Tuesday, August 30, 2011

News for a Day

Today we have the kind of news day in which you want to take a step back and see the "big picture", as the variety of news hits so many different prophetic themes that we follow:

'Iranian anti-tank missile may fall into terrorists' hands'

Israel is concerned that a new anti-tank missile that Iran has begun manufacturing will be transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, defense officials said on Monday.

Earlier in the day, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi inaugurated a new production line of the 73 millimeter missile, which he said has a range of over 1,000 meters and can penetrate 300 mm. of reinforced steel, according to Iranian news reports.

Ahmadinejad Calls Holocaust a "Big Lie" Amid Public Rallies

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that the Holocaust was a “big lie” used to justify establishing the state of Israel.

“The Zionist regime’s establishment was based on numerous deceptions and lies and one of the biggest lies was the Holocaust,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech after an anti-Israeli Qods day rally in Tehran and other Iranian cities.

The crowd at the university greeted the president’s remarks with cries of Allahu Akbar, meanting God is great, and by chanting anti-Israel slogans.

'Ten Terrorists About to Attack from Sinai'

A terror cell with more than 10 members is in the Sinai desert and will soon attempt to infiltrate into Israel, according to the Minister for Homeland Defense, Matan Vilnai.

Large security forces have spread out along Israel's border with Egypt and highways 10 and 12 have been sealed off for civilian traffic.

IDF training Israeli settlers ahead of 'mass disorder' expected in September

The IDF is currently in the process of finalizing its preparations for Operation Summer Seeds, whose purpose is to ready the army for September and the possibility of confrontations with Palestinians following the expected vote in favor of Palestinian statehood at the UN General Assembly.

U.N. Agency Warns of Possible Bird Flu Resurgence

The United Nations warned of a possible major resurgence of bird flu and said a mutant strain of the H5N1 virus was spreading in Asia and elsewhere.

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Monday urged increased surveillance and preparation for a potential outbreak of the virus, which it says has infected 565 people since it first appeared in 2003, killing 331 of them.

He said the appearance of a variant strain of the virus in China and Vietnam was a concern, because it appeared to be able to sidestep the defenses of existing vaccines.

UN warns new strain of bird flu is spreading in Asia

Tropical depression forms in the far eastern Atlantic, may threaten the Caribbean

Tropical Depression Twelve formed in the far eastern Atlantic on early Monday morning, forecasters said. The depression is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane later this week, after which it may threaten the Caribbean.

New Storm Track: Not Again?!

Euro bail-out in doubt as 'hysteria' sweeps Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel no longer has enough coalition votes in the Bundestag to secure backing for Europe's revamped rescue machinery, threatening a consitutional crisis in Germany and a fresh eruption of the euro debt saga.

If the court rules that the €440bn rescue fund (EFSF) breaches Treaty law or undermines German fiscal sovereignty, it risks setting off an instant brushfire across monetary union.

Mrs Merkel's aides say she is facing "war on every front". The next month will decide her future, Germany's destiny, and the fate of monetary union.

Al-Qaeda Army Seizes Control of Tripoli

Senior Al-Qaeda commander Abd Al-Hakim Belhadj and his 1000-strong Islamist fighting group have seized control of key Gaddafi strongholds in Tripoli and are refusing to transfer power over to the western-backed National Transitional Council, prompting accusations that the NATO-led act of regime change in Libya has resulted in the creation of a new home base for the terrorist group.

Belhadj is a committed jihadist who fought against U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
DebkaFile, the intelligence-gathering outlet that successfully predicted the precise time frame of last weekend’s assault on Tripoli, reports that Belhadj and his army of terrorist fighters have seized control of Gaddafi strongholds.

'Exterminate Christians, close Pyramids, Sphinx'

A rising leader in the radical Islamic movement in Egypt that has become a major political player since the demise of Hosni Mubarak's regime says Christian churches may need to be blown up and Christians exterminated to allow the advance of Islamic law, or Shariah.

The comments come from Sheik 'Adel Shehato, a senior leader with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. The sheik was jailed in 1991 because of his positions but was released earlier this year in the revolution that removed Mubarak from power.

"The Christian is free to worship his God in his church, but if the Christians make problems for the Muslims, I will exterminate them. I am guided by the Shariah, and it stipulates that they must pay the jizya tax while in a state of humiliation."

"We say to the Christians, convert to Islam or pay the jizya, otherwise we will fight you. The Shariah is not based on logic but on divine law. That is why we oppose universal, manmade constitutions."

Who Is Behind The 'US Day Of Rage' Against Wall Street?

What, exactly, is a “US Day of Rage?” Well, on September 17th we may find out for certain, but until then, The Blaze is revealing what information does exist about this very nefarious-sounding campaign.

