Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Crisis = Big Change. Syria?

We've been looking at the news in terms of how big changes in direction, whether discussing a country, a union, a government or whatever - usually result from a crisis, whether real or perceived.

We have been watching the EU and its recent developments through the lens of "big crisis". The same can be said for the world's financial situation, as we watch for the evolution of a single monetary system, a single currency and a single governance.

Similarly, Syria is in the "big crisis" stage, and we may be able to anticipate some big changes coming. This is interesting prophetically, because we know that Syria will engage in significant battles/war against Israel, resulting in the destruction of Damascus (however it may happen).

Previously, we have seen articles expressing concern that Syria's Assad could attack Israel in order to shift the focus to a common enemy. Now we see the articles below:

(Thanks to James, who researched these articles and brought them to my attention)

The crisis aspect of this scenario is something that we have all been following for weeks now. This article presents a brief update:

Syrian Opposition Calls For An Armed Uprising

Leader of Revolutionary Council tell London-based As-Sharq al-Awsat that the only solution to regime's violence is armed uprising.

The leader of the Revolutionary Council of the Syrian Coordination Committees, Mohammad Rahhal, said in remarks published Sunday that the council took the decision to arm the Syrian revolution.

That is a significant escalation from an already rapidly deteriorating situation. Crisis indeed.

Also see this:

Assad Threatens 'Surprises' if Foreign Forces Attack

Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Qaddafi have fallen, but Syrian President Bashar Assad not only holds onto power but also warns he has “surprises” in store if foreign forces intervene. He did not offer detail, but Assad is suspected of stockpiling chemical weapons.

"Any action against Syria will have greater consequences, greater than they can tolerate,” said Assad in an interview.

He explained, "First, because of Syria's geopolitical location and second [because of] Syrian capabilities. They know part of it but they do not know the other parts and they will not be able to afford the results.”

And this:

US going easy on Syria out of fear it will attack Israel?

While Assad is already believed to be trying to divert attention from his lethal crackdown on protesters by encouraging Palestinians to raid the Israeli border, as occurred this past Sunday, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Syria can do.

One intelligence assessment speaks of the possibility that, under extreme pressure – caused politically or militarily – Assad might decide to attack Israel

Instead, he would have available the thousands of ballistic missiles Syria has manufactured over the years, as well as an extensive chemical arsenal, bolstered as a replacement for the nuclear reactor Israel destroyed in 2007.

Syria is reaching a crisis very rapidly and Israel seems to be a very inviting target for their regime.

More on Syria:

Dangerously Close To War With Syria

This is yet another evolving situation that we'll be watching closely.


Robin said...

While it's an interesting theory that Obama didn't get involved in Syria because he's protecting Israel . . .I simply don't buy it. If his first priority is protect Israel, then why would he suggest they return to pre 1967 borders that would leave Israel virtually defenseless? I think he hasn't become nvolved in Syria yet because the timing isn't yet right. God has a plan . . .and this is part of it.

Additionally, Libya is a test of the "Responsibility to Protect". They didn't want to go into Syria before testing Congress. Now that they've gotten away with it with nothing more than a meaningless rebuke . . .the next step is a Syrian invasion. They know where that will lead . . .Syria and Iran will retaliate against Israel.

Scott said...

I had the same thought actually, regarding any attempt for the US to help Israel


On second thought - are we secretly trying to help Iran and Russia by keeping Assad in place? Could the pro-Israeli ideas be contrived leaks to cover the fact that we are assisting Iran or Russia, both who have a lot invested in Assad's regime?

Just food for thought - but I completely agree that it is hard to see a US admin that is doing anything to help Israel now

Caver said...

Agreed in the big picture Robin.

Libya was the test. Syria will be the application. In short, the GOP is fully in bed.

Its convenient to do this as part of the "bigger organization", group think....spread the repercussions around till properly diluted and nobody can find anyone to blame. Just a group miscalculation......

Scott, if its helping Iran / Russia, then its way beyond me little brain to follow....not that I would put it beyond him, just too many twist-n-turns for me neurons to wrap around.

I know several commentators I trust to an extent suggested Syria would be the end result of the Libyan involvement provided it got through without serious court challenges.

Scott said...

Good points though regarding Responsibility to Protect.
I believe everything we see now, is ultimately in efforts to 'use' this policy against Israel. How this will play into Syria is anybody's guess.....We're all probably 8-10 steps behind what is really happening and why...

WVBORN56 said...

I think Obama and TPTB are so devious and out right evil that that are certainly opposed to Israel but must do it in a way so as to maintain the liberal Amereican Jewish vote.

The is is the same thing Bush did with evangelicals by throwing us a bone or two along the way but at the same time he marched us down this same global/spending/unprotected borders path as Obama. We fell for it and so will the liberal American Jews.

Jec said...

Plus didn't Hillary demand Israel oppoligize for the flotilla incident? Israel has said no!

Scott said...

JEC - I just hope Israel stays strong. To apologize for this would be absurd to the 1000000000000 degree