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Wars And Rumors Of War Abound, Is Globalism Actually Demonic?, Nuclear Conflict: Deception Or Real Threat?

Wars and Rumors of Wars Abound

[It's nice that other people are noticing the same trends]

As tensions between the US and Russia have reached their highest since the Cold War, Russia denounced American duplicity last week and asked its own citizens whether they are ready for a nuclear attack. 

The Russian government cautioned people to know where their nearest bomb/fallout shelters are and know where their gas masks are in a drill that involved 40 million Russians. The Russia defense ministry explained to the public how the government would run under military control in the event of war. Russia deployed additional nuclear missiles in response to the US missile shield in Eastern Europe and tested new intercontinental ballistic missiles. Not bad for a week’s news. (ABC News)
Yet, that was just one small part of the many rumors of war in the past week because the US government also issued top-level rumors of war.

Rumors of war directly from the White House

The Obama administration made formal accusations that Russia is engaged in cyber war with the US by interfering directly in US elections as more of Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails went public.  Russia slammed unprecedented US threats of retaliation against such cyber attacks, pointing out that the US has never demonstrated any evidence that the hacking came from Russia. Russia vowed to respond to what it said are false accusations but did not say what kind of response it meant.

After US Vice President Joe Biden’s formal complaint against Russia, NBC reported that the CIA is planning a retaliatory cyber attack. Sources said the CIA has already begun selecting targets that will harass and embarrass the Russian government. 

The Kremlin’s spokesman replied, “The threats directed against Moscow and our state’s leadership are unprecedented because they are voiced at the level of the US vice president. To the backdrop of this aggressive, unpredictable line, we must take measures to protect (our) interests.” Russia’s foreign minister said the claims were “flattering” but baseless. (Yahoo News)

Russian rumors of permanent military presence in Middle East

On Friday, the Kremlin announced that Putin just ratified an agreement with Syria that allows Russia to use one of its air bases indefinitely, creating a more permanent Russian presence in the Middle East. Russia also announced last week plans to build a permanent naval base in the Syrian port town of Tartus. (The Jerusalem Post)

As mentioned in my previous article, Russia also announced during the prior week that it would start shooting down any unidentified jets flying over Syria. These would most likely be US stealth bombers. 

In response, the UK ordered Royal Air Force pilots to shoot down any Russian jets flying over Syria and Iraq if they feel endangered by them — pilot’s discretion. “We now have a situation where a single pilot, irrespective of nationality, can have a strategic impact on future events.” (Zero Hedge)

Other rumors of wars from the US

My article last week also reported that Russia had terminated cooperation with the US on one of its key nuclear disarmament agreements with the US on the basis that the US was not following through with anything it had promised. This after the Obama Admin. said it would (on Friday) be considering direct air attacks against Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria — the first direct moves being considered by the US to overthrow Assad’s regime. Previous moves were against ISIS in Syria. (Reuters)
Turkey’s deputy prime minister said, “If this proxy war continues, after this, let me be clear, America and Russia will come to a point of war,” adding that the world was “on the brink of the beginning of a large regional or global war.” (RT)

US proxy war with Iran in Yemen

These wars are now more than just rumors from the top, though it is quite something to be living through a time when there are so many rumors of war that do come directly from the top. We are seeing an expansion of real, hot wars.

Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen fired repeatedly on American ships last week, and Americans returned fire with cruise missiles against the radar towers that targeted them. No US ships were hit, but the attacks and reprisal launched a real two-sided hot war in Yemen that quickly became more than just a US strike against Yemeni terrorists.

Rumors of war in the south pacific tear apart old alliances and forge new ones

Relations in the South Pacific are also going sour for the Obama Administration as the new president of long-time US ally, the Philippines, began boisterously deriding Obama as loudly as if he were Donald Trump. Rodrigo Duterte told Barrack Obama, “You can go to hell” while he also lashed out agains the EU, saying that purgatory would be a better place to be.

Pentagon video gives apocalyptic view of new world order

In the face of such increase of so many real wars and rumors of wars that may begin, is it any wonder the pentagon created the following apocalyptic video about our economic and militant future:

The Pentagon makes the following statements in the video about a rapidly changing world order that is decaying into social chaos and is increasingly vulnerable to anarchist and terrorist attacks in highly populated areas.

Living habitats will extend from the high-rise … to subterranean labyrinths, each defined by its own social code and rule of law. Social structures will be equally challenged if not dysfunctional as historic ways of life clash with modern living, ethnic and racial differences are forced to live together, and criminal networks offer opportunity for the growing mass of unemployed. This becomes the nervous system of non-nation-state unaligned individuals and organizations that live and work in the shadows of national rule….
Urban conflict is written deep into the army’s histories, but in tomorrow’s conflicts these megacities are orders of magnitude greater in complexity…. Our soldiers will have to operate within these ecosystems with minimal disruption in flow. Our current and past strategies can no longer hold…. The future army will encounter a highly sophisticated urban-centric threat…. The threat is clear. Our direction remains to be defined.

