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The Inevitable Coming Globalism, 'Genesis Of Armageddon', Game Over

It's important to remember that the globalists will "win" every battle to come, until the very end of the Tribulation. That includes the upcoming U.S. "election". Of course, with this long series of "political wins", it won't really matter when faced with the 21 judgments of the Tribulation, the wars, the famine, the financial collapse, the deaths,  the pain, the suffering, and everything else that comes with the Tribulation. But the globalists will 'win' the political battles. That's a lock. Thanks to a merciful God we will take the "losses"and head to Heaven. It's all good. We'll be here long enough to see the coming destruction, and warn as many as possible, but the further we get into the mess, the less they will listen, as they see the "utopia" that is ever so close. 

To those who support globalism whether knowingly or not - congratulations, you will get exactly what you have wanted and have waited so patiently for. It's coming. Your political "win" after "win" in various elections is just the beginning.  It isn't the endpoint - that is yet to come. Your ultimate utopia is still waiting but it too will come soon enough. Just a little more patience. Human government in all of its finest splendor is on the way. Congratulations - you have worked very hard for what is coming. 

Genesis of Armageddon

[Another timely piece from Terry James]

The progressives’ Bible–the New York Times–is advising the president to pressure Israel all he can in these few months left of his presidency. The Jewish State must be forced to conform to the globalists’ demand that Israel, for the sake of world peace, give up part of the land it has “illegally occupied” since the Six Day War of 1967.
Globalism, as I constantly harp, is the unrelenting force bent on setting the stage for one world government. Perhaps unwittingly, for most of the globalists elite at least, they are doing their utmost to serve their father’s–the devil’s–primary purpose. That purpose is to set the stage for the prince that shall come, the first beast of Revelation chapter 13.

Globalism, then, as I have presented from my viewpoint a number of times lately, is what this election is all about. America and, more importantly, Israel, are at the epicenter of the end-times contractions taking place.
The United States must be diminished so it no longer has the strength to resist those who would tear down national sovereignties. This must be done before that power platform for Antichrist can be established.
Simply put, Israel is at the heart of the hatred Satan harbors in his sin-demented thinking, with which he has now infected the world at large. This is seen by the fact that the vast majority of the nations within the U.N. have at their heads dictators who vote against the Jewish state every time matters involving Israel’s nationhood is brought up for a vote.
Now, the progressives’ Bible, the New York Times, “advises” the president of the U.S. to “come down hard against Israel in the U.N.”
They want Obama to use America’s influence and votes to support a proposed resolution involving giving up land for peace.
In an article written by their editorial board, the NY Times writes, “The best idea under discussion now would be to have the United Nations Security Council, in an official resolution, lay down guidelines for a peace agreement covering such issues as Israel’s security, the future of Jerusalem, the fate of Palestinian refugees and borders for both states.”
Obama is being pressured to join in such a procedure before he leaves the presidency in January 2017. The U.S. State Department is, to this point at least, sticking by the long-standing policy of resistance to falling in line with this globalist “advice.”
A spokesman for the State Department said recently: “With regard to the UN Security Council and any action at the UN, our position hasn’t changed. We’re always concerned, frankly, about one-sided resolutions or other actions that could be taken within the UN, and we’re always going to oppose those kinds of resolutions that we believe delegitimize Israel and undermine its security.”
We will watch to see if the exiting Mr. Obama flies in the face of this wise policy. If he does so, he will certainly be giving a boost to a major element within the globalist elites’ blueprint for bringing forth one world order.
When Israel is finally cajoled or arm-twisted into giving up the land in question, it will indeed be the genesis for history’s most horrific war called Armageddon.
“I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land” (Joel 3:2).

[It's too long to quote in its entirety here, but this is definitely worth reading in full]

Yes, friends, anyone who has been following the presidential campaign over the past couple of weeks, even the most praetorian republicans amongst us, have to realize that the time has come fess-up to reality while understanding that candidate Donald Trump will never become the next president of this great land of ours.  That is right, I said Trump will never be our next president, meaning Hillary Clinton will become the first woman ever to hold that office in the history of the nation. 

