from sovereign debt sales; any upcoming bond sales are being done by banks which submit debt or have submitted debt to the ECB for funding of new debt issues. Such means of obtaining money is simply a Ponzi financing, it is monetization of debt, and cannot be sustained much longer.

Theyenguy believes the sovereign crisis will intensify, and that out of Götterdämmerung, an investment flameout, according to Bible Prophecy, a Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10, and a Seignior Revelation 13:11-18, an Old English term for top dog banker who takes a cut, will emerge to establish fiscal sovereignty and credit seigniorage for both Europe’s financial institutions and residents. And that those living in the Eurozone, as well as all the world, will live see a loss of national sovereignty, and live in debt servitude to the beast system of global corporatism as held forth in Revelation 13:1-4