Tuesday, August 23, 2011


There isn't a lot more going on with the earthquakes and recent articles don't provide a lot of additional information, but here are a couple that just came out this evening.

The question now involves what kind of aftershocks we can expect to see.

Rare earthquake rattles Northern Virginia

It happened at 1:53 p.m. Just an ordinary Tuesday afternoon — until Mother Nature decided to shake things up.

The strongest earthquake to hit Virginia since May 1897 — 5.8 in magnitude — rattled the East Coast, turning the ordinary Tuesday to chaos.

Cell phones were jammed, buildings were evacuated and emergency dispatchers couldn’t keep up with all the calls.

Shaking ground and swaying buildings sent panicked people rushing for exits, pouring into streets or diving under desks. For some in Washington and New York and elsewhere along the East Coast, their first thoughts turned to terrorism — not nature.

According to the USGS, the strongest earthquake on record that originated in Virginia occurred May 31, 1897. The epicenter of the 5.8 quake was in Giles County, where on May 3, an earlier tremor at Pulaski, Radford, and Roanoke had caused damage.

New York City, Washington Buildings Shake as 5.8 Earthquake Hits Virginia

The quake struck as residents of Mid-Atlantic states prepared for Hurricane Irene, which is forecast to strike the North Carolina coast this weekend.

“It’s very unusual for an earthquake of this size on the East Coast,” said Thomas Hillman Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, in a telephone interview. “It’s a moderate-size earthquake, and on the East Coast they tend to be felt over a much larger area.”

“This is a good reminder that even on the East Coast you want to be prepared,” he said. There is a risk of aftershocks, he said.

"Rare" and "Unusual" quakes. Not only this quake today, but we were reading almost identical headlines just yesterday regarding the Colorado quakes.

Remember: Jesus said we'd not only see earthquakes in this era, but we would see them in "diverse places" as well. Indeed.


Caver said...

Good info and interesting but I have a basic question......

Was that the earthquake and we now expect aftershocks?


Was that a foreshock and the main event is yet to come and then the aftershocks?

Scott said...

I know that there was one article stating that this could be a foreshock --- I don't know. I have heard somewhere that it usually takes ~ 48 hours to know which way it will go - but I think I heard that on the radio this afternoon.

I think its fascinating that this is the second highly unusual location within the US that has seen quakes - just on a couple of days.

Maybe it is a coincidence, but the next few days/weeks could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Scott, Im waiting for the day when I wake up and find out that either Damascus is gone or the battle of gog/Magog has happened.

waterer said...

But Anonymous, ANticipating the Presence of Christ in the clouds is a wondrous thing. The death of
thousands and thousands and thousands of people , many who do not yet know their right hand from their left, is not supposed to be our delight. We are good news telling people who pray and hope for all to be saved. It was NOT His will that any perish. Those battles will bring glee to every demon in Hell but not us. One of the reasons that nations will be judged is how they rejoice over the demise in Israel IN THEIR HOUR OF NEED. Yes He will show Himself the All powerful and all Sovereign Lord when He vanquishes those who pursue murder and robbery. But He still is disciplining through these acts not rejoicing. All discipline is sorrowful for a time..
Even as parents we dread the hard discipline of our children but we do it for their good.
Love believes, hopes, endures all things. It never fails.
Jonah 4 is a patient rebuke to Jonah. But Jonah has fallen into caring more about prophetic truth than the heart of God.
I'm sure you don't really mean that you are looking forward to these judgments.
I think the reason the Lord tells us ahead of time about what He is going to do is because we are His friends. But like Abraham we should be interceding. He counts on our caring our mercy and our remembrance for all the debt He has forgiven towards us.
Abraham did not say. FINALLY Sodom is getting what it desreves . He carefully thought about those who did not deserve that judgment and prayed for them..
The Lord stops that conversation at 10 righteous people He will save. Actually He saved 4 and 1 of those disobeyed and died by looking back.
He is the God we love because His mercy is so apart of His justice.

I rejoiced today because it seemed like we were actually feeling what these earthquakes are. And yet I can rejoice that absolutely no one lost their life in this fulfillment of fraction of this sign.
I'm just still thinking about the Cavers dog who has the sense to be skittish knowing that something dangerous is coming. Our watching needs to be for Christ not for bad news.

I'm sorry if this sounds preachy. I don't mean to sound haughty or angry. I just hate to see us rejoice in sorrows that are horrific.
Love to you in Christ our Lord.

Anonymous said...

I meant that I am looking forward to God showing himself as all powerful and being able to show people that prophecies are fulfilled.

Waterer said...


I get that. Sorry if I came back too hard. I was actually studying in Fruchtenbaums book In the Footsteps of the Messiah, tonight., And Gog and Magog take my breath away. I was reacting to the tone of what you said not your meaning. Please forgive me if I embarrassed you in any way.

Scott said...

I believe a lot of people do what I tend to do - and that is to 'compartmentalize' the different feelings when watching the signs.

On the one hand, when we see the signs of Jesus' return being manifest, it fills us with great joy - in that compartment - that one being the Jesus return compartment

And then, there is the other compartment which is sadness over lost lives (if that is the case), unsaved people perishing, destruction etc., which is felt as well. I also believe that with many of us, that is implicit, and as a result, doesn't get expressed, as the main "expression' is the joy of Christ's return.

Just my 2 cents worth :)

Caver said...

I have to throw my $0.02 in as well. Scott expressed it perfectly....I morn and pray for those that are and will be lost but rejoice at seeing His prophetic Word come to life, especially as it shows how close we are to going home.

Expected Imminently said...

