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Anyone who follows international news on a daily basis, with a discerning eye and some help from the Holy Spirit can eventually see one aspect to the news that follows a consistent pattern - and that pattern reveals the fact that there is an overall plan to destroy Israel (whether done by intent or unintentionally) and to take down the U.S. In fact, it is necessary to take down the U.S. in order to destroy Israel.

We know where this plan ultimately comes from.

An interesting aspect to this plan is how the enemies of the U.S. and Israel have aligned, under the premise of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". In other words, the quest to destroy Israel and take America down has created some interesting alliances in these last days.

For the most part, The Plan operates covertly, but at least in the case of Iran, The Plan is quite overt and the intentions are well known. At least give Iran credit for being honest about their intentions.

Lets take a look at the alliances that have formed in the context of "The Plan", and while doing that, also take a look at The Plan itself.

Palestinian Statehood: Conquest disguised as Liberation

First they invaded; five Arab armies, from Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq all descended. Israel was a state newly formed of a small core of native Sabras from the first five Aliyas along with the battered survivors of the Holocaust and a small cadre of American and British WWII veteran volunteers.

After two years of desperate fighting and a cumulative loss to Israel of over one and a half percent of its population, the conflicted ended in a stalemate, with Israel holding a swath of land measuring 9 miles in width at its narrowest, and 71 miles at its broadest, extending 263 miles from the Lebanon border in the north through the Negev Desert in the south.

Three more wars followed in 1956, 1967 and 1973, then an airline hijacking campaign, multiple hostage seizures, civilian bus and car ambushes in the 1970s and 1980s, dozens of suicide bombings in the 1980s and 1990s, and a barrage of over eight thousand short and medium range rockets right up to the present.

This September, what the Arab world could not win in war, and would not accept in peace, it will ask the United Nations to give to it through a non-binding resolution, proving in a surreal twist on Von Clauswitz, that politics is in fact the continuation of war by other means.

The collective amnesia that the West (particularly the MSM) maintains regarding Israel's history - past and present - plays a very important part in this plan, because a realistic view of Israel and the Middle East clearly reveals that the strategy of The Plan involves the total destruction of Israel. That fact must be ignored and history must be forgotten.

In the West liberal supporters of the Palestinian cause go to great lengths to devise uniquely western criticisms of Israel's actions, holding the nation to the highest level of scrutiny under international law.

These supporters, including groups such as the "International Solidarity Movement" ("ISM"), oblivious to the cognitive dissonance between their pious sentiments and the true geopolitical motivation of Palestinian nationalism, bemoan the "oppressed" status of the Palestinians.

The moral and factual inconsistency is profound. A comparison between statements made by western advocates and those emanating from the Muslim world, from an Islamic perspective, leaves no room for doubt.

What so many in the West do not understand, and what the Muslim world collectively knows all too well, is this: Palestinian nationalism will never be a spent force until the ultimate goal of elimination of Israel is achieved.

We can now turn to this related article:

Israeli Land Concessions: Wrong Answer to the Wrong Problem

Every discussion of how much land Israel must give up to have peace exemplifies this principle because the Islamic Middle East cannot tolerate the nearby presence of even one acre under Judeo-Christian control.

With that intro, we get to the heart of the matter:

A devout Muslim whose parents and grandparents eked out a subsistence living would never imagine doing otherwise -- until he sees a neighboring land with gleaming towers, prosperous citizens, and luxuries unimaginable in his own society. He begins to ask questions like "Why are we faithful servants of Allah poor while the infidels over there are rich?"

No mullah, imam, or ayatollah can answer these questions.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can't offer the Iranian people Israel's standard of living, so he must offer them nuclear bombs instead -- weapons that, if he ever uses them as he has threatened, will almost certainly result in his nation's extinction.

People who read books tend to be far more advanced than those who burn books, and that is why our country is the Great Satan. Israel is the Little Satan because it is a neighboring instead of distant model of the superiority of Judeo-Christian culture over what the Middle East calls Islam.

And this next paragraph should be read over and over and over:

Israel did not occupy a single square foot of Arab land when the Arabs invaded it in 1948. The Arabs directed multiple acts of terroristic violence against Israel even before Israel occupied Egyptian, Jordanian, and Syrian land after the 1967 war, thus proving yet again that the so-called occupation is not and never was the problem's root cause.

