Saturday, October 22, 2016

Approaching The Tribulation: We Are Seeing Exactly What We Would Expect: Lies, Distortion, Collapse, Rumors Of War, Totalitarianism, etc...

As stated many times before - we should have never expected that the Tribulation would begin as if a light switch was turned on. In other words, we should have never expected that life would be completely "normal" as the Tribulation approaches and then suddenly the antichrist comes to power and things on earth change immediately overnight without any warnings or gradual approach into that world. 

No. Rather, we should expect to see a continual approach to the Tribulation where the stage is set well in advance of the antichrist and his rise to power. That is exactly what we are seeing now. 

Things have become so strange, bizarre and surreal that it is impossible to miss, unless you are so deluded and consumed by the MSM and their lies and distortions that you have become blind to the reality of life on planet earth in 2016. 

Just one day of headlines tells the story, but remember the most important thought at this point:

Ephesians 6:12

12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


ally said...

Hey brothers and sisters in Christ. I am asking for your prayers for a 10 year old special needs boy whose "friends" decided it would be funny to pour gasoline on him and set him on fire. He is in Intensive Care burn ward in San Antonio Texas. Please pray for this child and add him to any prayer list you can get him on. His name is Kayden Culp.
There will never be justice in this case unfortunately, for numerous reasons, the kids ages, high powered attorney for the perpetrators who has already changed the story to something more palatable even tho there are numerous kids who overheard these kids planning the attack. They led him into a shed and doused him with gasoline then set him on fire. This poor little kid is already special needs and this happens to him.
For years I kept a long list of questions for God when I finally get to actually face to face with him. I discarded it long ago but seriously why would God allow this to happen? That's the one question I can't answer, ever, to any one who refuses to believe in him for this exact reason. Oh yes I know, free will blah blah :\
Sometimes I get really really mad. I have some sort of justice disorder. I want things to be fair and honest and good and I just lose my cookies over things like this.
Anyway thanks so much. The kid's name is Hayden Culp. They have a go fund me page too I'm pretty sure. But what he really needs is massive prayer.
Thank you again!!! You are my church family and its awesome to know I can always count on you guys to come thru in situations like this where prayers are needed.
We will be going home very soon and won't have to deal with sad things like this much longer.
I sure can't wait to see Satan lobbed into the lake of fire. If we can still make sounds in our glorified bodies (pretty sure we can) at that exact moment you are gonna hear the infamous "rebel yell" over the din of millions and its gonna be me whooping and hollering
Love you all!!!!

foretastes said...

Horrible. Things are getting darker by the minute. Joining in prayer for this young boy. We know this crap is not God's will, but man's sin. We cling to such God-tender verses as, "Jesus wept." Maranatha.

linda said...

Lies is Right..Teaching my kids in Highschool about the Islam religion and seeing a 45 min documentary movie called 30 days of living like a Muslim. ...SICK .I FEEL LIKE I'M GONNA PUKE..What the wrong with this sick demented Country and government...

linda said...

Prayers for that little boy...Pray Pray pray...I live in Texas.and that's the best burn center in the world in San Antonio ....

ally said...

Thank you so much! Glad to hear he is in a good burn center.
LINDA call the school and demand they do a Christian segment, also go to the dumb PTA meetings and bombard the school board at every meeting, try and find a Christian attorney who will pro bono this. There are groups who provide this type of lawsuit for free.
Even better, send each teacher an email or if they are on fb send this to them.
Send information about female genital mutilation, believe me, this really gets their attention.make sure to include pictures or video, the more intense and frightening the better. And say the top ten verses in the Koran that require you to kill non believers, chop off parts of their bodies etc.
Tell your kids about this stuff too. Trust me, the genital mutilation thing, in less than 24 hours every kid in that school is going to be taking about it thanks to the magic of media. And down in flames goes the allure of Islam in 2 seconds flat.
These guys don't play, they rape murder and destroy. You gotta hit then hard and quick or its all over.
Genital mutilation is required in Islam for women. It's pretty gross and it causes horrible health problems. Huma Abedins mother is the current leading proponent for this disfiguring and gross and disgusting practice.
Im praying for you mama! This is a huge fight but so worth it. Any chance to whack islam is a good thing. And to use the opportunity to compare satan, oops I mean allah, to Yeshua is an opportunity to share Yeshua! :) you pray hard and gets some prayer warriors behind you, you know Gods on your side!
Also, if your schedule permits, the schools have to allow parents to attend classes if they want too. Go sit in that class and ask impossible questions for the instructor to answer sufficiently.
I've had to fight to the death practically to get help for my autistic daughter. I know how to fight Ann entire school system. You have to be relentless. Tell them you are going to sue for mixing religion and state lol! Use the same techniques that the other side does. The law cuts the same way Gods word does, double edged sword style.
As a nurse who has worked with fistula patients, seriously you can't imagine what this thing does to women.
And that's just one of the many horrific faces of Islam for women

linda said...

Thank You So Much ...I Will Forsure and God Bless You ...Scary Times we are Living in...

WVBORN56 said...

Ally love your fighting spirit!