Pentagon’s apocalyptic vision of urban dystopias is already happening

Do you think the dystopian future presented in the video seems imaginary? Well, it appears Paris is the first first-world city to openly exhibit this Pentagon-prophesied future precisely because ethnic and racial differences have been “forced to live together” by the EU’s immigration laws — just as the Pentagon video describes. 

When you watch the following linked video, bear in mind that fifteen years ago Paris boasted that it washed the streets twice a day to keep itself looking as pretty and inviting to its French citizens and its touring guests as possible:

The city you visited or once hoped to visit no longer resembles the city you imagine in your mind. It is the city of the past that is imaginary, not the dystopian vision of cities that was described above by the US army. The City of Paris you envision in your mind ended when Paris became the capital of immigration from Syria and Africa, made dysfunctional by multiple acts of terror leading to governance by marshal law in a city filled with social tensions from forced immigration. The French are becoming a minority in their own capital:

If it weren’t for the somewhat working infrastructure, the scene might as well have been the setting of movie shooting – or a slum in Mogadishu. 

The streets are littered in garbage, the sidewalks are blocked with trash, junk and mattresses, thousands of African men claim the streets as their own – they sleep and live in tents like homeless people. If no portable toilets are in reach, open urination and defecation are commonplace. 

The future described by the Pentagon is now, and it is not relegated to some decrepit third-world city like Mogadishu. It’s in modern France’s showcase capital — La Ville-Lumière, the City of Light — where it appears they are no longer leaving the light on for us. Too bad if you didn’t visit Paris last year or sometime before that when the now imaginary city you remembered existed. 
This is the real Paris, the new Paris under marshal law.
And this is an image of the years of Epocalypse that I have been saying lie ahead — a time of socio-economic breakdown that is spreading unstoppably around the world — apparently, by design because the Pentagon knows it is coming, knows it is bad, and, yet, the White House keeps pushing to create it. Europe has seen that is is not just coming, but is here, and it still keeps pushing it. So, this is an intended future that is now.

Unless Americans understand globalism and what it represents, they won’t fully grasp the importance of this election. They’ll get distracted by other side issues.
Wallace Henley is one man who has studied globalism from the inside out and on many levels.

He worked at the highest levels of government in the Nixon White House and later went into the ministry and studied globalism from a biblical perspective. He now serves as senior associate pastor of 2nd Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, and was interviewed by Jamie Glazov of the Glazov Gang about globalism under the title “Is Globalism Demonic?

“This is what really got my attention. In the 1990s the United Nations began a push for global shared values,” he said.
This is seen in the a push by USESCO and other U.N. agencies to embrace global educational standards, global environmental standards of “sustainability,” global police standards, and global standards for migration and the rights of migrants as put forth in the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda signed by President Obama and some 190 other heads of state last fall.
“Nations would be forced into it, into a very secular humanistic set of ethics, and I began to realize there’s a lot of coercion in this,” said Henley, co-author of “God and Churchill: How the Great Leader’s Sense of Divine Destiny Changes his Troubled World and Offers Hope for Ours.”

"As I moved deeper in my study of it, into the spiritual dynamics of nations, I became very interested in this and so I realized in studying Genesis that the fundamental temptation in the Garden of Eden was the temptation of power and for humans to take power over themselves,” Henley said. “This is what Saint John calls the antichrist spirit, which he said was at work in the world even in his day.”
It’s this third level of globalism, spiritual globalism, which is manifest in the drive by hardcore globalists to co-opt and corrupt the world’s major religions, making them work for a globalist agenda that glorifies man rather than God.
“So it’s the philosophical and the spiritual giving me special concern,” Henley told Glazov.

He said God scattered people from the Tower of Babel for a reason. They were trying to unite around humanistic values.
Henley said only God, not man, can truly unite the world.
“It can only occur by a work of God and God bringing people together, when human-beings try to construct that, they wind up ruling over one another,” Henley said.
“The aim of Antichrist is to rule the world as one unit,” he said. “So national boundaries are very, very threatening to him and that agenda.”

“Globalism is actually its own religion,” he added. “It’s a secular religion. There’s the kingdom of Christ that Christians believe in, and then there’s a secular globalism that wants to set up its own kingdom.”

Globalism is today’s Tower of Babel enthusiasts, he said. seeking a humanistic, utopian movement where humans are paying allegiance to the secular kingdom.

Henley calls them Babelists and they’re seen weaving their evil plans in the early pages of the Bible.
In Genesis, they said, “Come let us build a tower.”
“They said [to God], ‘no, let’s stop from being scattered, let’s build a utopia here and that was the point of the Tower of Babel,” Henley said. “That spirit is still very much alive in the world today.”

“It all goes back to power,” Henley said. “Who is going to have power over the whole of the world? And the only way you can have that kind of power is to make sure it is a unit that can be seized instead of a world where there are value systems that hold out and resist.”