A US Day of Rage is the title given to a day of ostensibly “non-violent” civil disobedience orchestrated by a group of radicals — that reportedly include SEIU’s Stephen Lerner and ACORN founder Wade Rathke (who, coincidentally, formerly served as president of SEIU’s local New Orleans branch) — targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism. It’s worth noting that the title of the movement — if its intentions are indeed non-violent in nature — appears to contradict itself slightly

Now, the US Day of Rage protests, staged by a collective of activist groups allegedly in conjunction with Lerner and Rathke, are planning the actual “occupation” of Wall Street September 17, complete with a tent city set smack-dab in the middle of Manhattan’s financial district.

But if a group of enraged activists — endorsed by the likes of Stephen Lerner — occupying Wall Street with tent cities were not enough — it actually gets worse. The term “Day of Rage” finds origin in “Days of Rage,“ a violent set of riots waged in Chicago in 1969 by the Weathermen’s Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.


John Chingford said...

Hi Scott

I know this blog is taking up a lot of your time, but just sending you a gentle reminder (in case you have forgotten) re ............

Anonymous said...

St. Vincent and Grenadine of the Caribbean Islands sends letter to UN approving PA State.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what date the UN General Assembly is meeting in September to vote on the Palestinian statehood? Just curious.


gearedup2go said...

Hi Kathleen and welcome. : ) On 20 September~ UN votes on Palestinian statehood. Also, I've noted a few other dates that are of importance:

23-29 September~Feast of Booths

23 September~ Jay Sekulow presents oral arguments against Obamacare at the Supreme Court

22 September~Don't Ask Don't Tell expires

18 September~Yom Kippur

17 September~Day of Rage

11 September~10th anniversary

9-10 September~Rosh HaShana

Anonymous said...

I think some of the Jewish dates above are incorrect. I have put a link to the Jewish Calendar for 2011-2012. It will show Rosh HaShana on Sept 29-30 and the Feast of Booths in Oct.


As always I am thankful to Scott and others that post here. You do a great job in keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephen from Hawaii...Come back we miss you!!!!!!!!!!

gearedup2go said...

Breaking news.....Israel sends 2 warships to Egyptian border....The Israeli military said Monday that it has sent two additional warships to the Red Sea border with Egypt following warnings that militants are planning another attack on southern Israel from Egyptian soil.

Anonymous~regarding the Israel feasts~ was looking at the 2010/11 calendar. The correct date is 29 September Rosh HaShana, 8 October Yom Kippur, 13 October Sukkot. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

gearedup2go, thanks for the info!! A lot more going on in Sept than I thought.


Anonymous said...

gearedup2go, I would not have paid much attention to the dates except I am in a study of the feasts. No apology necessary.

I do believe the Feast of Trumpets may be very significant this year.

Thanks for your contributions to the site.

Anonymous said...

Iran sends submarine and 1 warship to Red Sea.

Caver said...

Whieeeee Dogggiiieee, sure shaping up to be a hum dinger of a month, not even mentioning that "whatever" thats supposed to arrive in our part of the solar system about then also.

We shall see........

But ya just gotta shake your head in amazement....and humility....and awe. God told us the end from the beginning. Sounds like he's still batting 1000 and pitching a perfect game....and He's been at it for over 6000 years.

Ain't ya glad you're on His team!

Jake said...

Hi Gearedup2go and anon.

Geared you said Israel 2 warships Egyptian border. Is that in the Med or in the Red Sea?

I ask because Anon stated Iran sending submarine and warship to Red Sea. Yikes if they are both in the Red Sea.

Jake said...

oops. Sorry Geared. You did say Red Sea.

Hmmm. This sounds like this is it, doesn't it?

gearedup2go said...

Anon, the feasts and festivals are very noteworthy and I like to follow developments in and around those dates. : )

Jake, I don't know if this is IT but we'll see. I'm inclined to think it's more posturing and preparation at this point. According to the article a source stated that this is routine~sending 2 naval craft into the red sea. Given that A-Jad is into production line missile crafting with longer range capability, I'd say that it's getting down to the line.

I'll be very curious to know if there's something cooking in the strait of Hormuz.

Dylan said...

Geared, what I want to know is, if it's routine, then why is Israel and Iran sending them into the red sea at the same time?

Misty said...

geared, I always find the feast days very fascinating also and this year the anticipation is especially strong.

I keep looking around at the beauty of summer, my home that I have enjoyed and thinking that I am saying goodbye to them but so longing to be in our true home and with our dear Lord Jesus Christ. In any case as Scott said, September is almost here and we will see very soon what transpires this season.

gearedup2go said...

Dylan, good question and I believe it has to do with Ahmadinejad not wanting to be one upped by the Zionists. He's "sending in the 15th fleet to the Red Sea once more" and "adding that the fleet's main operational objective will be to patrol the high seas and thwart pirate raids," according to YNet news.


You know that scene in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, where Clint Eastwood is eyeing the two other opponents as they stand all shifty eyed, waiting for one to make the first move? Well, that's what I think about when I read this article.

