Friday, October 28, 2016

Lies, Deception, Vote Rigging, Pay-To-Play Politics, etc.: Is It Really Surprising In This Age?

Short answer: No

3 competing theories on why the FBI re-opened the Hillary email server investigation

There is no question that re-opening the FBI Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server is a big deal. The FBI normally avoids acting just before an election in order to avoid charges of political manipulation. 

There are 3 competing theories as to why he might be doing this now that come to mind.
  1. He might be seeking to restore his badly damaged reputation, recognizing that the damage he has inflicted on the FBI is substantial.  Three days ago, American Thinker published an open letter from a retired FBI Agent, Hugh Galyean, that laid out some of the damage Comey has inflicted on the institution he leads.  There is little doubt that this reached many in the FBI family, putting in print what people have only whispered about.  If those silenced voices start speaking out, Comey could face a serious loss of face. In this scenario, he is heading off a staff rebellion, possibly including mass resignations.
  2. Rush Limbaugh today discussed an alternative theory, that by announcing an FBI Investigation resuming, Comey is putting a lid on further attention to Wikileaks. I guess this means that Clinton forces will argue we must wait for the investigation to be complete (after the election) before speaking about what the evil Russians are planting into our politics.
  3. It is possible that something so dramatic came up in the pertinent emails that postponing a public reaction by not announcing the reopening of the investigation would, be regarded as political interference by covering up a smoking gun until after the election. In this scenario, Comey is assuming the evidence cannot be suppressed, and that he would be held accountable after it comes out. This scenario also indicates that we could be headed for a constitutional crisis, involving the possible indictment of a president-elect before an election. Or the evidence being turned over to the House of Representatives for impeachment hearings.
We’ll know more in the coming days, and I am sure there are other possible theories and motives. It is shame that we have to speculate, and that the once-respected FBI director is now subject to analysis of his political gamesmanship.

In an election season that has been full of surprises, let’s hope the electorate understands that there is at least one thing of which it can be certain: A Hillary Clinton presidency will be built, from the ground up, on self-dealing, crony favors, and an utter disregard for the law. 
This isn’t a guess. It is spelled out, in black and white, in the latest bombshell revelation from WikiLeaks. It comes in the form of a memo written in 2011 by longtime Clinton errand boy Doug Band, who for years worked simultaneously at the Clinton Foundation and at the head of his lucrative consulting business, Teneo.
It is astonishingly detailed proof that the Clintons do not draw any lines between their “charitable” work, their political activity, their government jobs or (and most important) their personal enrichment. Every other American is expected to keep these pursuits separate, as required by tax law, anticorruption law and campaign-finance law. For the Clintons, it is all one and the same—the rules be damned.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are asking for a third term in the White House, and voters who want to know what this portends should examine the 12-page memo written by a Clinton insider that was hacked and published Wednesday by WikiLeaks. This is the cold, hard reality of the Clinton political-business model.
Longtime Clinton aide Doug Band wrote the memo in 2011 to justify himself to lawyers at Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett who were reviewing his role and conducting a governance review of the Clinton Foundation at the insistence of Chelsea Clinton. In an email two weeks earlier, also published on WikiLeaks, Ms. Clinton said her father had been told that Mr. Band’s firm Teneo was “hustling” business at the Clinton Global Initiative, a regular gathering of the wealthy and powerful that is ostensibly about charitable activity.
The Band memo reveals exactly what critics of the Clintons have long said: They make little distinction between the private and public aspects of their lives, between the pursuit of personal enrichment, the operation of a nonprofit, and participation in U.S. politics.

As we draw closer to election day, polling data, rigged or not, certainly seems to indicate that the presidential race is tightening. In fact, just last weekend ABC released a poll that drew huge media attention on the Sunday talk show circuit as it showed Hillary opening up a 12-point national lead.  Now, just a few days later, that exact same poll shows only a 5-point lead. That data seemingly proves one of two things, either the polls are indeed “rigged” to show a desired outcome or the daily drip of WikiLeaks emails is finally starting to take a toll on the Clinton campaign.

Hillary Clinton has failed to effectively contain the damage from the release of thousands of campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal emails, giving new ammunition to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
The fallout from the daily releases have raised concerns among Democrats that even if Clinton is elected president, the controversy will follow her into the White House.
Anyone with an Internet connection can dig into the thousands of pages of emails, which have revealed infighting among Clinton’s top advisers, as well as new details about the millions of dollars flowing into the Clinton’s charitable foundation and personal bank accounts.

Meanwhile, the mainstream press, after seemingly concluding that this race is a done deal, has finally decided they can no longer ignore the Clinton scandals.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called the Wikileaks revelation around Brazile “horrifying.”
“Let me go to bottom line: There is no way under any circumstance the Clinton Foundation should not be operating if she becomes president,” Chuck Todd,moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press, told WGN Radio in Chicago on Thursday. “I just don’t see how they can keep that going.
“She’s got an opportunity, again, if she doesn’t do half measures here, if they shut it down to at least limit the political damage,” he said.

Even Chris Matthews, who famously got the “thrill up his leg” listening to Obama speak back in 2008, admits that the “thrill is gone” with Hillary who will bring in “train loads of contributors” and “charge them by the hour” to sit in the Lincoln bedroom.

“If the Clintons were willing to play this fast and loose with their criminal enterprise when they weren’t in the White House, just imagine what they will do if they are given the chance to use the Oval Office to pad their pockets.”

