Saturday, November 27, 2010

Americans Learning to Submit

The TSA situation just keeps nagging in the back of my mind. Perhaps it is the haunting parallels to footage of Jews being "examined" as they entered concentration camps. Perhaps its because of the nightmare stories that are being compiled by the ACLU (see here). Perhaps its the idea of helpless parents being separated from their children, completely powerless to prevent what is borderline molestation of their children. Perhaps it is the idea that these searches are clearly unconstitutional. Perhaps it is the fact that most U.S. citizens seem just too eager to comply without a major uprising - willing to give up there rights as granted by the constitution.

This article from the American Thinker gives perspective:

Americans Learning to Submit

Well, airport screenings haven't always been this way. Sure, we live in a post-9/11 environment, and caution is prudent. But body-imaging every air traveler isn't the same as intercepting specific phone conversations between Abdullah the Butcher and a cave in Waziristan.

We're dealing with de facto strip-searches of everyday Americans, frisking of nuns, and confiscation of shampoo and nail clippers. All of this nonsense is done so as not to offend Islam, whose virulent adherents fostered this "necessity."

That's little comfort to air travelers who are exposed to humiliating body scans and invasive pat-down searches. Even the stance assumed for the scans -- feet apart and hands held above the head -- portrays a submissiveness that belies a free people. Fellow Americans, our government has declared us guilty until we prove our innocence.

When innocent Americans are electronically strip-searched in airport concourses, the terrorists have achieved a victory. In fact, terrorists are equally served without boarding an aircraft at all. Suicide bombers need only detonate their payload at a crowded TSA checkpoint. Scores of unsuspecting travelers would be killed or injured. Such an attack would do as much to shatter our illusion of security as blowing up an airliner.

We're being sold a false sense of safety from a federal government that can't muster the courage to identify our genuine enemies, much less target them.

Thus, we'll be scanned and probed so as not to offend the very people who hate us, our liberties, and our culture...

The day will come when we won't be able to enter a sports arena, a shopping mall, or a public parking deck without passing a body imaging checkpoint. Maybe then we'll realize we've become like Boxer, dutiful and obedient until securely locked in the knacker's wagon.

Submit and do not question. It'll get worse. There is coming a time in which everyone will be forced to receive a "mark" in order to simply buy and sell goods. This mark will be mandatory and it will also confirm that the individual pledges his or her allegiance to the antichrist.

Are we THAT far from such a scenario?

Next time you are at an airport, just look around at what is happening, and notice the complete control the federal government has over your body. If someone happens to object to this, or voice complaint, see what happens to that individual.

No - we aren't that far from seeing a government which does have this level of control. Its a step-wise progression, and the TSA's complete control over your body and the bodies of your children and loved ones represents a BIG step in that direction.

And like cattle being led to the slaughter, the people comply as directed. Just as they will when ordered to take the Mark of the Beast. Only a few brave souls - primarily those who discovered Christ Jesus during the Tribulation - will reject this control - but they will do so at great personal risk. They will be forced to live in hiding - on the run from a draconian government who will have them put to death for their refusal to take the Mark.

Meanwhile, in preparation for that coming era, we are told to obey and not question our government, despite their flagrant abuse of the constitution.

As Jesus said: "For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now - and never to be equaled again." (Matthew 24: 21)

That time - known as the Tribulation is coming - and we are witnessing a world which is being prepared for those dark days.

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