Misty, welcome and I agree. I too long for the streets of gold. What if (and this is a big IF) we are just literally weeks away from seeing our Lord? Can you even imagine the streets of gold, the Supper of the Lamb and the most perfect fellowship imaginable with our Lord and Savior? I can hardly wait!

Misty said...

Thank you for the welcome. I've been reading this blog for a while and the very best round up of prophecy news can be found right here.

It is exciting to think we may be so close to what we have longed for for so long. Some days I think I can begin to imagine just a bit of what it might be like but most of the time, it is beyond anything my mind can conceive.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott
I couldn’t go to bed until I obeyed my conscience!

It wasn’t ‘alright’ for everyone concerning ‘Irene’; and my heartfelt sympathies go out to those dear souls, and their families, who lost their lives and homes and I pray that the love and Grace of God will give them His peace.

Even so, I am confident that a far worse disaster was averted by the direct intervention of our merciful heavenly Father. My prayer on the 25th August was as follows:

“Please take care of them Heavenly Father, please protect your people as the storm rages; please turn it - blow with your breath and scatter it safely away from doing any harm. Encompass your people about with your loving kindness and let your mercies drop as dew upon their heads instead of the torrential rains.

In the name of your beloved son and our saviour, Jesus Christ I make my request known to you. Father I give you all the praise and all the glory for what you will do. Praise The Lord! Amen!”

Many other prayers were said, and together they touched the Throne of God’s astronomical, far reaching, all encompassing and hugely underrated most glorious and amazing Grace. His Mercies were richly supplied to all my fellow US bloggers who have been spared what the enemy meant for evil.

When I heard the news report that Irene was down graded to a Tropical storm; I caught my breath, just as if God had breathed in to suck out the ferocious energy of those treacherous winds. While there were no reports of angels carrying huge protective brollies… :-) A guard to shield against the worst of the storm was certainly implemented.

I cannot allow this to pass without lifting a prayer of thanksgiving; praise and glory for what Father God DID do on all your behalf.
For thou art worthy oh Lord to receive all honour and Praise and Glory and we bless you in the name of your beloved Son, and our wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ who is Lord of all Creation.

Hallelujah! \O/

Scott said...

Geared - funny you would mention that scene from the G,B&U - one my favorite scenes in any movie - that entire last segment - what a classic

Misty - Hi and thanks so much. I was just having that conversation today - about the wonders of Heaven and how we are so tied to this earth, but Heaven will be SO FAR beyond our comprehension - Think about the fact that Paul said that we can't even imagine what heaven will be like - which is breathtakingly extreme -

We're all thinking way to 'small' when it comes to Heaven (me included) - probably because our minds are finite and limited; unlike God's.

Sue, the prayers definitely came in handy. There was a great article regarding how prayer may have led to intervention in this instance - I need to find it.

DrNofog said...

Geared slipped up showing his age ... and to Dylan no less. The kid's only 14, prolly never even heard of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", let alone seen it...

Now he'll go nutz having to search around for where he can rent old movies.

Scott said...

DrNo - you already slipped up on your age the other day@!

That scene is SUCH a classic - starting with Tuco running around and around in that graveyard. That was actually 4 connected scenes - lasting ~ 15 minutes as I recall. I might just have to link it :)

Scott said...

Not really....It was kind of violent, but 'back in the day' - it was expected for a western to end that way wasn't it? And it was "the bad" who was killed after all....

Dylan said...

I've heard of the good the bad and the ugly, although I've never seen it. The only Clint eastwood movie I've seen all the way through is pale rider. But you're right doc, I haven't seen the good the bad and the ugly.

Dylan said...

And it'll probably be on history channel sometime

Anonymous said...

Elenin disintegrating?


Scott said...

I actually think that "For a Few Dollars More" was the best of the trilogy. Good bad and Ugly was really an epic, long film. Its a classic but it takes a while to get through it. The version that has a commentary and reviews of what the director was trying to do is enlightening and adds a LOT.

Jake said...

Yesterday I read that the USA are going to veto in the vote regarding Palestinian statehood and are opposed to them joining the UN.

I don't know if this is a "U" turn or no change to what they were going to do. Either way, God may have spared New York and Washington (through our prayers) because of this stance.

Anyone know if there had been a change of mind by the US presidency?

Scott said...

That is something we are watching very closely. There is no telling what will actually happen as Sept 20 rolls around. We'll see!

gearedup2go said...

DrNo, you slipped up with "showing his age". I'm a "her". Get with the program. ;-)

Sue, thank you so much for your beautiful prayer. It worked!

Scott said...

Geared - I was going to point that out, but forgot :)
DrNo is 'supposed' to have better information gathering than that - I'm slightly disappointed frankly :)

DrNofog said...

That wuz haunting me a little bit at the time, but I was short on time.

My wife has restricted my time on her computer so I wasn't able to plug in my usual database/dossier HDD on you guys...

Plus my mind is usually filled with important misc. facts, not bio-info.

What did you say your name was, again??

Scott said...

Heh :)