Monday, August 22, 2011

Updates: A Dose of Reality Needed

That is what struck me this morning - going through the news. Prophecy watchers really don't need it, as we live in reality but the MSM and its loyal followers desperately need a dose of reality.

Ceasefire around Israel? Please.

Hamas Breaks Its Ceasefire 14 Times in 24 Hours

Hamas has repeated its past performance of declaring a ceasefire and immediately breaking it, firing more than a dozen more rockets and mortar shells on southern Israel Sunday night and Monday morning.

One rocket in the pre-dawn hours hit a building in the Eshkol region, adjacent to Gaza, causing damage but no injuries.

The Israeli Security Cabinet Monday morning stated that the ceasefire is one-sided and that the IDF will continue to attack to stop missile launches. It added that Israel will respond to any more rocket and mortar shell attacks with “pinpoint” retaliation.

The following description of reality seems highly accurate and makes a lot of sense:

"Hamas is trying to draw Israel into fighting in [Gaza] to weaken its [Israel’s] power in the international arena in preparation for the Palestinian statehood decree in September," a senior diplomat told Army Radio. "This way Hamas will be seen as leading the way for the establishment of a Palestinian state."

He said that Hamas wants an escalation despite its ceasefire announcement. The ensuing missile attacks on Israel Sunday night and Monday morning may have been an attempt to draw into an escalation.

Consider this: Is Hamas et. al., attempting to set the stage for the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine to be used? Food for thought.

Gaza Fires 3 Grad Rockets, 3 Mortar Shells

Gaza terrorist squads fired three Grad medium-range missiles and three mortar shells into Israeli territory Sunday evening. The rockets and shells exploded in open areas within the Eshkol and Hof Ashkelon local authorities.

Terror Alert in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Police raised the level of alert in Jerusalem Sunday after receiving intelligence that a squad of Arab terrorists intends to carry out an attack inside the city.

The intelligence information is of a general, not specific, nature. It is known that terrorists intend to enter Jerusalem and carry out an attack. The time range for the attack is described as "immediate."

Jerusalem on high terror alert

Jerusalem Police went on high alert Sunday following warnings that terrorists were planning to carry out attacks in the capital.

Throughout the city, officers set up checkpoints and additional forces were deployed. Patrols and security checks on suspicious vehicles also increased.

Before moving on to Libya and recent events there, lets get a dose of reality in terms of what is really happening in the region:

Burying the Arab Spring

After all, what is happening in Libya, we're told, is part of this so-called "Arab Spring", so lets get a dose of reality:

It was only three months ago that you could hardly open a newspaper without encountering columns full of growing predictions about the revolution sweeping the Middle East. Now the Arab Spring is swiftly becoming the embarrassing relative in the journalism family. The predictions as silly as crystal healing and alien visitations.

In Libya and Syria, the Arab Spring has become a slow grinding death match between the government and the opposition.

In Egypt, the revolution has been more like a realignment, with the army and Muslim Brotherhood sharing power. Tahrir Square is over. The Western backed leftists who were meant to benefit from the coup are hanging around foreign capitals giving speeches about the importance of a movement that has already made them irrelevant. El Baradei is a punchline in an Egyptian joke, and the only one who doesn’t get it is Thomas Friedman.

Lets stop there for a second. We were told by the MSM that freedom would come to Egypt as a result of the "uprisings", but interestingly we aren't hearing the MSM mantra anymore, as a dose of reality has set in (hence the news blackout by the MSM).

Instead, as many prophecy watchers predicted, Egypt has been taken over by the radical Muslim Brotherhood and since then, the border with Israel has allowed thousands of modern weapons in, and look at what we have in Israel today.

So much for the utopia around the "Arab Spring".

In Tunisia and Yemen, the Islamists have a clear path to power. And if Libya and Syria do fall, it won’t be to the enlightened forces of secular democracy, but to a populist Islamic state that will make the Taliban look like secular humanists.

Exactly. More on this later.

The Arab Spring will become an Arab Winter. And the Western media columnists who drove the narrative will go on associating themselves with a grand revolution that failed.

They all worked to manufacture and distribute a narrative that had as much in common with regional realities as Harry Potter does with the British public school system.

The reality? see below:

The majority of the Muslim world is not interested in Whiskey, Sexy and Democracy. Rather they want Whippings, Sharia and Dhimmis. They want security and stability, and that can only come from either a dictatorship or an Islamic state. They want state subsidized prices and jobs, which makes for a stagnant economy. And they want Islamic morals policing and second class status for non-Muslims and women, which means there is no room left for human rights.

But after the decline and fall of the Arab Spring into tyranny and brutality, there are no other arguments to make. None that can avoid the central issue of Islam.

