Monday, October 10, 2016

South Korea Planning Preemptive Strike On Kim Jong-Un Regime Over Nuclear Threat

South Korea Planning Preemptive Strike on Kim Jong-Un Regime Over Nuclear Threat

South Korea’s Defense Ministry announced plans in the event that it is determined that a nuclear attack from North Korea is imminent.

On Monday, South Korea’s Defense Ministry laid out the case for engaging in a preemptive strike against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DRPK) in the event that they determine a nuclear strike by the regime of Kim Jong-Un is imminent raising the stakes in a brewing conflict that could quickly explode into a major war.

Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-kyun explained in a press briefing that a preemptive strike may be employed for purposes of self-defense if the regime determines that there are signs that North Korea is beginning to use – as opposed to simply test – their lethal nuclear weapon stockpile.

The comments come as the North Korean regime prepares for an imminent sixth nuclear test – the third inside of a two month period – with Pyongyang exhibiting increasing explosive yield and sophistication in each new test. The regime of Kim Jong-Un has also engaged in numerous ballistic missile tests with a recent test launch of components of an intercontinental ballistic missile that the regime says may have sufficient range to reach the continental United States – although analysts say they are not there yet.

More concerning, North Korea has mastered the process of miniaturization – confining nuclear energy into a warhead small enough to be carried by a missile – in recent months raising the stakes as Pyongyang now fully possesses the capacity to utilize their nuclear capabilities in an attack

The chilling warning by the South Korean government comes ahead of what is expected to be an explosive Monday October 10 – the anniversary of the founding of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) which has been celebrated in precious years with provocative actions including test launching missiles and officials fear testing of a sixth nuclear bomb.

Less than three months after Turkey's president Erdogan, in the aftermath of the mid-July "failed coup" visited Putin in Russia in his first and very symbolic foreign trip, Putin has returned the favor with a visit of his own to Turkey, where he promptly confirmed that economic relations between the two nations are on solid footing with the November 2015 downing of a Russian fighter jet over Turkey now largely forgotten, and where Turkey and Russia earlier today signed the strategic Turkish Stream gas pipeline agreement.

As noted previously, once completed the pipeline will carry Russian natural gas to Turkey under the Black Sea, and on to Greece and Europe. The project, with an estimated total cost of $13 billion, was announced in December 2014 during Putin’s visit to Turkey as an alternative to the canceled South Stream pipeline through Bulgaria, which the Bulgarian government killed due to European pressure. 
The signing of the deal came after a bilateral meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin who was in Istanbul to attend the 23rd World Energy Congress. During the signing ceremony, Erdogan said ministers and experts will continue to hold bilateral talks after the deal.

Putin said the need to develop the Turkish Stream natural gas project had been stressed in his talks with Erdogan, adding that Russia also actively planned to expand its hydrocarbon exports eastward to China, Japan and India.  “Russia will further interact in energy with all interested parties for mutual beneficial partnerships on an equal footing,” he added.      


D. Pearson said...

Isn't it funny how the US isn't mentioned in the end times?

We have given our sovereignty as a super power away (Obama has) . We have communist countries aligning with each other and omitting the United States all together.
I'm a firm believer that if S. Korea is to survive, then they need to preemptively attack n. Korea.
Bring us to the rapture. Then, let Almighty God sort the rest of them out.

Scott said...

AMEN to that