This is a transcript of the fourth video of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action (PVA), investigating the efforts by the Democrats and by the Hillary campaign in particular, to rig the election.
Given the nature of investigative journalism where the scene cannot be set, the video can be a bit abrupt and it can be a bit difficult to understand the audio although there are captions on a lot of the frames. This piece puts together the complete drama that James O’Keefe is telling in this fourth video.

Some early parts of the video reprise scenes of previous videos. They are all included here for completeness, so this transcript is the complete fourth video as produced by Project Veritas Action.
Note I: These used to be called “dirty tricks.” Woodward and Bernstein would have made this look like Seven Days in May (you youngsters look it up).

Note II: There is no perfect organizational method for a production that is broken up – inevitably, no criticism – like this one. I have broken it up into sections divided by commentary by James O’Keefe or Project Veritas Action. Where each piece appears on the video – the time – is in the Video column.

If we weren’t already, as soon as our votes went virtual, we became disenfranchised. These machines are hacked every election.
With as corrupt as our system is at this point, it’d be shocking if that weren’t the case.

A U.K. based company that has provided voting machines for 16 states, including important battleground states like Florida and Arizona, has direct ties with billionaire leftist and Clinton crusader George Soros.

With recent WikiLeaks emails showing that Hillary Clinton received foreign policy directives and coordinated on domestic policy with Soros, along with receiving tens of millions of dollars in presidential campaign support from the billionaire, concerns are growing that these shadowy players may pull the strings behind the curtains of the upcoming presidential election.

As Lifezette reports, the fact that the man in control of voting machines in 16 states is tied directly to the man who has given millions of dollars to the Clinton campaign and various progressive and globalist causes will surely leave a bad taste in the mouth of many a voter.

The balloting equipment tied to Soros is coming from the U.K. based Smartmatic company, whose chairman Mark Malloch-Brown is a former UN official and sits on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

According to Lifezette, Malloch-Brown was part of the Soros Advisory Committee on Bosnia and also is a member of the executive committee of the International Crisis Group, an organization he co-founded in the 1990s and built with funds from George Soros’ personal fortune.

An astonishing 2006 classified U.S. diplomatic cable obtained and released by WikiLeaks reveals the extent to which Smartmatic may have played a hand in rigging the 2004 Venezuelan recall election under a section titled “A Shadow of Fraud.” The memo stated that “Smartmatic Corporation is a riddle both in ownership and operation, complicated by the fact that its machines have overseen several landslide (and contested) victories by President Hugo Chavez and his supporters.”
“The Smartmatic machines used in Venezuela are widely suspected of, though never proven conclusively to be, susceptible to fraud,” the memo continued. “The Venezuelan opposition is convinced that the Smartmatic machines robbed them of victory in the August 2004 referendum. Since then, there have been at least eight statistical analyses performed on the referendum results.”
“One study obtained the data log from the CANTV network and supposedly proved that the Smartmatic machines were bi-directional and in fact showed irregularities in how they reported their results to the CNE central server during the referendum,” it read.

With such suspicion and a study which claims to prove that the U.K. firm’s equipment tampered with the 2004 Venezuelan recall election, should be enough for states to reject these machines if they desire a fair election.
Smartmatic is providing machines to Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington DC, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin, which means these Soros and Clinton linked machines are going to take the votes of thousands of Americans.


Mrs.C said...

Then there is this bombshell on JP today! Killary has been in the business of Election rigging for some time now! This just came up on the JP site, and references The Observer as the origin of the story complete with the recording! In her own recorded words!

"Report: Recording released of Clinton suggesting rigging 2006 Palestinian election "

"2006 Audio Emerges of Hillary Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election"

Scott said...

Yup- that was in my stack but I ended up saving it for later, but its yet another scandal to add to the list

Bt374 said...

It's been said by a couple commentators today already , that you can't make this stuff would be extremely difficult to be this creative in the writing of a movie script. Tom Clancy might now feel irrelevant. (no disrespect) Only God could inspire such a scenario in His word. He alone fully comprehends the depravity of man.
I can't help but feel like this is too good to be true. We have watched the Clintons dodge every single accusation of corruption for a few decades now. I'm not predicting anything, but a cancelled election due to lack of party representation would be a major shockwave to the country...and the world. So would the election of an individual who is currently under federal investigation. Going to be an interesting week ahead. Not holding my breath, but holding onto hope that the evil queen tastes true justice for maybe the first time in her life.

ally said...

I'm not sure what way to go with this but my short take is this.
God is not mocked. He is going to expose every evil thing so people can see the truth. Then we have to decide what we are going to do with it.
I also believe 100percent (and no this isn't biblical specifically but I think it does fit in with the nature of God) he is willing none should perish. He is going to allow some rough stuff to occur in order to save as many people as he can, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. So people must cry out to him. Not fun. At all. :(
But I know this is going to happen!!!! then we are out of here. It's going to be that fast. That day is coming soon. Get ready

Scott said...

Don't forget though - what we are seeing are the generational birth pains - everything we are seeing is an escalation in the birth pains which have been increasing throughout this generation - - the wars and rumors of war, famine, quakes, pestilence, persecution, people turning from God, false prophets, everything from 2 Timothy which describes the people of this age - every single bit of it....

When God's wrath begins, in the Tribulation, it will take things to incomprehensible levels, making these days look like kindergarten. Not only the 21 judgments, but the massive war, the massive death, the beheadings, the forced worship of the AC, the demonic beings released, darkness, starvation, boils, no fresh water, etc....Its going to get so so much worse