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IDF Launches Second Wave Of Gaza Strikes, Mysterious Illness, Resurgence Of Globalism, The Noose Is Tightening Quickly On The Global Economy

IDF launches second wave of Gaza strikes after rocket attack

Israeli warplanes struck Hamas sites in the northern and southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday afternoon, in the second such attack of the day after a rocket fired from the coastal enclave struck Sderot, according to Palestinian media.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the airstrikes, saying it targeted “a number of terror installations belonging to the Hamas terror group.”

In its statement, the IDF called Hamas “the sovereign in the Gaza Strip, which bears responsibility for every terror incident emanating from it.”

According to Palestinian media, Israeli jets hit targets in both the al-Tufah neighborhood of Gaza City in the northern Strip and in the city of Khan Younis in southern Gaza. According to Channel 2 television, the targets included Hamas rocket stockpiles.

Earlier in the day, Israeli tanks fired on Hamas targets in Beit Hanoun in the northeastern corner of the Strip, the army said. There were no immediate reports of Palestinian injuries.

The rocket, which was fired from the Gaza Strip, struck a street in the Israeli city of Sderot — a few miles from Beit Hanoun — just before 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, police said.

The Islamic State-affiliated Ahfad al-Sahaba-Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis terrorist group took responsibility for the rocket launch in statements released in both Arabic and Hebrew.
“Oh you cowardly Jews: You don’t have safety in our land. [Former defense minister Moshe] Ya’alon, the failure at giving security. [Defense Minister Avigdor] Liberman to fail will be a certainty,” the Salafist group said in its statement, in poorly translated Hebrew.

Hamas warned Wednesday evening it would not “sit idly by” if Israeli airstrikes on its installations in the Gaza Strip continued following a rocket attack on the Israeli city of Sderot earlier in the day.

“We condemn the Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip and warn against its continuation. We emphasize that we will not be able to continue to sit idly by and allow it to continue,” the terror group’s spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement reported by the Safa news agency.

The Palestinian report also listed the targets IAF jets reportedly hit on Wednesday, including a marine police installation in northern Gaza, near Beit Lahia, and a Qassam Brigades site in Khan Younis in the southern strip.

Other reports said training camps were hit. The Safa report also claimed some 25 IAF rockets struck a target in the Zeitoun area of Gaza City, according to Israel Radio reporter Gal Berger.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the airstrikes, saying it targeted “a number of terror installations belonging to the Hamas terror group.”
In its statement, the IDF called Hamas “the sovereign in the Gaza Strip, which bears responsibility for every terror incident emanating from it.”
The Israeli strikes are the second such attack of the day after the rocket fired from the coastal enclave struck Sderot. Earlier in the day, IDF tanks fired on Hamas targets in Beit Hanoun in the northeastern corner of the Strip, the army said.

An illness that causes permanent paralysis in children is making the rounds in the US and medical experts are completely at a loss as to what is causing it, how to prevent it, or how to treat it.

AFM, Acute Flaccid Myelitis isn’t something that most people have heard of, but there has been a rise in cases this year, markedly between April and July and health care experts are predicting a further rise later in the fall.
AFM is a polio-like illness that paralyses victims, who are predominantly children. Full recovery is rare and many children are left with life changing disabilities. Previously, it has been far more common in Nigeria.
As you will see from the following information sheet doctors have no real idea of what’s causing it and therefore have little possibility of treating it effectively.
The AFM info sheet published by the California Department of Public Heath gives the following details:
Only three children this year have made a full recovery from the condition – three children out of 32 cases, and still doctors don’t even know the cause.
In 2014 the illness sickened 120 children and only one has completely recovered. There was an outbreak of D68 (also called enterovirus) at the same time and doctors initially thought there was a link between the two conditions, but 71 of the children sickened in the 2014 outbreak had no enterovirus in their spinal fluid. (source)
The CDC is trying to figure out what causes the disease but so far no co-existing conditions have been found in all of the children. Little has been said about exactly where AFM cases are occurring which is disgusting considering the severity of the disease. Texas and New Hampshire have reported cases of AFM in children.
Answers need to be found and fast.

Populism versus globalism again, a meme we first identified after Brexit. The idea, we suggested was that a dialogue would be created in mainstream media painting populism as responsible for numerous economic political and military difficulties. Gradually, globalism would be suggested as the remedy for populism.
At the end of this Bloomberg article, we find the beginnings of this rhetorical justification:

This is the argument that will be made then, in louder and louder tones. Globalism has been rejected in favor of populism because globalism did not equitably share benefits.
Solution? Make globalism more widespread and equitable. This is the argument being advanced, one that builds the justification for pushing globalism forward and expanding it.