I have come to this rudimentary conclusion, not based on the highly devious national polls, which, in my humble opinion, are, in fact, as corrupt as is everything else in what’s left of this great country of ours, mind you, but on the self-evident truths of the clustered future now looming in our horizon - our new United States of America; a far cry from the once glorious Constitutional Republic which proudly served as bastion of hope for all of mankind – all of it, amidst a magnanimous ideological revolution set-out to transforming the nation in ways which, I dare say, not many Americans even comprehend, if yet are willing to support and sponsor.
And, no, I definitely do not think Trump’s failure or evident road to ruin has anything to do whatsoever with the explicit damage resulting from the alleged sex scandals, his lewd conversations about women or the rape allegations that have, ironically surfaced in the last few weeks, almost at the same time that the cat got out of the bag with the myriad of WikiLeak newsflashes regarding Clinton’s compromising emails.  Matter of fact, Trump’s deficiencies, are petty compared to Hillary Clinton’s conduct throughout the years, however, Trump’s accusations are, in fact, what they [the] enemy would want us to believe and remember. In time, take my word for it, a great majority of Americans will attribute Trump’s downfall to his trifle womanizing habits; his untimely remarks on women, when, in fact, he was doomed from the start even if there had not been any sexual overtures.

To be clear, Mr. Trump’s opponent in his bid for the presidential race was never Hillary Clinton alone, per say.  Mr. Trump’s opponents were a whole host of zealots including but not limited to a fringe leftist media; to a massive destructive campaign conducted by the most renown mass media groups in the nation, newspapers, T.V. and social media; to an iconic guild of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors and actresses; to a grassroots majority on the nation’s top colleges and universities; to the most evil and corrupt government in the history of the nation; to a horde of radical millennials and a legion of underachievers, and last but not least, to the rank and file of Trump’s own republican party insiders – a legendary clan of corrupt establishment politicians. That’s it. Game over,  Mr. Trump.

Just think of it this way, both Hillary and Bill Clinton are career criminals. The trail of corruption of these two dates back to the 1970s and the infamous Whitewater scandal - a real estate deal gone bad, where, allegedly, the Clintons used their political clout to coerce someone in a failing Savings and Loan Association into making an illegal loan.  If you really think about it, the Clintons’ Resume is riddled with felonious controversies, including some gruesome deaths of people such as was the mysterious demise of Vince Foster in July 1993 - the deputy White House counsel during Bill Clinton’s presidency, previously associated to the presidential couple in the aforementioned Whitewater scandal, not to mention Hillary’s role in the Benghazi embassy massacre, yielding the deaths of four noble Americans, which, in my books has to top her unending trail of criminal acts, much a part of an eerie career, relentlessly in pursuit of wealth and prowess. 

Where have we come as nation, I ask, when a majority of us, are willing to elect a criminal with one of the muddiest and most corrupt backgrounds ever to the presidency of the United States of America?  How low can we go?  Yes, friends, Mr. Trump may very well be a ravaging womanizer, but guess what?  I will take him over a career criminal, any day, any time.  Common folks, let’s get real here.  Mr. Trumps’ sexual assault allegations, while disdainfully inexcusable, nevertheless, pale if compared to a woman who simply said has no moral code of values whatsoever – a woman whose life of lies and double-standards can make Donald Trump look like the next coming of Mother Teresa. 

Where have we come as nation, to even consider this woman to be our next president?  Are we that naïve, or are we that stupid?  Or both?  Think of it this way, if you or I had done a smidgeon of what this woman has done, you and I would probably be locked behind bars, more likely than not, held in solitary confinement. Seriously folks, you think about it, the fact that Hillary Clinton was able to delete 33,000 emails after receiving a congressional subpoena from the House Select Committee on Benghazi; the fact that, according to the FBI, Justin Cooper,  an aide to former President Bill Clinton was ordered to destroy two of Hillary Clinton’s phones breaking them with a hammer and the fact that the FBI found no criminal wrongdoing in their investigation of Clinton, while chalking it up to “extreme carelessness” has to be, as far as I am concerned, a telltale sign of our decadent State of the Union - clear evidence that our nation has really hit rock bottom. Repugnantly abhorrent if you ask me.  

