Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekend Headlines: Government Sanctioned Persecution, Washington Prepares For 'Extreme Space Weather Event'

Americans Seek to Help Persecuted Christians, Administration Helps Muslims

As the Muslim persecution of Christians continues to reach critical proportions around the world (see report below), the average American shows much more concern than the current administration.  Soon after it was revealed that the Obama administration has taken in 5,435 Muslim refugees, but only 28 Christians—even though Christians are approximately 10 percent of Syria’s population and are classified as experiencing a genocide there—a poll found that more than three quarters of American respondents agreed with the statement: “It is important to me that the next US President be committed to addressing the persecution that some Christians face around the world (eg., imprisonment, beheadings, rape, loss of home and assets).”

The deliberate targeting and killing of Christians in Europe also reached unprecedented levels in modern times.  Most notably, on the morning of July 26, “Allahu Akbar” shouting Muslims stormed a small church in France during morning mass.  They forced 85-year-old Fr. Jacques Hamel to his knees, slit his throat, and “critically injured” a nun, before being killed by police.  (It was later revealed that police had known that church was being targeted and had even been monitoring one of the murderers for at least one-and-a-half years.)

In ISIS-controlled territories in Iraq and Syria, reports of Christians being tortured to convert, maimed, crucified, burned alive, beheaded, or sold into sex slavery continued to emerge.  In Iraq, a report says that “Christians and other minorities in Iraq are facing persecution at unprecedented levels and are at the verge of extinction ….  The Christian population has dwindled from 1.4 million to 300,000 in the last decade, according to some estimates. However, Minority Rights Group put that the number at anywhere between 50,000 to 250,000.”
A former ISIS member exposed some of the atrocities the group commits in Syria.  “They were extremely brutal, killing women and the elderly who did not obey them. They abused and mutilated their dead bodies. They cut up the corpses, tied them to the back of the cars and dragged them along.  They would find them and publicly execute them. I witnessed many executions.”
The remainder of July’s roundup of Muslim persecution of Christians—most of which was not committed by ISIS—includes, but is not limited to, the following:

So I’ll admit it. I did come up with the title of this article for shock value, but the fact is, you need to be shocked.
In other words, the title may be sensational, but it is only sensational because it is true.
Consider this Oct. 26 headline on Fox News: “State of Georgia demands pastor turn over sermons.”
Yes, “A lay minister who is suing the Georgia Department of Public Health for religious discrimination has been ordered by the state’s attorney general to relinquish his sermons to the government, according to federal court documents.”

In the words of Attorney General Samuel Olens, “Please produce a copy of your sermon notes and/or transcripts.”
And why is the state of Georgia demanding his sermon notes and/or transcripts?
As Todd Starnes reports, “Walsh, a Seventh-day Adventist lay minister, had been hired in May 2014 by as a District Health Director with the Georgia Department of Public Health. A week later, a government official asked him to submit copies of his sermons for review. He complied and two days later he was fired.”
In other words, he was not fired because of any lack of qualification. To the contrary, he was highly qualified for the job.
Yes, Walsh was fired for the unpardonable sin of preaching against homosexual practice, based on Scripture – and note that he was preaching this to his fellow-congregants, not giving a lecture to his staff.
As Walsh’s lead attorney, Jeremy Dys, said, “He was fired for something he said in a sermon. If the government is allowed to fire someone over what he said in his sermons, they can come after any of us for our beliefs on anything.”