The reality is - the fact that the Arab Spring has accomplished one dictator with a radical Islamic regime, and this was the plan all along. The exact same scenario will happen in Libya:

Libya conflict: FInal battle for Libya under way

The final battle for Libya was under way last night as advancing rebel forces routed loyalist troops on the outskirts of Tripoli and Nato declared Col Muammar Gaddafi’s regime was “crumbling”.

Rebels sweep into Tripoli as Gaddafi forces crumble

Rebel fighters sweep into Tripoli as Gaddafi's forces collapse, crowds take to streets to celebrate end of dictator's regime. Two of Libyan leader's sons captured by rebels, while Gaddafi's own whereabouts remain unknown

The rebels made their entrance into the capital driving in convoy through a western neighborhood.
A rebel spokesman said the rebels now controlled over 95 percent of Tripoli, including the Libyan state radio building.

Debka gives us a dose of reality and asks a few interesting questions:

Qaddafi regime falls in Tripoli.

Qaddafi's regime fell in Tripoli just before midnight Sunday, Aug. 22. The rebels advanced in three columns into the heart of the capital after being dropped by NATO ships and helicopters on the Tripoli coast. Except for pockets, government forces did not resist the rebel advance, which stopped short of the Qaddafi compound of Bab al-Aziziyah.

Take a look at the questions that are being asked in this article. Very interesting. Here are just a couple:

Can the heavily divided rebels, consisting of at least three militias, put their differences aside and establish a reasonable administration for governing a city of many millions? Their performance in running the rebel stronghold of Benghazi is not reassuring.

DEBKAfile's military and counter-terror sources suggest a hidden meaning in Qaddafi's comment that Tripoli is now like Baghdad. Is he preparing to collect his family, escape Tripoli and launch a long and bloody guerrilla war like the one Saddam Hussein's followers waged after the US invasion of 2003 which opened the door of Iraq to al Qaeda?

There are other questions that are being asked as well.

Additionally, there is one aspect to this "uprising" that you can count on. Whatever "faction" assumes rule in Libya will consist of radical Islamic elements - count on it and take it to the bank.

With that, we go back to Israel with another dose of reality:

Escalation in the south behind us?

Tensions remain high in the south after four days of escalating violence and deadly rocket fire reminiscent of the days before Operation Cast Lead, but the next few hours may prove crucial as far as Israel's next steps go.

Although we clearly disproved any premise of a "ceasefire" in the first few posts today, the following confirms that - with a further dose of reality:

Meanwhile in Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials may have agreed to a ceasefire but a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees immediately issued a statement saying the group would not accept a ceasefire agreement with Israel.

"Our stance is clear. We have no connection to the ceasefire agreement with the Zionist enemy," Abu Mujahed told a Palestinian news agency.

He said Israel had stepped up violence by assassinating members of the PRC and that it had to take responsibility for its actions. "We cannot accept a ceasefire while airstrikes continue to reverberate everywhere," Abu Mujahed said, adding that the ceasefire was "cursed".

No, there will be no ceasefire. The only time peace will come to the region is immediately following the 2nd Advent of Christ Jesus as He returns to earth to establish His reign on earth. Only then will there be peace in the region (or the world for that matter). Before that, the only peace agreement that appears to broker peace will be when the antichrist confirms his covenant - but that one, like all the others, will be short-lived.

Reality is given by biblical prophecy and a discerning eye. The MSM doesn't get it and they never will, as they attempt to impose their view of utopia.

The irony is - the fact that soon enough, those who hate the God of the bible, and those who actively engage in persecution of Jews and Christians will seemingly get their utopia. And for a brief period, it will appear that they have their perfect world. The Christians will have mysteriously disappeared and their coveted world leader will appear on stage and seem to have all of the answers to the world's problems.

And then it will all come crashing down.

Meanwhile, the Church Saints will have indeed "mysteriously disappeared". But it will be no mystery to us. We'll be residing in our eternal home - a place called New Jerusalem. For a preview of what is to come, just read the last two chapters of the book of Revelation - that is where we will be. Those two chapters, 21 and 22 give us a glimpse of what is to come.

After all, New Jerusalem will be our new reality soon enough.



Anonymous said...

Something missing from all the news reports that needs to be brought to the forefront in every single story . . .this Hamas, who's broken the cease fire 14 times in 24 hours is the same Hamas that will govern the Christian sites most revered . . .when the UN votes to return those borders to the pre-1967 borders Barrack Obama called for last May. If people aren't upset by what's going on the Middle East . . .maybe they need a dose of reality.


gearedup2go said...