And this:

This t-shirt from the New Jersey chapter of the International Solidarity Movement, meanwhile, includes an Israel-free map of the region that proclaims, "From the [Jordan] River to the sea, Palestine will be free." This calls not for Israel to surrender land in exchange for peace, but instead for Israel to cease to exist.

And perhaps more importantly, this:

Discussions of the Middle East therefore need to break away from the false and fraudulent premise that Israel can obtain peace through the surrender of any occupied territories. We must instead speak openly and unapologetically the politically incorrect truth nobody on the left wants to hear: Israel's mere existence exposes as frauds and charlatans militant "Islamic" leaders who can offer their followers nothing but poverty, squalor, state-mandated ignorance, violence, and hatred under color of religion.

We see more details on "The Plan" below, part of which involves eliminating any references to the true God of the Holy Bible:

What Defines Religion?

In a July 29 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit essentially regulated the language of prayer by ruling that any mention of “Jesus” during public prayer constitutes sectarian and unconstitutional language. The Board of Commissioners of Forsyth County, North Carolina, had long used such invocations to bless its work. But the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) brought the legal challenge seeking to end in Forsyth County a traditional practice commonly used before public meetings in state and local legislative bodies across America.

Such attacks by the Left against religious expression are commonplace. This month, leftist groups roundly criticized Texas Governor Rick Perry’s call for a day of prayer to “seek G-d’s guidance and wisdom in addressing the challenges that face our communities, states and nation.” In January, Hawaii caved in to ACLU demands and became the first state to eliminate daily prayer, although approval of a 2009 bill to celebrate “Islam Day” mysteriously escaped their censure.

Meanwhile, as I reported here, several state legislatures including Iowa, Texas, and Washington have opened their sessions with Islamic prayers invoking Allah, calling for “victory over those who disbelieve” and soliciting “protection from the Great Satan.” These requests that Allah grant Muslims victory over non-Muslims are hardly prayers to bless the work of legislatures, but neither the ACLU or AU raised objections, even though the prayers excluded Christians and Jews and declared cultural war against American society.

Indeed. Just part of The Plan.

And we can see now how "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" plays a significant role in The Plan:

In the past, the Left, which asked the nihilistic question “Is G-d Dead?,” made common cause with communism and rejected religious faith in favor of “godless” secular humanism.

Today the connection between the totalitarianism of the Left — control of human activity and thought in the name of “social justice” — and the totalitarianism of Islam — control of every aspect of life through the shariah — is a bond fusing their efforts to pursue a common agenda: to undermine America’s Judeo-Christian values and traditional institutions.

Just as the secular humanism of the Left diminishes man, Islam similarly diminishes man through its hatred of non-believers and its emulation of its brutal, murderous prophet as the ideal specimen of a man. Thus, leftists who assert their nonreligious and non-spiritual agenda and diligently work to eliminate G-d from the public square — including prohibitions against religious observances, holidays, symbols, and prayer — are allying with Muslim efforts to demonize and supplant non-Muslim faiths.

Both represent a danger to Western society, and in particular the United States, which was founded on a core belief in G-d and the transcendent power of spirituality. Both Islam and the left’s secular humanism are godless ideologies that undermine Western values and civilization.

Strange bedfellows.

More below:

Iran's Quiet War

This article goes into great detail regarding Iran's success thus far in completing The Plan and it is worth reading in full. Here are just a few highlights:

The Middle East is quietly at war, with Iran conducting a campaign to become the Middle East hegemon and kick out America and Israel.

One of the biggest steps in the plan is to shrink Israeli borders, which will allow for yet another massive invasion of Israel.

Gaza, voluntarily vacated by Israel to facilitate Palestinian leadership and control, is now a terrorist camp. Hamas, which won an election in 2005, over the next 2 years killed their political opposition and turned Gaza into a ballistic missile launching platform, targeting Israeli cities.

Thousands of missiles rained down on Israel until the IDF broke the back of the campaign militarily and established, successfully, the blockade in an attempt to prevent a recurrence. Iran and her allies have been busy rearming Hamas, while trying to break the blockade ever since.

The plan also includes taking down America, obviously:

The war intensified with Iran establishing alliances with Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela, signing an agreement with President Chavez to build a military base with rocket launch capabilities in Venezuela on October 19, 2010. Iran already possesses missiles capable of hitting American cities from Venezuela.

History has taught us that when someone tells you that they are going to kill you, you should believe them. Our president's policy of pretending that Iran is not going to use their future military capability to wage war on Israel and America is foolish.