John Chingford said “I am so glad I have stumbled on this blog. You and your contributors seem so gracious and kind. Your blog seems to be attracting the right people who do not send nasty and contentious replies. Obviously the Lord is protecting your blog…” (Monday 22nd August 2011)

“I stumbled onto this blog…”???

How’s that considering I recommended Scott’s Update to you with his link many months ago? You disapproved because Scott likes to Praise The Lord with Hillsong – remember? So beware of your own counsel because he still does. It grieved me to have to caution Scott that he was being judged on this. You chose instead to endorse another Update site instead!

Scott is being blessed by The Lord and that cannot be manufactured. He is a gracious and un-controlling man who operates out of a heart that desires to help lift and encourage all people in these last days (even the nasty and contentious ones; please note Scott’s above comment) he only deletes comments if absolutely necessary.

All comments, just like L&L you also once vetoed are as is, with no sanitizing! Scott, much like Nathan, allows The Holy Spirit to guide and teach and does not block or censor comments with a hand on the tiller ONLY as The Lord leads. It must be a great advantage that neither Scott or Nathan, have a critical ‘spirit’ that saps the life out of any comment and keeps to themselves any ‘nasty and contentious’ replies they may have to deal with.

The U.S. Brethren have a lot to teach us Brits about walking by God’s Grace.


PS My emails are on block.

Scott said...

Thanks for the kind comments - and I hope you are doing well!

What does that mean "my emails are on block"?
Are you experiencing problems? (hopefully not because of this blog)

Also, FWIW, the Hillsong worship experience was incredible - we were all worshiping our Lord and Savior in an unabated way...I just can't understand how anybody would see that in a negative way. I really don't.

20,000+ people all worshiping together very earnestly - honestly and the presence of the Holy Spirit was palable. ALl I could think was "this is a small taste of heaven", followed by "This has to be pleasing to God".

SOme folks don't like it - But why?

What is wrong with gathering together for the sole purpose of worship?

Not to mention the thousands of lives that were saved following the gospel message that was delivered beautifully.

gearedup2go said...

Scott, you've raised some good questions regarding the praise and worship you experienced at the Hillsong concert. I, too, enjoy listening to them and other contemporary Christian musicians (Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns) and I listen to the lyrics with discernment. If the lyrics do not reflect biblical truths, I discontinue listening to the artist.

What seems to be developing in these last days are musicians who are attending churches that walk the fine line of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ while slowly integrating user friendly faith programs via reading materials and conferences. I believe in some instances the church isn't aware of the subtle signs of apostasy. It begins with the sunday school quarterlies, of printing excerpts from questionable, unreliable versions of the bible. The church that I used to attend didn't see it and after it was pointed out by mature Christians, they still didn't see it as an issue. Needless to say I no longer attend that church.

I know I'm probably opening up a big can of worms. Just wanted to share what was on my heart. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone as I am listening to an artist that has ties with a questionable movement in his church.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello dear Scott

Please do not concern yourself about my having to block email. It hasn't anything to do with your site and that is the way I want it to stay.

If I just say that from my 'tower' I saw 'dust' on the horizon and wanted to alert, not alarm. Hopefully it is just a result of Jehu's chariot and it will soon dissipate. 'Least said soonest mended'.

Praise the Lord for your time of Praise and worship; don't let anything spoil that precious time; you are mature enough to recognize if some words should prove not to be Biblically accurate. I think of that rousing hymn 'Dear Lord and FATHER of mankind' strictly speaking, that is not a true statement but The Lord knows the heart of our worship. Who among us are perfect in every word?

I am not too bad Scott; thank you for asking. Dep. and I have known one another since I first hit a very early puberty so I am familiar with its twists and turns. It is the 'stigma' that can be hard to deal with and the odd suggestion that I may have 'Senile Dementia' --- Uh, Er um; now what was I saying? No matter, there aren't many who can claim to have been officially declared 'well balanced' :D

God bless you Scott; keep doing what you are doing by the Grace of God.


Scott said...

Thanks Sue

As a friend of mine used to say "As long as I can wake up and remember my name, I'm ahead of the day"..:)

That'll be my motto as well:)

DrNofog said...

Scott said... "...As long as I can wake up and remember my name, I'm ahead of the day"..."

I thot the expression wuz "Any day above ground is a good day!"

...or the "Klingon" expression - "Today is a good day to die!"

...or maybe that's just another one of many.

...or maybe you jes opened a 'can-o-worms' for more cliches from around the whole wide world...

DrNofog said...

I thot all email providers have a menu at the top that includes "Mark as" or "Flag as Spam" for specifically blocking any unknown or unwanted email from any sources.

---Or are you using one of those antiquated British-Socialist systems left over from WW2??

You can always pick up [generate] a 'new' account on the hundreds of different providers [if they don't want too much verifiable info] with any 'alias' name...[Scott's been doing this fer yrs!], like 'graygeezer@hotmail.com'... no, wait... sorry, that's already been taken...

But, why am I telling you all this?? I thot yer "007" Mum already taught you all that???

Expected Imminently said...


Naw! I should be so bloomin lucky! 'M' keeps a tight hold of the budget; my gear is pre-Roman, a pair of clippers for keeping hens flight feathers pinioned is all I got! Surprising what I can do with them thar clippers...

My goddaughter sent EI stuffs from from some bloke called Tiny Url; she knows I am retardant, I can't get meself all fired up with fings tekky so ifn EI don't get me grey matter functioning quick smart, she'll take the job on and sort it erself - then watch out!
Tampin she was, totally stoked - so ifn er gets on t'case it'll be nasty, I tell ya Exocet missiles turns tail to run from er war path

EI shall 'ave a go at an alliass like Geezerbird@hotmale.uk,
when me concerted thunks comes out of cold storage. BUT I am confidential, that sense, of the common variety, shall present itsen anon!