Sunday, November 28, 2010


The situation around N Korea is hard to predict, mainly because we are dealing with an unstable regime as led by a highly unstable leader. The situation is clearly escalating and involving more and more countries:

N Korea deploys SA-2 surface-to-air missiles

North Korea has deployed SA-2 surface-to-air missiles to its west coast near the Yellow Sea border with South Korea as U.S.-led naval drills got underway in a show of force against the North's deadly artillery attack on a South Korean island earlier last week, government sources said Sunday.

China Protests U.S.-South Korea Exercises

Beijing on Friday lodged its first official protest of a joint U.S.-South Korean military exercise planned for Sunday, even as the aircraft carrier USS George Washington steamed toward the region.

North Korea also responded angrily. "The situation on the Korean peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war," the state controlled Korean Central News Agency responded Friday to the maneuvers, which are set to take place in the Yellow Sea between the Koreas and northeastern China.

The strong talk was the latest fallout from North Korea's hour-long artillery attack of a South Korean island on Tuesday that killed four people...heightening fears in some quarters that already-tense relations between North and South Korea—and their respective international protectors, China and the U.S.—could be heading for a showdown.

Japan spots Chinese vessels near disputed islands" report

The Japanese coast guard has spotted two Chinese vessels attempting on Sunday to enter waters near islands in the East China Sea that are disputed by the two countries, Kyodo News reported.

Relations between Asia's two biggest economies soured in September after Japan detained a Chinese skipper whose fishing boat collided with Japanese patrol vessels off the disputed islands, which are near potentially rich maritime gas reserves.

China Calls for Urgent Talks on North Korea

Chinese envoy Wu Dawei said chief negotiators to the six-nation talks are being asked to come to Beijing in early December for the emergency session "to exchange views on major issues of concern to the parties at present."

China quickened its diplomatic efforts to ease tensions between North and South Korea, calling Sunday for an emergency meeting of envoys to North Korean nuclear disarmament talks.

Japan Concerned as Military Tensions Continue

Beginning with Prime Minister Naoto Kan's order for his cabinet members to stay in Tokyo and remain on stand-by until Wednesday, in case an emergency situation develops in Korea, the Japanese government is taking steps to prepare against a possible regional crisis.

On Sunday morning, Kan summoned three senior officials to the prime minister's office including Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa and instructed them to address the tense situation between the two Koreas "in a firm manner without lowering our guard."

And reports of Japan's Self-Defense Agency deploying surveillance and patrol aircrafts as well as AWACS, an airborne radar system, have also been coming in.

India to deploy 36,000 extra troops on Chinese border

India has formed two new army divisions - comprising more than 36,000 men - to defend the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

The remote north-eastern state adjoins China which claims large parts of it.

A total of 1,260 officers and 35,011 soldiers have been assigned to the two new divisions, which are being especially equipped for mountain warfare.

Officials say they were formed at the behest of the Indian army chief, General VK Singh - who said they were necessary to beef up defences against China.

He said their formation was India's response to the "huge Chinese build-up" in Tibet over the last three to four years. But he did not wish to elaborate.

America's Grim Options on North Korea

For the past week, the stunning report of nuclear scientist Siegfried Hecker regarding North Korea’s uranium enrichment program has been sending shock waves throughout the world.

This is indeed an extremely grave development, although the most serious aspect of it is not what most people think, i.e., the mere fact that North Korea has the bomb — that particular horse left the barn several years ago.

Instead, the most dangerous aspect of North Korean nuclear-state status is the fact that the DPRK has a very consistent record of selling every weapons technology it possesses to literally anyone who will buy. This record includes the regime’s well-known deal with Pakistan to obtain uranium and uranium enrichment technology in exchange for missiles. Other customers included Iran, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

The result of the DPRK’s dramatically enhanced uranium enrichment capacity is a situation much worse than the one which nearly triggered a war in 1994, during the Clinton administration. Compared to then, North Korean nuclear capability is now a fact, not a possibility; and unless action is taken, the regime will begin adding warheads to its arsenal at the rate of perhaps one a month.

Korean war tensions mount as South rejects talks amid threats from North

North Korea threatened to inflict "a merciless military blow" if the naval war games the US and South Korea launched on the Yellow Sea border Sunday, Nov. 28 encroached on its waters.

Hours later, for good measure, artillery fire echoed from the North Korean mainland on the island shelled last Tuesday - apparently from military practices. This added to the jitters in Seoul over the worst incident between the two Koreas in more than 50 years.

