Saturday, November 13, 2010

Globalism and the New Roman Empire

As mentioned before, it is always interesting to watch the EU and see where they are headed, politically, militarily and with particular interest, their movements into the Middle East.

Additionally, it is always of interest when their president, Herman Van Rompuy gives us insight into the EU's philosophy regarding globalization. The article below lends some insight into the mindset:

EU President issues stark warning against nationalism

It looks like "globalism" is the order of the day:

EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy has issued a stark warning against growing nationalism, populism and anti-democratic forces across the EU, suggesting that the threat to peace in Europe remains a key issue.

"This is no longer the monopoly of a few countries. In every member state, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world," he continued."

It is more than an illusion: it is a lie!"

"Today's nationalism is often not a positive feeling of pride of one's own identity, but a negative feeling of apprehension of the others. Fear of 'enemies' within our borders and beyond our borders."

My favorite little "nuggets" of interesting information and insight (from the article) are below:

Beyond the EU's economic and political structures, he said that Europe needed to look to its heritage, in particular, the values and virtues of Ancient Greece.

He also touched on the current economic crisis, cheering the recent decision of European leaders to move towards common economic governance.

"One cannot maintain a monetary unity without an economic union," he said, and went on to salute the "courage" of EU leaders in imposing austerity measures over the top of popular opposition.

"I, for one, have really been impressed over the last year by the political courage of our governments. All are taking deeply unpopular measures to reform the economy and their budgets, moreover, at a time of rising populism.

"Some heads of government do this while being confronted with opposition in parliament, with protest in the streets, with strikes on the workplace - or all of this together - and fully knowing they run a big risk of electoral defeat.

"And yet they push ahead. If this is not political courage, what is?"

Wow...Am I reading this correctly?

According to Van Rompuy, it takes "courage" to legislate against the will of the people. Wow again. While I agree with their necessary austerity measures, it seems just a little disconcerting that his focus has shifted to the concept of ignoring the will of the parliament and that represents "courage".

More importantly and of greater significance, is his distain for any form of "nationalism", in favor of a "globalized world" with a "common economic governance".

The drumbeat for a world finance/world currency/world governance continues, and the loudest drumbeat is coming from the new Roman Empire.

Who could have predicted this?


hartdawg said...

"europe consolidates" "talks for global governace".....there are still way too many people opposed to globalization for it to ever go thru. its all talk and itll be all talk.....until a major global catastrophy such as Gog/magog and the rapture. my prediction (or guess anyway) is that talks will continue but nothing will really come about til the christians are gone and most of the middle east, russia and huge portians of africa are destroyed. then, within weeks the world powers that are left (isreal, europe and the far east) will have an emergency meeting and form 10 nations and make a treaty with isreal.

hartdawg said...

i dont really think we necessarily need to watch for these talks anymore....what we need to watch is the continued strengthening of europe. even then, europe doesnt need to strengthen any more. my point is this: the talks are already there, the alliaences are already there, the anti-semitism is already there. there is really nothing more to watch exept for buildups. jesus could return anytime. ALL THE SIGNS FOR PSALM 83, GOG/MAGOG AND THE TRIB HAVE BEEN FULFILLED. NOTHING LEFT BUT THE ACTUAL FULFILLMENT!

theyenguy said...

You relate, Who could have predicted this?

Thank God, the Apostle John, foretold this would happen when he wrote in Bible Prophecy of Revelation Chapter 13, that a Beast of Global Corparatism, a Beast Sovereign, and a Beast Prophet And Banker would rise to rule mankind.

We serve a gracious God, who told us these things would come.

hartdawg said...

MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! i think it would be very interesting to one day print out all these articles, print out portions of scripture and show them to an unbeliever or even a christian who disregards prophecy or doesnt take it literally. those were my thoughts too. a very good point.