No matter where you turn, whether you talk about Iran’s expansion in the Middle East, Russia’s overt aggression and expansionary threats, or whether you talk about nuclear proliferation in rogue states such as North Korea, or China’s bid for regional hegemony, it is very clear to me that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration have been an ignominious disgrace, every which way you look at it.  Under the Clinton tenure as Secretary of State, America’s foreign policy establishment has all but developed into a culture of failures, at times making our great nation become the laughing stock amongst our most spiteful adversaries in the world. 

  The Clintons today appear to be filthy rich,  with a combined worth over 100 million dollars.  The nation, the fringe media, you and I, should, at the very least, ask how was this possible to achieve in such a short period of time, considering there was no business behind the Clinton’s frantic financial growth. Or was it?  The fact of the matter is that there was a business after all. Indeed, there was.  There was that deceitful Clinton Foundation, which is not, as many have been led to believe, a righteous charity organization, if you can believe that. Cause if you do, dear friends, if you are that naïve and gullible to be believe that, then you, dear friend, I venture to say, may very well be in a fairyland of your own. Either that or you are, in fact, delusional. 

Come to think of it, all things considered, the Clinton Foundation is really an ingenious plot, if I ever saw one. Kudos to the Clintons for their dexterity and mastery of deceit.  In the most unabridged and straightforward account I can think of, the Clintons expediently have used the inherent clout afforded them by their political statures, one as ex-President of the U.S., and the other one as Secretary of State, to exchange political favors in the name “charity”, while conveniently diverting and comingling monies given to the Foundation to their own pocketbooks, while always shielded and pontificated as dedicated humanitarians. Clever, eh? Matter of fact, the Foundation is, in fact, the quintessential “quid pro quo” sham—a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. 

Of all of the Clinton’s misdeeds, crimes and carousel of lies, however, the one that strikes me as the must hideously repulsive, taking the prize for the ultimate show of dishonesty, has to be, the Haiti Controversy itself.  If you all recall, on January 10th, 2010, the country of Haiti was devastated by an earthquake.  No need to mention the fact, that this is one of the most impoverished nations in our hemisphere, and was even before the earthquake.  Immediately after the earthquake Hillary went to Haiti to pledge her full support to the destitute nation on behalf of the U.S.A. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, acted as United Nation’s Special Envoy to co-lead in the “HIRC” Haitian Interim Reconstruction Commission along with Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive. In short, in the aftermath of the earthquake, the Clintons skillfully positioned themselves at centre stage of the whole Haitian reconstruction drive. 

As would and could be expected, the HIRC, led by Bill Clinton, totally disregarded projects of relief, and focused exclusively on projects where Clintons would receive donations. Matter of fact, back in the time, all relief efforts were channeled through the Clintons. If you wanted to do business in Haiti, you had to have a relationship with the Clintons. Digicel—a tele-communications company owned by Irish billionaire Dennis O’Brien was given special treatment which awarded O’Brien’s company exclusive rights to transfer relief money to Haitians whereby the company made more than 50 million dollars in revenues, in exchange for Obrien’s contributions in the millions to the Clinton Foundation. In the end, all money that flowed in for Haiti’s earthquake relief was expediently funneled through the IHRC, Bill Clinton and Haiti’s Prime-Minister.

The only thing left for me to say is that while the game is over for Trump, it is just as over for our nation.  With the little democracy that is left, still, I shall invoke my first amendment rights, my freedom of expression rights, just to let those of you who plan on voting for Hillary Clinton know, that, I truly hope you rot in hell with her.  Traditionally, again, in the name of democracy as we once knew it, I used to be forgiving about other peoples’ rights to choose and vote for whomever they thought was the right choice.  This time around, however, I will forsake the political correctness that has characterized most of my dissertations and just warn you to be very careful in what you wish for as it may just happen.  

In lieu of all that is at stake here, the questionable future that awaits future generations of Americans if we elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States, I will have to hold all of you, voting for this woman, accountable and responsible for our nation’s demise.  I will take this whole thing a step further and go as far as predicting that, should this woman be elected to the White House, our only way out of the chaos that awaits us, would probably be another Civil War – maybe the reason why democrats are steadfast putting up the fight they are for gun control, who knows? 

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