The war has started, and although it may be a quiet war, sticking our head in the sand will not prevent escalation, and the inevitable result of this policy will be an Armageddon that will consume the Middle East and perhaps America as well.

So where are we? You have a soon-to-be-nuclear-armed Iran, Hamas and Hezb'allah, and possibly Syria, with help from Turkey, and Egypt against a completely surrounded Israel, maybe Saudi Arabia and her allies, and an America under the guidance of a weak president.

In any case, it won't be long now. Israel will at some point have to decide if they are going to allow a nuclear Iran. They will need to attack soon if they are to have any chance of being successful, if it's not too late already.

Meanwhile, the West collectively decides to ignore all of this and firmly bury their heads in the sand, despite Ahmadinejad's continual threats:.

Ahmadinejad promises 'decisive response' to Israeli attack

"If someone throws a smaller stone, you should respond with a bigger stone. We will defend ourselves within our capabilities,” Iranian president says in RT interview as Russians try to restart nuclear talks.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday acknowledged possibility of an Israeli or US attack on his country as real, but said that the Islamic Republic would offer "a decisive response" to such an attack. Ahmadinejad's comments came in an interview with Russia Today.

Even more ominously, we can see "The Plan" further working its way into America:

Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House

Stated by a Muslim Liberal Democrat Marxist who worked and campaigned for Barack Obama:

I want you to focus and I hope you can talk to your families and your friends and your neighbors that when someone says that there is a penetration of Jihadi Islamists within Canadian society, do not dismiss it as some right-wing xenophobic racist rant.
Today in the White House there are three members of the Muslim Brotherhood that influence Obama’s policy.

- One is Rashad Hussain of Indian origin who is the American Ambassador to the 52 nation organization of Islamic countries.
- Dialia Mogahed who writes his speech who comes from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
- Just day before yesterday, another woman, an academic, was appointed in that circle.

This is happening while we sit silent and I say that as a Liberal Democrat, as someone who worked and campaigned for Barack Obama.

Yet these warnings will also be ignored by the MSM, and as a result, most of America. Back to the issue of "strange bedfellows":

Tarek Fatah, a moderate Muslim advocate and Liberal Democrat Marxist, told an auditorium filled with thousands of Canadians at Ideacity that “the religion of Islam is being used as a tool by a fascist force.”

Americans need to know, as Tarek clearly states…

He says that he has seen his own “fellow travelers betray the cause of Social Justice and align themselves with the most horrendous fascists that you could ever meet.” The far-left has joined with radical Islamists and they are working together. Recall that Glenn Beck warned of this in January 2011 and now, from inside the Liberal Democratic movement, Tarek sees it with his own eyes and speaks out about it.

America’s government-controlled media fail to report the truth, which is why many Americans research, self-educate and become citizen journalists in order to bring you the truth.

On this subject, we have previously explained that Islamism is not a religion; it is a complete system comprised of totalitarian rule over day-to-day life – political, financial, legal, social, cultural and religious – and its mission is Jihad. Tarek explains this too.

Below we see yet another "inconvenient truth" - truth that once again is ignored by the MSM - all part of "The Plan":

Obama brought the Muslim Brotherhood into our White House; no one but Obama did this.

He brought George Soros into our White House, an anti-Semite who aided the Nazi’s and a financial terrorist who is making billions off the economic misery Obama has purposely caused in our country.

Many Americans fail to understand this while the media hides the truth.

From corrupt dictators (e.g. inviting President Ali Bongo of Gabon to the White House) to domestic terrorists (e.g. Bill Ayers) to self-proclaimed Communist/Marxist (e.g. Van Jones), these, and many more like them, are the people Obama brings into our White House… these are his friends and associates.

Also see:

British style rioting coming to USA

Anarchists are in training for the US Day of Rage coming to a political theatre near you.

Gleeful about the raging riots that held England captive this week, the tweet has gone out to activists and ‘disaffected’ youth to “occupywallstreet#Sept17” today.

Social Networks FaceBook and Twitter are abuzz with plans for coming anarchy on U.S. soil.

Again, below, we see "strange bedfellows":

In spite of their lofty talk of believing in “non-violent” action, the anarchists on the way to Manhattan, are singing the same tune sung by America haters like Code Pink, the Ruckus Society, radical Islamists and (God help us), the anti-American Obama regime.