On a different subject....looks like hurricane Irene, now a cat 3, is on track for the Carolinas. Hope you all will be safe in the storm. Time to get stocked up on water purification, a generator, fuel, food and prayer. Looks like it could be a really nasty one. : (

John Chingford said...

Hi Scott

Just recently been reading your blog. I can't find it now, but I thought I noticed SOMEWHERE that your hits go into the millions. How did you manage to get such coverage? If that is correct, could you give me some pointers how you managed that. My blog hits (of 1.5 years) are less than 50k.

What is your secret?

Could I ask of you a favour?

Please check out my blog to see if you could endorse it on your blog. It is "Last Days Watchman" and can be found on:

Sorry for contacting you publically like this. I looked for your email address but could not find it on this blog, so this was the only option (open to me - that I could find) of contacting you.

Thanks and God bless

Mrs. C said...

Tracking for the Carolinas...


Anonymous said...

The reason that this blog gets so many hits is because Scott loves us and gives us the facts not hype and encourages us, even when he was going through the valley of the shadow of death with his dad.

Anonymous said...

John, while you didn't ask for CC directly, because this is publicly posted, I'll accept the challenge.

You have a very nice blog . . .however, the reason I return to THIS blog so frequently is, among other things, updated as news breaks. I see no reason to check a blog that's updated twice a month or so. As fast and furious as news relating to end times prophecy is breaking these days, I would encourage you to update your blog with greater frequency.


John Chingford said...

Thanks Robin.

Alas, personal circumstances prevent me from having time to write so many articles. Actually there was a time when I was writing articles every day but that did not improve my traffic. In fact I am receiving more traffic NOW than I was then, but still only about 120 hits per day.

I was wondering if Scott used some other methods apart from regular posts. Maybe blog features which attract NEW traffic or great links.

However, I do still get comments on a fairly regular basis which I publish and have a new feature which highlights those "recent comments" which I hoped would attract further comments. Maybe my readers are not yet used to that new facility.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even say how I found Scott's blog, but I'm glad I did.
The best source of info by far, and the best group of people following along.
Thanks Scott!

ann marie said...

I enjoy recipe blog sites and was also following prophecy in the news but I wanted something more current so I googled prophecy update blog and I got here. I agree w anon that this site is the best I have found as it is current and lately gets updates multiple times per day. I enjoy reading the comments, finding a wealth of information. I even get a kick out of Stephen's unrelenting Elliot wave updates. I definitely do not find this information on fox news or CNN. Thanks Scott! Blessings to all, am

GG said...

Hi John~

Welcome! I found this site right after the earthquake in Japan. I really wanted to find out what was happening from a biblical prospective and typed in prophecy updates.

It brought me to many near Scott's site. As I read them his seemed up to date and very personal in a relational aspect than most. It is a very nice and loving open forum covering today's news. It also has some very wise, knowledgeable and caring members who knows their scripture and the bible well and can help teach us daily as we wait patiently on the Lord :)

Since he is covering so much daily I believe his success is also stimulated by the keywords used in today's hot topics along with positive referrals that seems to draw in many newcomers daily.

God Bless!!


GG said...

Hi Mr. & Mrs. C~

My daughter and I were talking today and wondered how have things been with the birds and squirrels out your way? I am sure with a storm coming that can't be good.

Thinking of you..


Scott said...

Hey there - I've been out all day and just got in - thanks so much for the nice comments - I'll come back and discuss some of these things as soon as I get done with my news run for the evening :)

Caver said...

Hi GG,

Thank you for having us in your thoughts. The storm is way too far away to be noticing any changes yet. If past experience is any clue, things will start getting active down on the outer banks and coast by Wednesday, at the latest.

As for our little friends.....its different than previous times and years in some small, subtle ways.

Our back yard is surrounded in trees. The last few years I would be outside sitting on the patio just before light dawned...all the trees would come alive with birds everywhere, especially the robins. It was such a joy...but no more.

Ruby throated hummingbirds always come back to a known and plentiful food source....not this year. Last year, there were multitudes...this year, one.

The squirrels....just don't seem to be as much playing as normal....a bit more skittish, if you will.

Even the family guard dog....this boy need be afraid of no dog or man, and even he acts skittish, kind of "on edge" and fearful.

This has been going on for a few weeks....not just the last few days but weeks.

Now, if that there Irene decides to come our way with all the big, really big trees we got.....well, it might be me-n-Mrs C acting a little skittish and whimpering. :)

WVBORN56 said...

Keeping the Caver's and others in NC in our prayers. Hurricanes can be scary.

I am heading there in two weeks on vacation too...hoping our beach house is still in one piece...

Scott said...

Robin - looking at the first comment you made - that is VERY interesting thought and I hadn't considered that aspect of the return to the '67 borders.

