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U.S. - Russia On The Brink Of Military Showdown In Syria

US, Russia on brink of military showdown in Syria

There is a sense in Washington and Moscow alike that a military showdown between the US and Russia is inevitable – direct this time, not through proxies, like the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkish jets last year. When the big powers are in direct confrontation, minor players step aside and run for cover.

When President Barack Obama Friday, Sept. 30 attended the funeral in Jerusalem of the Israeli leader Shimon Peres, he must have realized he was only 514km as the crow flies from Aleppo, the raging crux of the escalating big-power conflict.

The moment after the ceremonies ended the president and his party, including Secretary of State John Kerry and his security adviser Susan Rice, made haste to head back to Washington to navigate the crisis.

The first step toward a direct showdown was taken by the United States.

By now, it is no secret in Moscow, or indeed in any Middle East capital, that the American A-10 air strike of Sept. 17 against a Syrian military position at Jebel Tudar in the Deir ez-Zour region of eastern Syria was intentional, not accidental, as originally claimed. Scores of Syrian soldiers died in the attack.

The fact that President Obama instituted a secret inquiry to discover which link in the American chain of command ordered the attack pointed to his suspicion that a high-up in the Pentagon or possibly the CIA, had ordered the air strike, in order to sabotage the US-Russian military cooperation deal in Syria, which Secretary Kerry obtained after long and arduous toil.

The concessions he made to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in those negotiations, especially his consent for extensive sharing of intelligence, were found totally unacceptable in the US Defense Department, its military and intelligence community.

The Russian-Syrian reprisal came two days after the A-10 strike. On Sept. 19, an emergency aid convoy was obliterated on its way to the desperate population of Aleppo. Moscow and Damascus denied responsibility for the deadly bombardment, but no other air force was present in the sky over the embattled city.

On the ground, meanwhile, an unbridled onslaught on rebel-held eastern Aleppo was launched Wednesday by the Russians, Syria, Hizballah and pro-Iranian Shiite militias under the command of Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers.

The fall of Aleppo, Syria’s second city after Damascus, would give Bashar Assad his most resounding victory in the nearly six-year civil war against his regime.
On Sept. 29, Kerry threatened Moscow that “the United States would suspend plans to coordinate anti-Islamic State counter-terrorism efforts if Moscow does not stop attacking Aleppo.”

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov answered with a sneering: “Once again there was a certain emotional breakdown yesterday against the backdrop of the Obama administration’s unwillingness to fulfill its part of the agreements.”

This was a strong hint of the knowledge in the Kremlin that someone in the US administration was holding out against the implementation in full of the cooperation deal agreed upon and was therefore responsible for its breakdown.
The United States is left with two options:

Either stand idly by in the face of the Russian-Syrian-Iranian onslaught on Aleppo, or shelve the coordination arrangements for US and Russian air operations in Syria, with the inevitable risk of a clash in the air space of Syria or over the eastern Mediterranean.

As part of an ongoing offensive against militant-held sectors of Aleppo, Russian warships hit a military operations center near the city, killing 30 Israeli, US, Saudi, and British officers who were allegedly offering support and intelligence to ISIS militants in Syria. The strike came following a failed ceasefire in the embattled country, which was ultimately derailed after being violated multiple times by US-backed militant groups, the US, and Israel. Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported the incident citing a battlefield source in Aleppo and other reports confirmed the attack. According to sources, Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the operations room, where the officers were gathered, in the Dar Ezza region of Western Aleppo. Fars news agency reported that the Syrian army, with Russian support, has been making great advances in wrestling Aleppo from ISIS and militant hands.

Were the foreign officers helping ISIS after all? It has been confirmed from various reports, including the militants themselves, that foreign governments are training, supplying, and managing radical “opposition” groups in Syria with the ultimate aim of deposing the Assad regime.

In a recent interview with a well-known German journalist, an al-Nusra Front commander supported these claims. He claimed that al-Nusra, a “rebel” group that is linked to both Al-Qaeda and ISIS, were directly supported by the US and that they had received tanks and other heavy weaponry from the US and Saudis via Libya and Turkey. He also said that the commanders of ISIS are led by Western intelligence.

The commander also stated that foreign officers and experts from the US, Israel, and Turkey were inside Aleppo giving militant groups, including ISIS, support and intelligence. 

 Were these same “experts” the targets of the Russian strike? Considering that US lives were lost at the hands of the Russian military, it’s very telling that the Western media has refused to cover this story.

Even though the corporate media loves to blame Russia whenever possible, their failure to cover the deaths of US military officers by a Russian missile strike strongly implies that the US and the other foreign officers killed in Aleppo were doing something that the US government does not want to be made public.

The Russian airstrike may also have been a covert response to a US-led coalition airstrike less than two weeks ago that “accidentally” killed 62 and wounded over 100 Syrian soldiers. ISIS attacked within 7 minutes of the strike, implying that the terrorist group knew of the airstrike in advance. This “accident” ultimately revived claims of US-covert support for ISIS with Syrian General Command calling it “conclusive evidence” of US duplicity. Tensions further escalated following the bombing of a UN aid convoy in rebel-held territory in Aleppo, which the US quickly blamed on Russia despite mounting evidence that the bombing was the work of a US Hellfire drone. Now, US-Russian diplomatic relations regarding Syria are in tatters and the US is expected to end it for good in the coming days. Was this recent Russian strike the real reason for the end of diplomatic cooperation?

It is hard to imagine a more resilient, more heroic nation than Syria!
With only 17 million inhabitants (according to the 2014 estimate), Syria is now facing the mightiest coalition on Earth – a coalition that consists of virtually all traditional Western colonialist and neo-colonialist nations.
It is also facing some of the cruelest and deadliest inventions of the West – the extremist and murderous post- and pseudo-Islamic groupings, similar to those that were already unleashed against the Soviet Union during the war in Afghanistan.