Wording for US Day of Rage promos come directly from Marxist dialectic

Like all other anarchist riots that started with so-called Arab Spring in Egypt and led to England, the call to American anarchists is being portrayed as spontaneous, “springing up from nowhere”.

“The term “Days of Rage” is the product of Chicago’s Weathermen, led by Obama workmate Billy Ayers and cohabitants.”

“This Day of Rage speaks of non-violence, yet plays up the violent terrorism of the current rioting proceeding in Great Britain.

While the Day(s) of Rage are the footwork of the far left, they are being cheered from the sidelines by Radical Islam, evidenced in the many worldwide Tweets.

Another disturbing aspect of these riots is something that is found by digging just a little deeper into this process. The title below can and will also apply to the U.S.:

Order out of Chaos: How the Elite Will Use The London Riots To Their Advantage

Take a look at this paragraph and let it sink in for a few minutes:

That being said, the London riots might be exactly what the ruling class needed to further a few agendas. The elite’s motto is Ordo Ad Chao, meaning Order Out of Chaos.

Time and time again, chaotic situations have been “allowed” – if not totally engineered – by the elite in order to create fear and panic within the general population.

The distraught masses then beg the elite for an intervention and a prompt solution. The result of these interventions is almost unequivocally the same: the introduction of rules and regulations disadvantaging the average citizen while giving more (undemocratic) powers to the elite.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and this situation may fall into that category. In addition, I find it very hard to argue with this point below:

The new policies would not normally be accepted by the general population, but due to the panic generated by the crisis, the policies are not only accepted but welcomed with open arms.

The Great Depression of 1929 allowing the Rockefellers and the Morgans to hijack the banking system, 9/11 clearing the way for the PATRIOT act, the bailout “crisis” that handed $700 billion of tax-payer money directly to a few favored companies … the same pattern repeats itself continually.

Create a crisis, make it last long enough to get the population worried and introduce the solution that was, in fact, part of the agenda all along. And the population falls for it, every single time.

And the point below bolsters the overall message:

Using mass media, it is easy to create widespread panic.

Simply interrupting a TV show with “Breaking News” featuring a red banner at the bottom of the screen and bold letters is enough to raise the collective heartbeat of a nation, and to make it aware of a situation in a matter of minutes.

After the problem has dragged long enough, the media present one or several solutions. Not fully understanding this solution, but tired and annoyed, most people think: “Well, if that’s what it takes for them to shut up about this and move on to something else, then I’m all for it.”

Once again, we can easily see how this is simply part of The Plan.

We have already seen how the riots in London are triggering a knee-jerk response to shut down "social media":

According to news sources, the London riots were mainly orchestrated using Blackberry’s instant messenger service (known as BBM), which is a (relatively) private service as the communications are encrypted. Here’s a typical article pointing out Blackberry, this one is from Reuters:

A lawmaker called on Tuesday for BlackBerry’s instant messaging service to be suspended after rioters used it to mobilize in London and other British cities.

David Lammy, Member of Parliament for Tottenham, where London’s worst riots for decades began on Saturday, appealed on Twitter and on BBC radio for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion
to suspend BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Geoff Blaber, analyst with UK telecoms research firm CCS Insight, said: “One option would be to switch it off.

And this:

After a few days of repetition, the population is convinced: The riots are not the results of inequalities or police brutality; they are the result of too much privacy in mobile communications. This cancer must be stopped. The police, or whomever else that wants to, must be able to monitor all of our communication, at all times, or our cities will burn.

This is the message that is being hammered to the public. Do all of the rioters own a Blackberry? I would not think so, but that is not important. The agenda was already set.

Singled out and facing bad publicity, RIM (the company that created the Blackberry) was pressured to violate the privacy of its subscribers and to divulge their personal information. Normally, this would have caused outrage, but now, due to the riots, the the general population believes that it that it is necessary to stop these riots and to prevent other ones from taking place.

Almost everything we see today involves much deeper levels that what appears on the surface and indeed much deeper than the MSM reports.

The consistency with which The Plan moves forward is astonishing - and the various groups who are in alignment is far more than coincidence.

Israel must be destroyed, the U.S. must be rendered ineffective (primarily so that the U.S. cannot come to Israel's aid), and Western "thought" and freedom must be severely restricted.