This is textbook stuff. First create the meme, which  is always the expression of a problem: global warming, resource scarcity, prejudice, etc. Then gradually begin to prepare and offer antidotes.
If the meme is successful, selected activists and politicians will begin to call for action. That’s how the meme drives the appropriate solution.
Watching memes is useful because often you can predict the solution and thus see trends developing far in advance. In this case we would hypothesize that this meme will be expressed via forms of globalism that will extend to those immediately affected. This may, in fact, be lucrative for those who understand the elite mechanism and its regional implementations.
Global warming, for instance, is a meme – a falsehood. But hundreds of billions and perhaps trillions have been spent in an attempt to treat it as a reality. Many have captured significant profits from participating in global warming remedies even thought he problem doesn’t exist, or not in a way that can be affected by man-made solutions.
There is no doubt more action is coming on the globalist front, justified by “populist pushback.” Christine Lagarde herself, head of the IMF,  is quoted in the Blooomberg article as saying that “policy makers attending the Oct. 7-9 annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank have two tasks.”
Globalism, you see, is being recast not just as inevitable but as necessary as well, as the wise choice when contrasted with “populism.” We’ll see how far and fast this meme grows. Right now it looks to be a major one.

In 2014, we asked, “What can a mere rifle do?” in reference to a standoff attack on a Pacific Gas and Electric power substation in Metcalf, California.
The answer, in that case, was to blow the transformers to hell and gone, and bug out. To date, there has been no arrest in the case; at one time, a DHS official suggested it was an inside job. There have been subsequent attacks, despite attempts to upgrade security; indeed, once, criminals cut through a fence and made off with equipment that was on site — for security upgrades.
Now, there’s been a new rifle attack on a station, in rural Utah. It appears to have been less sophisticated and less persistent than the California attack, but more effective — the attacker or attackers blew the station off the grid with as few as three rifle shots.
On Sunday, somebody went to the remote substation located between Kanab and Page, Arizona, and fired at least three rounds with a high-powered rifle into the main transformer, knocking out power to an estimated 13,000 customers in Kanab, Big Water, Orderville, Glendale, Hatch and surrounding towns in Garfield County.
“Just from the looks of it, it looked more criminal than vandalism because they knew exactly where to shoot it and they shot it multiple times in the same spot,” Brown said. “For somebody to know exactly where that substation is and how to hit it exactly like he did, (it) seems like he’d have to have knowledge of that.”

A portable transformer was brought to the substation to restore power. The portable substation is now being monitored by an on-site security guard 24 hours a day.

Countermeasures that can be used in cases like this are limited. In California, the power company deployed cameras, but they’re investigative, not preventive, technology; and constructed blinds that block sight of the most vulnerable transformers, but they’re concealment, not cover. In Utah, the power company has asked for tips, and done something even less practical than the Californians:

If the public were to understand that the global banking model is a destructive one (for the public, not for the elites), then they might demand the erasure of the model and its institutions entirely.  The elites don’t want that. What they want is to be free to conjure crisis after crisis after crisis; to have the option to collapse the system only to replace it with something identical in nature but even more oppressive in its function. They want to create chaos today so that greater centralization can be purchased in the future through mass fear.

This has all happened before. It happened in 2008 when the Federal Reserve stepped back and allowed Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt. It will probably happen again when the German government and the ECB refuse to back Deutsche Bank. The noose is tightening on the global economy and, once again, the mainstream media is too biased or too dumb to see it. They’ll accuse the alternative media of crying “doom and gloom,” and perhaps our timing will be off. But exact timing will not really matter once the house of cards begins to topple. If we stick to our positions and refuse to be intimidated by rhetoric, the time will come when people will only remember that we were right for the most part and that the mainstream media was incompetent or dishonest.

In the meantime, we have a whole swarm of other trigger events before the end of the year.  I predicted in my article The World Is Turning Ugly As 2016 Winds Down that the Saudi 9/11 bill might be vetoed by Obama and that the veto would be overturned by the Senate. This has now taken place, which means increased Saudi tensions with the U.S. resulting in the eventual demise of the dollar’s petro-currency status. Watch the coming Italian constitutional referendum which could pave the way for conservative movements to initiate an Italian version of the Brexit. Also keep an eye on Syria yet again as diplomatic conflict flares between the U.S. and Russia (gee, who didn’t see that coming?). And, of course, the U.S. presidential election which appears to be culminating into the most divisive political event in America in decades.

Ignore the delusional positivism of the mainstream media and a large part of the equities trading community. Their fantasies only grow more elaborate the closer we get to a market heart attack.  And remember, economic collapse is a process, not an overnight affair. The progression of global decline should be apparent to anyone paying attention since 2008. The only question is, when will the average citizen become aware? My feeling according to current trends is, very soon.

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