As far as the Hurricane - I hope it skirts off of the coast - a few models have it going further and further east, but I haven't looked.

We and the Cavers are pretty far inland. It takes a unique set of circumstances for us to get hit hard (Fran and Hugo were two that met those circumstances) - which are

- moving fast, which keeps it strong even far inland (in other words. when it moves fast, it doesn't have time to diminish in strength very much as it moves inland. Both Hugo and Fran moved up the coast VERY fast

- the worst ones move almost directly north coming in from the north/south caroline border. Its a typical scenario and looking at the map shows why - because of the unique way that NC sticks out into the coast so far east.

We'll see, but we'll be braced for the worst either way....

Scott said...

John - thanks for the questions, and as soon as I get a chance, I'll head over and take a look.

Its all coincidence, I haven't really done anything.

As I've said before - this all started from a series of Bible Studies I had been doing locally, and each time folks asked me if I had a website - which I didn't. My pat answer was - "there are many good prophecy sites out there, the world doesn't need another one!"

But one group persisted and I promised I'd keep them updated via email. And I did that for a while, but people kept wanting to be added to the list, and I just figured a blog would be FAR easier to keep the various people updated, and started it with that in mind, thinking I'd do a weekly update or something like that.

So I started the blog ~3 years ago, and never checked stats or anything like that and had no idea if anybody was even logging on (other than the people I kept up with from the bible studies)...

So I checked after 6-12 months to see if it was worthwhile to keep doing it and interestingly, back then and there was a lot of hits - far more than the bible study group numbers, so I figured this was what God wanted me to do, and at that time, I got more and more involved and took it more seriously.

PART 2 below :)

WVBORN56 said...

I ended up here because of another now defunct prophecy message board had a link to here. It proved to be a wonderful "coincidence" which of course I do not believe in. I give credit to God's providential care for his children who crave to be active watchers! I love the folks here and the excellent work Scott does!

Scott said...

But I have never advertised or done anything to promote the site, but a few things happened along the way.

The site somehow got onto another site that reviews prophecy related blogs and websites. SOmebody or some group declared this site as the "Best" prophecy site for the month, or week or whatever - and the # hits really went up at that time (that was a couple of years ago)

Then, a few times over the last couple of years, some big websites (non-prophecy) linked my article (for that day) - and on those days the # hits skyrocketed dramatically, and each time that happens, around 10% stick around 'permanently'.

And someone also mentioned (and I am just figuring this out - but I;m always slow to learn things :) - certain keywords in the title will do the same.

I have no idea what the keywords are - its always after the fact - I think "Soros" is often searched, but as the readers here know, I'm semi-obsessed with Soros anyway....:)

But the long and the short of it is - I have no idea. I don't do anything to actively increase readership - I figure God will do with it what He wants - its all for Him anyway.

One important point - and I am not trying to "lecture" or "preach" by ANY means....But one thing I have learned over the years:

I do it strictly for God. And if there was only one reader who needed it; I'd probably do exactly the same as I do now. (don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that you would do otherwise, or anything like that - I'm just sharing this)

I had an epiphany moment a few years ago, as I was driving down to Charlotte to "preach" to a church on prophecy (as I do as often as possible) - and I knew it would be a small crowd. In fact, before the sunday, I was called by the pastor and "warned" that it might be a very small group because of some problems within the church.

I had been there once before and it was a new church that was growing, and when I had been there earlier, there was 50-60 people there. So I assumed there may be as few as 15-20 people - but maybe far less.

For a very brief period I thought "Do I really want to go all the way to Charlotte and do this? For so few people?"

And at that moment, I considered the importance of one single soul, and how could I NOT go, even if it was one person? Was I doing this for my glory (via big crowds) or was I doing it for God? And if for God, what does the size of the crowd matter?

I also felt that it may be some kind of test. I immediately decided I should do it even if one person needed to hear this message.

There ended up being about 5 people, and it was an awesome experience for a bunch of reasons, but I have gone on for way too long.

This is the last time I talk about myself :)

I try not to do that - as this is all about JESUS and His coming and thats all that matters. Its definitely not about me - (for some reason I felt compelled to share that stuff above) - but honestly, I really try to keep 'my stuff' out of this arena.

I don't EVER want to be the focus in any way.

I want JESUS to be the focus and watching for Him.

Anyway - I hope some of that helps.

I also agree that frequent updates are important - especially now, as things are happening so fast all around us.

Oh - and good luck :)

Scott said...