The spirit of antichrist is clear. “Anti” not only means opposition but also means imposition. So the spirit of antichrist is to oppose the kingdom of God and to seek to impose itself in the place of Christ on the throne of the whole world.

“Progressivism, which is the philosophy that Hilary Clinton represents, is very much excited about all levels of globalism because they feel that somehow we can create this new Babylon, this new world order, this thing that’s organized around the totality of the world without borders. So they get very excited about this because it’s very much on their agenda.”

The events in the Middle East, Syria and Aleppo are the focus of global attention. Rarely has a battle been so decisive to the outcome of a war and the fate of hundreds of millions of people around the world

Hillary Clinton in the last presidential debate repeatedly called for the establishment of a no-fly zone (NFZ) in Syria. The concept, reiterated several times, clashes with the revelation contained in her private emails admitting that the implementation of a NFZ would entail the increased deaths of Syrian civilians. In a recent hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, General Philip Breedlove was asked what kind of effort would be required for the US armed forces to impose a NFZ over Syrian skies. 

With obvious embarrassment, the General was forced to admit that such a request would involve hitting Russian and Syrian aircraft and vehicles, opening the door to a direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington, a decision the General was simply not willing to take. The military leadership has always shown a readiness to implement the military option; so this time they must have sniffed the danger of a direct conflict with Moscow.

The Kremlin has publicly admitted to deploying in Syria the S-400 and S-300V4 advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems respectively. The presence of the defense complex was intentionally announced as a factor of deterrence and is a logical strategy. The message to Washington is clear: any unidentified object in Syrian skies will be shot down

Hillary Clinton’s threats against Moscow were not the only ones. The present policy makers in Washington continue to make aggressive statements demonstrating their total loss of touch with reality. In recent weeks, hysterical reactions were recorded by the Pentagon, the State Department, top military generals, and even representatives of American diplomacy

To emphasize the unhappiness prevalent in some Washington circles, several articles appeared in The Washington Post and The New York Times calling for the imposition of a US no-fly zone in Syria, ignoring the consequences highlighted by Dunford. There are two hypotheses under consideration: hitting the Syrian army air bases with cruise missiles, or the use of stealth planes to bomb Damascus’s A2/AD installations.

It therefore seems almost simplistic to emphasize that because of the success of the SAA, Washington, Ankara, Riyadh, Doha and Tel Aviv are showing unprecedented signs of weakness and nervousness. Their commitment to overthrowing the legitimate government of Assad has failed. The combined action of the Syrian and Russian ground, air and sea forces pushed Washington and the corporate media to move from words of condemnation to increasingly open threats.

With the failure of the northern front, the terrorists will be faced with the probable prospect of the complete collapse of their operations nationwide. Some will continue to fight, but most will throw away their weapons knowing that they have lost the war. Once this is achieved, the liberation of the rest of Syria should be a matter of a few months. It should be remembered that the recapture of Aleppo would guarantee a crushing defeat for the regional sponsors of international terrorism (Qatar and Saudi Arabia).

After years of negotiations with the schizophrenic diplomacy of the US, Moscow and Damascus have decided to protect themselves against any sudden decisions that may come from the American «deep state». Deploying the most advanced systems existing in ​​air defense, Moscow has called Washington's bluff as no one has done in years. 

Moscow acted immediately, deploying cutting-edge systems to protect Syrians skies with equipment that can shoot down cruise missiles, stealth aircraft, and even ballistic missiles (S-300 and S-400). To make sure Washington fully understood the message, the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) reiterated what was already publicly announced, namely that any unidentified object would be shot down immediately, as there would not be any sufficient time for Russian operators to verify the original launch, trajectory and final target of any objects detected. 

It is a clear warning to the US and its long-standing strategy that requires the use of large amounts of cruise missiles to destroy anti-aircraft systems in order to pave the way for a no-fly zone as was seen in Libya. The Russian MoD has even specified that American fifth-generation stealth aircraft could be easily targeted, alluding to a radius of operation of the S-200 systems, S-300 and S-400 (and all variants) that would surprise many international observers. 

Whatever the intentions that are hidden behind Washington’s hysterical threats, Moscow has suggested several asymmetrical scenarios in response to a direct attack on its personnel in Syria. In addition to the S-300 and S-400 systems, the MoD has openly declared its knowledge of the exact locations of US special forces in Syria, a clear reference to the Syrian and Russian ability to strike US soldiers operating alongside terrorists or moderate rebels.
The United States has no alternatives available to prevent an outcome to the conflict that is undesirable for it. Whichever route it chooses, there is no way to change the events in Syria. Even American generals had to admit that a no-fly zone in Syria is out of the question. It is easy for US State Department spokesperson Admiral Kirby to launch empty threats, but it is more difficult for the military to act on these threats while avoiding a nuclear apocalypse. Whatever the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections, the war in Syria for the United States and its regional partners is irretrievably lost, and the hysteria and provocations of recent weeks is symptomatic of the frustration and nervousness that has not been common for Americans in recent years.

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