And almost everything we see in the world today is moving towards those overall goals:

From the growing influence of radical Islam throughout the world, to the attempts of shrinking borders of Israel, to the toppling of free governments in the Middle East as the Muslim Brotherhood completes its political rise, to increasing military capabilities of terrorist groups and nations, to the alignment of the far left with radical Islam, to the ongoing destruction of American values, including God and the economy, to the world-wide persecution of Christians and Jews, and on and on this list goes - all of these facts reveal a world that is headed directly into the Tribulation.

It is all part of a bigger plan. A plan that is very well described in biblical prophecy - a world that we fully expect to see as we approach the Tribulation. A plan that is much deeper and much more widespread than we prophecy watchers can even imagine.

Fortunately, God has a plan too, and His plan will prevail.

We prophecy watchers know that and it gives us great comfort and hope. What a merciful, loving God we serve. A God that loves us enough to reveal His plan to us in order to give us this comfort and hope which we cling to in these dark days.

Unfortunately, most of the world doesn't know God's plan and therefore continues marching blindly into the abyss.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Scott. The "tsunami" continues to build. I just did not realize the breadth & depth of it on the ground until this morning's report of yours. God continue to bless you in your work for the Kingdom & our King.


Scott said...

Thanks a bunch C.B. - that is such an appropriate description - the 'tsunami' building - and that is exactly the case isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Wow! ..that is a lot to take in.

Mrs. C said...

Just popping in for a second :)
I just have to giggle...Gods Word is so amazing and True! It brings me great joy, His Joy, to see His Hand at work! I just read that the Paly's have set a date for the U.N., and its Sept. 20. God is solidifying things left and right! Wow! He has allowed the hatred in the nations that surround Israel to harden, just like the heart of Pharaoh! And, and! now, the Lebanese are going to hold the position of hte presidency in the UN when the Palys take the stage there! Wow, Hezbollah (other wise known as Lebanon) in the presidency position at the UN, that the Paly's are saying they are looking forward to! Further they said that’s why they planed it in Sept.! Just Amazing!
God Bless!

Scott said...

Yep Mrs C -- I was just having this conversation a few minutes ago, in terms of how everything is lining up in lockstep, without any exceptions..That fact alone is amazing. Nothing in the world right now is out of alignment with prophecy and not only that, everything os moving together towards the apex. It is truly amazing.

Tasarwen said...

Scott, I think this one of your finest posts. Thank you for stitching all of this together like you did. I really appreciate all the time you take in doing this.

Scott said...

Thanks Tas - its greatly appreciated. It wasn't until I had collected the various articles that I recognized the connections myself...Also had to leave several articles 'on the table' - that were unrelated to this - such as events in Syria, the UN plans for a PA State etc, where there have been several updates. Its truly amazing that we are living in times in which there are so many pertinent news stories, daily, that we can't even include them all in a single post!

Dylan said...

Isn't there also supposed to be a Durban 3 in september too? And I believe a while ago I heard something about a no fly zone over gaza that was to be voted on in the UN at some point.

Mrs. C said...

CHECK THIS OUT!!! A FACE IN THE CLOUDS!!! ITS AMAZING! First part of the vid it looks like a pig in the clouds, but then, then this person continues to pan the sky and wait until you see what emerges from the clouds! WOW!
Mr.C and I agree, we've both seen nothing like this :)

God Bless!

Scott said...

Yes, that is coming up I believe and I can't remember when. I believe its either Sept or Oct, but I'm not 100% sure.

Scott said...

That was pretty fascinating video Mrs C!

gearedup2go said...

Discovery Channel is airing a show right now about surviving an alien invasion and they are saying it is probable that we will encounter such an invasion.

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WVBORN56 said...

Well, I don't like "The Plan" of this evil ole world one bit. I'm so glad Jesus found me and loves me and saved me from this sin sick world and is coming back for me and His bride so very soon! Amen!

Caver said...

WV, AMEN! and Amen.

Ditto here. We're ready anytime it suits our Savior and the Father.

Jec said...

Thanks Scott for the wealth of information on this one. I've got to share some of this stuff with people I know. What a burden for those who are not interested, overwhelmed, overindulged with things that do not matter and try to dredge through an article like this of such high caliber and not see the truth of how close we are to the end. Wow! Thanks again.

Scott said...

Jec - thank you - its truly my pleasure :)

And you are so so right - we do see the truth of how close we are to the end - thanks to God and His prophets.

James said...

Mrs. C:

here is another link for a face in the clouds. This one is truly wonderful. It clearly shows our wonderful and beautiful Lord!