Oh...While I'm on "my stuff"

I can't even tell you how much I appreciate the kind comments (thanks to everybody above) - for some reason it really does mean a lot. Not that I need to hear nice comments - but the fact that people care enough to take the time to log on and post something so kind - really touches me deeply. (and this isn't soliciting future comments, I promise :) -- I just wanted people to know how much it means and how much I appreciate it. Its really nice. The people here are really unique - in fact, I have associated with a lot of different groups along the way, and I have never seen a collection of people like the folks who frequent the site. Its really something and I'm actually tearing up just writing this.

I can't wait to meet everybody that comes here - its going to be such a glorious and awesome reunion.

GG said...

Scott, you are very welcome. I don't see you speaking of yourself but witnessing on how the Lord has used you in this life time :)

When I hear this story of how this all came to be, I always hear an echo from the HS stating how your such a faithful servant.

I looked up that scripture and found this wonderful description that fits all you have done.

Matthew 25:23
New International Version (NIV)

23 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

Going to serve the few in Charlotte really opened the door to showing God just how far you would go to do his work. You should be proud of yourself for not quitting. It has helped us all out today.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.

God Bless!!


GG said...

Hi Mrs. C~

Commenting from your last post on Isaiah 17 down below. Things are moving so fast now that I don't want to miss thanking you for keeping us updated on what to watch for in these last days.

I feel my spirit leaping in excitement and also feeling very scared as I pray that I can be of good service to the Lord in these last days.

Thank you for posting and guiding on this topic as we watch things unfold. I will spend some time in prayer with the HS and seek his guidance on how to be of good service to all.

I love reading your posts! The thought of Damascus going so quickly is mind-boggling.

Thanks for the update from the Caver household on the animals. I heard something with Dutch recently that these signals going into the air have played a huge role on the birds, fish, etc. We wondered if they had returned to their normal activity since you last posted on this.

I will be praying for you all in NC during this time.

God Bless!!


GG said...

Hi Sue~

I wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten all the wonderful work you did for me on that question I had regarding our current place being seated with Jesus while we are down here :)

The young one is returning back to school later this week and I look forward to my study time once again in peace. I love having her home but it's time for us both to have some good study time apart. :) I will be working on this next. Thank you for your wonderful posts. It is wonderful to learn so much from others who are much wiser in these areas.

If I may ask all to please pray for all the children and teens as they return back to school. I pray hard on this and offer a hedge of protection for the children of the world. I feel in these last days things may be pressing down harder on them which can cause some to press down in other ways on their elders. I pray many of these kids who are at the age of accountability with the Lord come to know him before his return.

God Bless!!


Scott said...

Hey, I have no delusions. I'm probably the biggest sinner here and I wasted most of my adult life not doing anything for the kingdom. That goes back even further - and its a long story I won;t bore anybody with, but I had an opportunity to take a year off from work, and thought long and hard about what to do with it. I considered that I was in my mid-40's at the time, and hadn't done anything for God, despite the fact that God had done so much for me. The parable of the Talents was calling me. I decided then to write the book and begin talking to groups in earnest.

The main fact being - that unlike most Christians I know, I had been in the Church for most of my 40+ years, and I had basically wasted those years (as far as the Kingdom anyway) - and just couldn't continue that way any longer.

So most of my years as a Christian were frittered away ad I took care of my needs only - ignoring anything God might have had me doing.

So I have a LOT of catching up to do :)

Scott said...

Thanks for the prayers GG - they are greatly appreciated.

And yes, Mrs C & Sue, and so many others who post here - add SO MUCH - and I learn from their insights too. Good point!

Scott said...

Thats a really nice site you have - !!!

I really like your features (left hand column) - that adds a lot to the site and the links are very useful.

I would just add more frequent updates, time permitting, and get a big "net" of news sites that you can scan daily, and let God do the rest.

FWIW - I rarely go to other prophecy sites, as most of my time is consumed in the news. At first I was tempted to go and see what the other sites were reporting on, but its quicker and more efficient to go to the original sites myself, and my "net" of news sites grows weekly. I think thats important too - to have a very wide net for news, I am amazed at what you can find that way - and news that other sites may not pick up. In fact, often, some of the most interesting and germane news is on more obscure sites.

waterer said...

Land Sakes!!! Are you serious? There are that many people coming on this blog? We all love you Scott and it is precisely because you WANT Jesus honored first and last.
Thank you for your diligence and your grace.

Mrs. C said...

Dear Brother Scott, :)
It is wonderful to see all the comments our Brothers and Sisters make to you complementing all of your hard work for the Lord! It truly brings tears to my eyes...the hope to hear My Lord, our Lord say to me "well done good and Faithful Servent". I can only hope to hear Him say those words to me. But you dear Brother, I am assured He will say those words to you...
God Bless You Scott! Big Hug

John Chingford said...

Thanks everybody for all your contributions. Very gratefully received. Thanks Scott for taking a look at my site and taking time to try to help. Very interesting! I do like your attitude too.

