Thursday, October 13, 2016

The State Of Affairs In America Today - Systemic Corruption Profound, Overrun By Criminals, It's Already Lost

Voters Warned: You've already lost America... this election is about taking it back in the last non-violent way possible: At the voting booth

If you're not following the flurry of email dumps now being released every 24 hours by Wikileaks, you're missing out on the most damning revelations of systemic government corruption in the history of this nation.

The emails reveal unprecedented criminal collusion between the State Dept., the Clinton Foundation, the Obama White House, the FBI, the DNC, the leftist media and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

In essence, they are all conspiring to rig everything: Town hall questions are rigged, debate questions are rigged, the polls are rigged, the news coverage is rigged, the justice system is rigged and no doubt the election itself is going to be rigged (stolen) in order to make sure Hillary Clinton wins. The entire mainstream media, it turns out, is nothing but a collection of presstitutes pretending to be journalists. In reality, they are all Clinton operatives who operate with eerie similarity to obedient Nazi party propaganda pushers.

I can't possibly cover all the incredible revelations coming out of these emails, so I strongly recommend you read and to stay informed. is also carrying many of the revelations as they are being released.

Your country has already been overrun by criminals... if you love America, you're going to have to take it back

The bottom line is that you've already lost America. It has been overrun by a criminal cartel of cheating, lying, murdering, woman-abusing, anti-American traitors who pretend to act as a representational government. The media dutifully covers up all their crimes while pretending to be engaged in the "news" business, and the FBI pretends to be engaged in law enforcement while actually granting blanket immunity to all the criminals running Washington. (Yes, James Comey is a criminal traitor to America and needs to be indicted and imprisoned for his collusion with the Clintons.)

Your country has already been overrun. You've already lost it. You're now living in a Third World-style dictatorship that merely pretends to be a representational democracy, and if Hillary Clinton manages to lie, cheat or steal her way to the White House -- because there's no other way she can get there -- then America will descend even more rapidly into a totalitarian dictatorship run by smirking anti-American elitists who seek total domination over all of us.

This election is the last non-violent opportunity to take your country back

This election on November 8th is the last opportunity to take America back without having things descend into open revolt or civil war. If enough Americans vote against Hillary Clinton and the establishment, we have a slim but real chance of indicting and imprisoning the criminals running the power cartels in Washington. This is America's last chance to avoid the kind of massive bloodshed that comes with open revolt, because I do not believe the armed American people will tolerate four more years of being ruled by a criminal cartel in Washington that systematically strips away their rights and freedoms.

I truly believe that if Hillary Clinton wins this election, things will inevitably unravel to the point of open armed revolt where tens of thousands of armed Americans march on Washington to occupy the government buildings and arrest the corrupt, treasonous bureaucrats running the corrupt government. In fact, I believe many elements of the military would join in such an effort, making it a combined citizen-military coup against corruption in Washington.

Open war coming to America's streets if Hillary Clinton steals the White House

In this process, sadly, many American lives will be lost. Blood will be spilled in the streets, and many patriots will die before they manage to seize control of government buildings and arrest all the criminals for High Treason. As this is happening, I also see the possibility of armed patriots seizing key buildings of the leftist anti-American media, literally taking control of CNN and other media outlets that systematically lie to the American people to protect the corrupt, criminal regime in Washington.

Remarkably, it wouldn't even take a very large number of armed citizens to achieve this. Just a few thousand people could achieve all this quite readily, as most members of the local police, National Guard and U.S. military will likely decide to stand down and allow it to happen. The real men and women of law enforcement in America already realize that Washington D.C. is a filthy cesspool of criminality and corruption that has to be cleaned out before America can be restored to a nation of law and order, after all.

Most police and military, of course, despite Hillary Clinton. And they know their lives will be put at grave risk by a Clinton presidency. If they get the chance, they will gladly join in an effort to overthrow the corrupt, criminal regime and call for new elections after the wholly dishonest leftist media has finally been prevented from constantly lying to the American people. (Yeah, imagine an election without the leftist media constantly colluding with one candidate to deceive the public...)

As all this is going down, you should fully expect violent, extremist leftist to be setting bombs all over the place, with funding for the bombs coming from George Soros, the key funding source of domestic terrorism in America. (Who do you think funded the Black Lives Matter assassinations of police officers?)

In all, you can expect widespread bloodshed and violence, mass chaos in the financial markets, extreme political instability, martial law and extreme dangers for citizens. This is the future for America if Hillary Clinton wins.

The best way to avoid all this is to vote against Hillary Clinton and halt the totalitarian march of the democrat regime in Washington.

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Caver said...

I believe this, and suspect I have lots of company in that belief. Even more sense it but have yet to crystallize it into a coherent belief.

Further, suspect this conviction has more far reaching implications than we can imagine. Suspect any number of foreign leaders are trying to hold off actions or delay major decisions until they see which way our country is going.

Any reasonable leader (reasonable excludes N. Korea) would not opt for the thermonuclear option if there is any reasonable option. Even if they have first strike victory almost assured, the victory would ring hollow considering the devastation our retaliation would bring. The end result would be they didn't loose as much as their opponents.....but they still lost a huge portion of their infrastructure, population, prosperity.

I may be mad, but the swing vote appears to be us. Hilary or Trump. Considering how much Hilary is suspected of being able to change the numbers through voter fraud, the Trump numbers must be completely overwhelming. Maybe in the 80-20 category.

This is not going to be pretty.....assuming we get to the election with the same ticket running today.

Pray! Pray hard!!