Later Sunday, South Korea rejected China's call for urgent Six-Power consultations in Beijing early next month (among North and South Korea, Japan, China, Russia and the US) to help resolve the escalating crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

Its nuclear test of May 2009, the submarine torpedo which sunk the South Korean Cheonan on March 26 causing 46 deaths and the artillery attack on Yeonpyeong represent the tools and norms of Pyongyang's foreign policy, for which it enjoys Chinese support.

In keeping with those norms, North Korea is bound to respond forcibly to the US-South Korean war game, unless held back by Beijing. Not knowing how or when this will happen is putting many world capitals on edge.

We see "wars and rumors of war" almost everywhere we turn. Its one of the many signs that Jesus gave us and we find these words to be ever so true - just like all biblical prophecy.

The big question for a prophecy watcher is - where will this situation go and what will it lead to next?

There is no telling - but its hard to imagine that something of this magnitude, at this point in history won't have a prophetic role to play. We shall see.


DrNofog said...

Wow, Scott!
You have posted so many prophecy hot-spots this month it's hard to keep up with it all, let alone comment on it!
A veritable roller-coaster of -Hold-yer-breath! - Sigh! - Hold-yer-breath! - Sigh!

Fortunately...[?!?] er, ahh, providentially for us, since we read the last chapter, we know there is no surprise ending for us [but a really bad one for the unbelievers], just some surprising twists and turns in the 'chapters' leading up to "The End".

We were fully expecting all the nations to make good on all their predictions of ME war this past summer, but God, in His long-suffering mercy, has some really big sleeves full of some very interesting 'tricks' to put some brakes on the run-away train, like having "someone" hack Iran's industrial computers with a virus and getting the Kurds to blow up their Doo-wop-sheebop missiles in their "impenetrable" underground base...

I noticed you discovered the Georgia Guidestones the other day, but alas, like today again I'll have to comment later.

Scott said...

Dr No - yea you are right - the news has been coming in fast and furious - its been an interesting ride lately.

Yes - as far as the Georgia Guidestones, I recall having seen references back when the stuff about the Denver Airport was coming out (thats fascinating isn't it?) - but no where near the detail that was provided in that last article.

Also - like you, and many others, I really thought we;d see warfare breakout in the ME - but as you say, it wasn't part of God's plan.

Having said that, I'll still be shocked if we are here a year from now and Gog-MaGog hasn't happened. Iran is just TOO close to having nukes, and I believe that will force the situation to erupt.

Nice hearing from you - I always appreciate your comments!


Expected Imminently said...

Talk about 'hot-spots'! Global warming, I should coco!

We were in a twenty six mile traffic jam in a blinding blizzard in Wales - terrifying. Slept in all my clothes - the temp had fallen to -18. The farmers have NEVER had weather like it in November, if EVER!

Brrr rrrrr ~~~~~~

Scott said...

I was just hearing about that - isn't this some kind of record in terms of snow in Nov?

DrNofog said...


I thot at yer age your hot flashes should keep you warm?!?

The "herd mentality' is another thing that Dr. Stuart Crane pointed out in his classic seminar Proofs of a Conspiracy: "Anytime you find yourself on the same side as the majority, get out! - you're wrong!"

As a world-class scientist [Mechanical, Chemical, & Nuclear Engineer], one of my dad's favorite books was "Science is a Sacred Cow" [Anthony Standen 1950, short review at], that and his conservative politics and extensive knowledge of the NWO also set the tone for my skeptic and sometimes cynical outlook on life.

Shortly after getting saved, I began to view the different areas of the sciences and life by this simple principle: Whenever the world starts clamoring loudly in any particular area, "Let God be true, but every man a liar" - Romans 3:4! - Lo, and behold, 9x out of 10 [or better] the truth is just the opposite of what "They" want us to believe...

Back about 2004, I ran across this excellent series Behold, the Iceman Cometh - GLOBALWARMING OR GLOBALONEY? - By Phil Brennan at

He also pointed to for additional research...

PS. I couldn't recall the exact name of the Iranian missiles, but I thot Doo-wop-sheebop missiles was a close approximation...

Scott said...

DR NO - Put "The Chilling Stars" on your reading list - its really really good and interesting - and gives the actual basis for global weather. The authors also discuss the "global warming" scam and how difficult it was to get their facts exposed despite the efforts to suppress their voice. I fascinating read.

Expected Imminently said...

Ah yes indeed, my hot ‘flushes’ have had me sat out in the frost next to an icy pond fanning myself with a table napkin - . The only flushes I get now are from the loo.

I cannot ever remember a November like this! Winter used to bite on Boxing Day, nothing much before. Mum say’s the same and my hubby is the outdoors type and rarely complains about the cold - .

The wind was really dreadful, at least it isn’t blowing today but the ground and the puddles have remained frozen. I feel so sorry for the little birds; I keep pouring boiling water onto the bird baths so they can have a drink.