I agree that "whatever you do, do as unto the Lord". You are absolutely right that we should NEVER push ourselves forward and should ALWAYS seek to glorify Jesus. The reason I am seeking your help is because I would like to see my blog (or should I say, His blog) grow for HIS glory, so that the message of the blog will reach those who need to see it. I take your point that IF my blog is of God it will grow without the need to advertise. Praise God how He miraculously caused yours to grow without extra effort on your part but by Him causing the "right people" to notice it and advertise for you.

Therefore, I feel a little embarrassed to ask you to advertise my blog as one of your links.

However, maybe God has brought me to your site (because you have immense traffic)and He wanted to use yours to help mine grow. Please pray about that and see if it is
God's Will to advertise my blog.

I am so glad I have stumbled on this blog. You and your contributors seem so gracious and kind. Your blog seems to be attracting the right people who do not send nasty and contentious replies. Obviously the Lord is protecting your blog.

Take care

John Chingford said...

Hi Waterer

"Land Sakes"

Interesting expression! Is that like our expression "snakes alive"?

Just to clarify. Scott has millions of hits but that is not the same as millions of visitors. Everytime you visit a page it is a hit. So, if you visited say 20 articles over a period of (I think it is 1 hour)and went back/forwards on each article 5 times, the blog would record 100 hits, even though just one visitor.

So "hits" is rather misleading. However, just one million hits could represent about 5-10,000 visitors or even much more. As Scott has had more than one million hits (Can't remember how many I saw)I would take a rough wild guess to suggest that Scott has had at least about 50,000 separate visitors. That is STILL massive.

Scott said...

I really don't keep up closely with "hits" or # people very much. My statcounter is kind of weird in how it counts things and I don't fully understand the various nuances. I glance at it every couple of weeks or so just to see if there has been a dramatic spike from some other site linking an article or commentary. That is always interesting to see...

As far as "millions" (I went back and re-read this thread, sometimes I "Speedread" too much and miss some details) - that may be some kind of cumulative number or something - I don't know really.

Mrc C - I have no illusions at all :) --- As I have said before, when I am in a room full of Christians, I always internally think "Geez - I'm probably the worst Christian in this room!" - seriously. Maybe its the good ole Baptist Guilt thing, or maybe its a reflection of some of my awesome Christian friends:):)

God may ask "Why did you waste so many years of your life NOT doing my work?"

I'm trying to make up for lost time :)

John Chingford said...

Hi Scott

You said:

"if there has been a dramatic spike from some other site linking an article or commentary."

Could I bother you again? I am not sure what the above means. Do you mean that some other site has placed your article as an url link to one of their articles? If so, how would you know who has done that. Do you have a facility which enables you to keep that sort of record? If so, could you explain how I could get that facility.

Thanks and God bless

John Chingford said...

Dear Scott

do not beat yourself up over "wasted" years. That is now under the blood. As paul said "forgetting what lies behind, I press on".

However, remember "unless the Lord builds the house we labour in vain who try to build it" and from Jesus "without me, you can do nothing". The context was to abide in the vine.

Sometimes our inactivity is designed by God to transform us and prepare us for the future. Of course, if the Holy Spirit prompts us to move and we don't then I would agree that it is not good. However, God is long suffering towards us and will continue to prompt us as/when the time is right.

"He who began a good work in us will bring it to completion until the Day of Christ". (one of my favorite verses as it encourages me not to give up.

If means that (if we are born-again) He will never give up on us and will continue to motivate us to acts of service. Praise God!

Mrs. C said...