Syria’s “political opposition” was created, then groomed and financed by the United States and Europe, in the style of “Color Revolutions”, as has happened in all other socialist countries that the West has been trying to destabilize and return under its deadly rule. Millions of Syrian people have been, during the last six deadly years, terrorized, slaughtered and intimidated by jihadi cadres, implanted by the West and its regional allies: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel and others.

It is a terrible and uneven fight! Some of the greatest historical cities on Earth, like Aleppo and Palmira, now lie in ruins and ashes. What the European Christian crusaders failed to fully destroy, is now collapsing under the imperialist onslaught. Like everywhere else on Earth, everything that dares to struggle against Western colonialism is being consistently devastated and burned. Almost everyone who resists is mercilessly slaughtered. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian people have already lost their lives. And with each new day, the awful count is rising.

In a surreal and stunning example of 21st century propaganda and censorship, Google has cobbled together a coalition it is calling “First Draft” to tackle what it calls “misinformation online.” 

First Draft’s “founding partners” include News Corporation’s (parent company of Fox News) Storyful and NATO think tank Atlantic Council’s “Bellingcat” blog, headed by formally unemployed social worker Eliot Higgins who now fashions himself as a weapons expert and geopolitical analyst despite no formal training, practical real-world experience or track record of honest, unbiased reporting. In fact, between News Corporation and Bellingcat alone, Google’s First Draft appears to be itself a paragon of, and nexus for “misinformation online.” 

Google too, having for years now worked closely with the US State Department, faces its own conflicts of interest in “social newsgathering and verification.” In fact, Google has admittedly been involved in engineering intentional deceptions aimed specifically to skew public perception, including doctoring its maps and Google Earth in real-time amid conflicts in favor of US-backed militant groups and through the development of applications designed to psychologically target the Syrian government into capitulating before US-backed militant groups.

An interactive tool created by Google was designed to encourage Syrian rebels and help bring down the Assad regime, Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails have reportedly revealed.

By tracking and mapping defections within the Syrian leadership, it was reportedly designed to encourage more people to defect and ‘give confidence’ to the rebel opposition.

 As this new story from The Atlantic tells us, the 2nd presidential debate will try something new and and ordinary Americans like you and I will be able to submit questions that Trump or Clinton might have to answer if they get enough 'up votes' from other 'ordinary Americans' like you and I. Only problem is, we already have 100% proof that the questions are being fixed in the favor of Clinton with questions that quickly became the highest voted being deleted by the website.

We shouldn't be surprised however. The Open Debate Coalition that is running this 'something new' was formed by globalists back in 2008 and their leadership board and many of those giving testimonials about the organization looks like a who's who of war criminals and the 'Hitlery Clinton fan club'.

Earlier this morning after visiting their website and being delightfully surprised to find that the two highest voted questions both surrounded the deaths of the four Americans who died because of Clinton in Benghazi as well a tough question about Clinton's deleted emails. A visit only 2 hours later found both of those questions completely deleted by the Open Debate Coalition despite their about page stating: The Open Debate Coalition (hopes) to make debates more representative of the will of the people.

While the Open Debate Coalition has responded to ANP and stated that the questions that were deleted didn't follow the guidelines that they had set up, a visit to their website finds them continually deleting what might be very tough questions for hitlery. Besides, who's the Open Debate Coalition to decide what's most important to you?


Unknown said...

Hi Scott, brothers and sisters. Even when I haven't made comments before in this blog, I do read it without missing a day. Scott and others are doing an incredible awesome job for the Lord and the church. Anyways, I felt the need to add to this specific post by a breaking news I got from Fox News, "US cutting off Syria talks with Russia..."
This is a major development and can understand the severity if you have at least a minor idea of how declaration of wars and starting full blown wars start... fist the cease of diplomacy and soon thereafter the action. God please help us on what might be coming soon...

Scott said...

Interesting - i think that may be in my stack for tonites update. Most people have no clue how close to war we are w russia. Its right on the brink. God bless brother dont b a stranger:)

foretastes said...

Hoping it's a sign that the Lord will be calling His ambassadors Home soon.

Dee mac said...

Scott any updates on on the religious gathering with the pope and other church leaders in Jerusalem over September? I haven't looked much because usually come here :) keep on watching.

Caver said...

Dave, I kind of like your take on the situation...especially if it involves a certain "poofing outta here".

Geepers folk, can you believe this mess. This is when wars start...when the communication breaks down. Course, what's the use having the communication when one side don't honor its commitments.

Unknown said...

I'm with Dave. I don't think we have any idea of what is really going on in Syria and how tenuous things really are. The mainstream media's mantra is basically "nothing to see here, move along". Most of our populace is more concerned about "The Voice" or the Kardahians. I think we're ripe for being caught off guard.


Bt374 said...

Hey y'all,
Just a does this modern day social media diplomacy compare to let's say 50-75 years ago? Seems to me that all things, good and bad, escalate much quicker.

Scott said...

Dee - thats a very good question - I'll do some digging - I forgot about that in the midst of everything else!

B - birth pains, birth pains

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It may not be a RH rapture but it surely can't be much longer! This is crazy! I can't imagine how utterly terrible the tribulation is going to be! 😳

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Well, the Duetsche bank is failing, Hillary's evil deeds are about to be exposed and Trump is a shoe in for the election so what choice does the illuminati have to drop it like it's hot? Oh yeah, war with Russia. Nothing stops a questioning populace like s few nukes eh? :\
Sad, yet true.....

Jen S. said...

If U.S. and Russia enter a war, will there still be a presidential election in Nov?