Saturday, August 20, 2011

Israel Under Missile Attack

These videos bring home the reality of the situation in Israel and should be viewed in the context of what life would be like under these conditions. Imagine living under conditions which include the constant threat of a missile landing on your home, your business, your child's school or daycare, your parks or your churches - just to name a few such worries.

Many people in Israel live this way daily, simply because they are living peacefully within Israel and call themselves Jews.

In the second video you san see the explosions in the background at around the 1:45 mark, following the siren warnings.

Videos: Be'er Sheva Residents Document Missile Attack

Residents of Be'er Sheva documented events in their city Saturday as Hamas launched a large-scale attack, with rockets raining down upon the city. The Iron Dome system's intervention was also caught on film.

One person was killed in attacks on Be'er Sheva on Saturday and several others were wounded. Two of the wounded are in critical condition, and another two are in serious condition

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