Remember how we pondered whether the internet would be shut off (or highly censored) upon being transferred to the UN on October 1st?  Just a few weeks later, large swathes of the internet went down. Coincidence or trial run?
We’ll get into that below.
Beforehand, however, there have been a number of new “Executive Orders” straight from the e-pen of Barack O’Bomber in the last few months of a “very strange” variety.
Over the summer, a number of orders were given for succession plans in the case of multiple deaths in numerous US agencies.
And now, Obama just signed an executive order mandating preparations for a future “extreme space weather event” that has the ability to cripple or destroy the North American power grid and other major electrical infrastructure.
Signed on October 13th, the order states, “Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents.”
What is needed, we’re informed, is an “all-of-nation” endeavor, that includes the military space agency (NASA), the private sector, academia, and the insurance industry – among others. Presumably the federal government  would “coordinate” all this – i.e.: mandate it.
There are some very strange things afoot!  Why this?  Why now?
With each passing day it seems we’re getting closer to a major event. Maybe it’s one that causes a war or economic collapse. Perhaps it will be an “EMP” attack masquerading as a “space event.” It’s also possible a long term internet Denial of Service attack could be the cause of collapse.  The bankers need a reason to blame for the collapse they’ve engineered.

It certainly seems like the US is preparing for something big – maybe a nationwide electro-magnetic catastrophe.  One that many reports state would see the population cut by 90% in a matter of months in today’s uber-connected and digitally dependent world.
Last year, we reported on the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s plan to re-use the subterranean Cheyenne Mountain bunker in Colorado Springs. NORAD’s Commander Admiral William E. Gortney, explained that the EMP hardened mountain base would serve as protection from future “electromagnetic pulses”.
Now, combine these points with Vladimir Putin’s promise that only Donald Trump can prevent a potential nuclear war between world superpowers. Then add in Russia’s war drills and emergency preparations plus Germany moving its military equipment to the Eastern borders. It’s beginning to look like Putin is aware of something “big” on the horizon as well – just like Obama and the Pentagon.

For the record, I don’t enjoy doing these blogs. It seems every day I am warning of some cataclysmic event or nefarious plot.  I don’t want to do this.  I’d rather live on the beach in Mexico and write about cryptocurrencies or fantastic investment opportunities.
But, I feel an obligation to report on these things. Because hardly anyone else seems to even mention it.
Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.
We are one of the only major blogs on the ‘net that addresses the deterioration of US and Western freedom – in a factual, comprehensive and regular way.
But, something is going to happen.  We don’t know what, but the signs are clear.  Sadly, many people will call us tin foil hat conspiracy theorists up until the point it does.  And, after it happens, and perhaps the internet is wiped out, no one will even be there to hear we were right.


Susannah said...

Hi Scott, just want to encourage you, it might seem that you're a voice crying in the wilderness, but l read what you have to say, and what is infinitely more important, you're being obedient to our Lord and Saviour and he knows. Nothing that we do for the Lord is ever wasted. May God bless you this day. We're in very tough times and our enemy is very active, keeping people blind to the truth, but keep trusting in Him and His will always be sufficient.

Scott said...

Wow Susannah thats so incredibly nice and thoughtful and actually a boost - at a great time. Thanks so much i needed that and yea it is like a voice in the wilderness (but when i say that - i mean not just me but all of us. Even collectively are such a tiny fraction of the population. I cant wait to meet everybody here soon! Thanks again

Gary said...

It seems like we've been in a holding pattern for a very long time. Something has to give soon....

ally said...

While we may be a fraction of the population down here, we are part of the majority upstairs. And man we have a great president vice president up there too! ;) no corruption in that govt!
SCOTT, you are God sent!!! You have been trying to wake people up fir a very long time. It's working. I can't see your stats but I'm sure it's starting to get pretty large by now.
I have 2 things I will try abd provide links for later today. They are both just regular people talking about things, about God. Both are really inspiring in their own way.
We are going home soon, very soon. He is going to draw people unto himself, we are going to help and then we are going home. Sorry I repeat myself like a broken record, but get ready. I'm trying to stay in relevance till the election. Hopefully thanksgiving after the election :) but I figure I can repent from the comfort of my home while I still have one too live in or repent while trying to avoid "incoming" objects. Wether from Russia or the universe I know not.
Lovn you brethren!

Susannah said...

Hi Scott, so pleased to be able to support a brother in Christ.

Scott said...

:)) Thanks again