Morning GG Dear Sis, :)
Yes indeed Sis, things are moving very fast now. You are very welcome, and please know that it is my great privilege, and all credit Truly is to the Holy Spirit :) Yes Sis, I have felt the same way, both excited, and yes scared sometimes too! After all, we are “children”, but take great, great comfort in knowing we are HIS children, and we have the Best, Awesome, Glorious Father in the whole universe, who loves us so very much.
Yes indeed, it will be very quick for Damascus, and what follows. The Holy Spirit has absolutely convicted me for some time now, on Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39 in particular. Mr.C has witnessed this walk, and believe me it has not been easy. I am truly humbled, and there have been some intense battles with other “Christians” no less, when it came to these Scriptures. The battles (I call them because that’s what they ended up being), were intense. There is a lot of false teaching out there, and a lot of Brothers and Sisters sadly, are quick to buy into some of these teachings. Every single time, the Holy Spirit convicted me to answer some of these statements others made, and believe me, it took a lot of His strength and assurance to hit the “enter” key, knowing full well I would be attacked for my response. That is the level of stronghold these false teachings have on folks these days.
I share all this, because He has convicted me of something else. All of us have said, in utter amazement, how we don’t understand why other “Christians” cant “see” the obvious fulfillment of Prophecy occurring right now, today! They are either blind to it, or chose to be blind to it. The conviction the Lord placed in my heart, is that there is a “shake down” to put it in slang terms, or a sifting of the Church that is happening before our eyes also. It is just as He said it would be!
There is no more “fence sitting” for folks. He is cleaning us up to meet our Bride Groom! He convicted me that the closer we are to His coming, the more the Church will return to its original Faith. Like our first Brothers and Sisters in Christ were, from centuries ago. Should the Lord tarry, we may be through a short time, of rough times. The Isaiah 17 war for example, will indeed effect our everyday lives greatly. We as Watchers, having been so incredibly Blessed with the studying of His Prophetic Word, will have been given the greatest privilege! That Blessing, that Privilege, is to be there…to comfort…to teach others, whether they be uninformed Brothers and Sisters, or the lost. To be there for them, to be His Light, at the very edge of all time! WOW! For me, I’m so incredibly humbled by such a privilege to serve Him!
Just think…we would be the last to Witness for Him, for His Son Our Lord Jesus, before the Rapture! How awesome is that! We have to fight the good fight, finish the race! We can do this! Not in our own strength, but in His Strength…He has great confidence in us…as He is our Loving Father Forever! Amen!

Philippians 4:13
13I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

GG said...

Oh..Mrs. C~

How wonderfully stated. This post as the others gives me exciting chills. To be the last to see this word spread at the most critical hour before the many changes to come and before we go home, our Home Sweet Home. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. :)

God Bless!!


Scott said...

When the site was listed as "best" prophecy site, somebody around here alerted me to it and gave a link, or I would have never known

As far as other sites linking - it was based on my having written a commentary on certain topics that they included in their list of articles - pertaining to whatever related topic that site had. It usually accounts for a big bump (10x?) and then after getting a big, acute bump like , the statcounter can provide the most common 'search' used on that day (in this case, the referencing site)

Scott said...


GG said...

Hi John~

I was thinking of your latest question last night pertaining to what sets this site apart from the others and draws many to itself. I did have a chance to go to your site. It looks like you have been doing a lot of fine work yourself. :) I wasn't sure if you are looking for input on how to draw in others but that is what I have been taking from your recent posts. Please forgive me if I mis-understood.

In the spirit of love and providing helpful hints, I can say for me going to a site that has an easy reading format is very helpful. This pertains to any of the sights I may become an active part of. If my eyes have to scan over too much information with time constraints, I may just be inclined to look for something easier at that time. The layout and design are key factors for me. The spirit of dialog on any site is a critical for me. Does it have love, trust and understanding among its members? How is the site monitored for the well-being of all? Does the sites owner or Moderator reflect only their view points and allows a safe mutual exchange among its members or does it have its own slant to the daily post thus limiting the potential growth in the word of God, which is supposed to be the primary goal. Lastly, what type of conflict resolution is maintained daily on the site.

We have so many people today starting to seek answers to greater things. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for all to spread the good news :) In the days ahead many will be looking to connect the dots from worldly events to something greater. This can be a wonderful time for all to help those who are lost. The key is where is this newcomer in their walk?

Scott's site has all of the above and with each daily posting of news he ties it into scripture. He doesn't add to it or take away from it. Others will then share their view point's lovingly and together we seek to see what the Lord says about these things. It's all about open dialogue and God's word is the final authority. Now in the spirit of learning many will have tons of questions or even may have a great mis-understanding to the breakdown of the actual verse at hand or daily post; again that is where everyone here comes together in a listening, not telling type of approach to teach and stay within the parameters of being the messenger for God. I think that helps a lot to keep the dissention out among the masses.

Your site has a wonderful opportunity to help the lost in the days ahead. The question may not be about the numbers as it may be about the audience you desire to reach? Do you want the non-saved or beginners and are you willing to spoon feed them scripture and take a slow walk with them daily to help them come to know the Lord? Or do you wish to draw in the more seasoned Christians or even fallen Christian brothers and sisters and help to show them greater teachings at a more advanced level? In these last days once things start moving and shaking people are going to be seeking answers. The topics or type of format one may have on their forum can draw them near or overwhelm them and send them away. Think about what message you will be leaving after we are gone. What can you leave behind to help those who will be seeking answers then. Christ is love, we want them to know love as well as discernment.

I hope this helps. You are trying so hard to do the right thing. :) Pray about it and set new parameters on what the desired goal is and the rest will be blessed if that is what God has asked you to do.

God Bless!!!


John Chingford said...

Thanks GG

That is very helpful. Thanks for taking so much time to write this. Really appreciated.

I sometimes wonder if I should have 3 blogs. One for the unsaved, one for those caught up in Deception and one to give watchman warnings.

I would like to do that but just do not have the time to do so. Do you think the unsaved might be turned away from the blog because of too much talk on false Christianity?

My thought is that true seekers need to be aware of false groups because (if not pre warned,ie pre armed)they may get sucked into these groups making it far more difficult to win them later. What do you think?

GG said...

Hi John~

I really admire that you are trying to find the right fit. I strongly believe going to the Lord in prayer and with the HS will give you the right answer. Together with his guidance and your time constraints you may be traveling down a whole new road that stretches you and hopefully for the better as we all like to see in ourselves. :)

I can see how you are torn on this topic. Pray for wisdom to know which way to turn. I am concerned with the amount of time you may have and when people are starting to seek answers, I am not sure they will wait long. It has to be a relationship like nurturing a baby or a lost teen? Does that makes sense? I do feel a conviction that it can't be a dabbling effort, whichever way you choose. Remember quality not quantity.

Maybe God right now is seeing if you are willing to answer the call. He will provide the rest through the help of the HS. Follow only him, not man as you know.

For example my heart is geared toward bridging the non-saved and backsliders in a slow methodical approach. That is where my heart is. I believe they will fall through the cracks. In a world of technology we have to find a platform that runs parallel to their old thinking and cross them over to salvation. I feel like I am saying this all wrong, I hope you get what I am trying to say here. I also don't overstretch myself leaping out of the box and corrupt his overall goal for his children. We are all in different seasons of life. Sometimes we can be so eager to help we actually hurt the purpose that he had designed for our lives.

That is why I like this format Scott has. Who can dispute worldly news and events? Either way it's happening but the next step is what is next? That is the point to help bridge the gap and show many the way. At least that is where my heart is right now and why I love coming here. Yours may be to awaken the sleeping Christians and show them some self-reflections and rekindle their old flames. Help them to get off self and get right with the Lord while not following false teachers, prophets, etc.

I will pray for you. I am sure God won't let all this desire go to waste my friend.

God Bless!!


John Chingford said...


I see and agree with most of your points. For those who need immediate attention, my email address is readily available to them. If they want immediate help, they could always email me privately using their own email. This is why I make it available. All blog comments also go to my email address. I regularly check my email (several times every day), so I know if someone has left a comment or emailed me.

Sometimes a comment is left (but as I do not have their email address) I can only reply on the blog. I reply to simple questions promptly, so shouldn't be a problem, but to complex ones (which need much investigation) it may take me a while.

Problem is that by the time I have answered they may have lost interest in waiting and disappeared (as you rightly state).

However, if they are genuine enough and need an urgent answer surely they could have emailed me, instead, couldn't they?

I have a few who email me but not many.

I do find it frustrating because there are some comments (which I cannot publish for varying reasons) but I am keen to respond to them by email, but cannot because I don't have their email address. I have actually written a comment (on the blog)to one or two asking them to email me, but they haven't.

I also take the position that "all who the Father calls WILL come to Jesus". I don't believe anything can turn a person away from Christ if the Father is drawing them. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts of righteousness, sin and judgement - not me. therefore, I am trusting that God will use our blogs according to His good pleasure to win people.

There again, God gives us wisdom as to how to do this and often does so through our brothers and sisters. This is why I am writing about it, here.

Thanks again

GG said...

Your Welcome :)

It sounds like you have opened yourself up as a nice avenue for many. I believe the lack of response on e-mail may be due to this fast paced world we live in. That zippidty...zappidty approach to life by many. It may not be on your end at all but by their mere impatience. Needing to look for that quick fix, quick answers etc. If they can't find it with you let's say then they will go to the next source. That doesn't make it right or wrong but sadly that is the world we live in and glory be to God that at least they are seeking. :)

Those who seem to operate under the spirit of the Lord and choose to cultivate that relationship will see life from different eyes and a different heart. They love to exchange with others, slow down to the rhythm of life and more. They feel more in sync than they do out of sorts. Don't get me wrong there are many Christians I know that go to the other extreme too and can be too uptight or judgmental and have no time to help anyone now they have found their way home.

Once you choose the purpose and plan with the help of the HS, just leave loves door open and be that vessel letting it flow. Who knows on that particular day you may respond to someone they may have lost their courage to open up and went back in their shell. They will pop up again, I promise. If it's not with you, they will take what they gain from you and learn from the next witness the Lord sends.

Sometimes our assignments are very brief in life. We never have a way other than working with the HS to tell as our navigator. If you don't have peace about something, it is not from him. :)

God Bless!!


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