Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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First we see an excellent video regarding many truths about Jerusalem - truths that you don't hear very often, if ever:

Video: Jerusalem

Here is yet more support for Jews having every right to Jerusalem.

• It is the holiest city for the Jews.
• It holds no religious importance to the Muslims.
• Jerusalem is mentioned over 600 times in the Old testament.
• Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran!

The bottom line, while this video portrays religious reasons the Jewish Capital belongs to the Jewish people forever, and it depicts the Temple Mount as having zero significance to the Muslims religiously, one need only look to wars of the 20th century that the Israelis did not start, but they decisively finished.

Israel-Gaza fighting flares up again

Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired a GRAD missile at the southern Israel city of Beersheva on Monday night.

The missile triggered Beersheva's air raid sirens, sending local residents scrambling for bomb shelters. The missile landed in an open area and did not cause any injuries or damage.

Israel responded on Tuesday morning with an aerial assault on five terrorist targets in Gaza. At least one Hamas terrorist was killed and five people were wounded in the reprisal.

Gaza-based terrorist forces fired more than 30 missiles and mortar shells into southern Israel in July, prompting a serie of Israeli retaliatory strikes.

Defense officials are warning that it is only a matter of time before another full-blown armed confrontation with the terrorist forces that rule Gaza.

Lebanon to push Palestinian statehood at UNSC

Lebanese FM Adnan Mansour said that recognition of a Palestnian state will be a priority when Lebanon takes over the leadership of the UN Security Council in September, Lebanon's Daily Star reported on Tuesday.

"When Lebanon heads the Security Council in September, one of its first priorities will be to vote in favor of a Palestinian state with Arab states and other countries in the world," said Mansour, according to the Daily Star report.

Lebanon will take over the rotating leadership of the UN Security Council in September.

Economists: Second U.S. Recession, If It Hits, Could Hit Hard

Some economists are worried that the United States is poised for another recession. They warn that a so-called "double-dip," if it comes, could be more painful for average Americans than the 2007-2008 recession. Jobs, incomes, output and industrial production are all weaker now than they were then. One sector that has been hit especially hard is housing.

Food Prices Could Hit Tipping Point for Global Unrest

When food shortages and rising prices drive people to desperation, social unrest soon follows. It’s as true today as it was in 18th-century France. According to a new analysis of food prices and unrest, the 2008 global food riots and ongoing Arab Spring may be a preview of what’s coming.

“When you have food prices peak, you have all these riots. But look under the peaks, at the background trend. That’s increasing quite rapidly, too,” said Yaneer Bar-Yam, president of the New England Complex Systems Institute. “In one to two years, the background trend runs into the place where all hell breaks loose.”

Bar-Yam and his colleagues are hunters of mathematical signals in social data: market trends and economic patterns, ethnic violence, Hollywood movies. In their latest expedition, described Aug. 11 in the prepublication online arXiv, they focus on the 2008 food riots and the Arab Spring, both of which followed year-long surges in basic food prices.

UN's Agenda 21 forcing society back to the Ghetto

Agenda 21’s goals of destroying our economy, control and reduce our population, control our land use, redistribution of wealth, under the guise of protecting our environment. Slowly but surely, they have made great strides across the U.S. with very little opposition or understanding from the population.

UN Agenda 21 has decided that America has too much urban sprawl; we have to cut back, de-grow, and return to the pre-car era of the early 20th century. Kendra enthusiastically says that urban sprawl makes us “suffer economically and in terms of peace of mind.” Who knew that giving up our cars, suburban homes, and moving into high-rise tenements pre-determined and built by supporters of UN Agenda 21, will make us happy and pain free?

The city is aligning with the tenets of Smart Growth, moving people from suburbs, their homes, and their cars, into high-rise ghetto tenements within five minute’s walk or bike from work, shops, school.

And below we see a synopsis of the overall plan:

UN Agenda 21 Smart Growth has five tenets:

- Existing Infrastructure (rehabilitate areas already established in the city) Maybe Americans like living on their farms, why force them into ghettoes?

- Low Auto Dependence (no driving within a community, offering trolley, buses, walkways, bike paths, rails) What if I don’t want to give up my car? What if I cannot bike, walk, take bus, or train?

- High Density (anti-sprawl, plucking us from the suburbs and placing us forcefully into tenements with specific boundaries)

- Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income (multi-income community with multi-problems, disease born by overcrowding and close proximity, schools, supermarkets, retails, pharmacies, and work within the confines of the boundaries of the community; if it sounds Orwellian, it is).

- Whole Community (all this crowding and proximity is supposed to create a wonderful kumbaya sense of togetherness and community) Yes, I remember the sense of community we had in our communist tenements, noise, dirt, disease, everybody spying on everybody else for a little extra food handouts from the ruling elite, beatings, and disappearances.

- After the secret deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin responded with no hesitation, “A republic, if you can keep it.” It looks like we are not going to keep our republic, we are headed in uncharted territory for us, a mixture of fascism and communist totalitarianism.

New photos catch comet Elenin in deep space


BWest said...

Just caught this today:

"Merkel, Sarkozy propose eurozone government"


It looks like the path for the EU is conslidation and more centralized control. How do you think this impacts the emergence of the "10 kings"?

Scott said...

I was thinking that exact same thing as I read that article....By that, I mean, seeing the Eurozone condensing down into the 10 most powerful countries...This is definitely worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Also take this into consideration the word "jew" isn't mentioned one time in the old testament

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>>>

U are about to make history !!!!



STEPHEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Stephen - I had no idea of that! Really?
That is quite a testimony to the amount of pertinent news/events that are occurring around the world isn't it?

Very interesting, thanks for that update, I would have had no idea!

Caver said...

Morning everybody! I've been kind of laying low lately due to schedule and a nagging feeling that something yet said was bubbling up from the depths of the neuron connectors of the gray matter.

I think it turned into a full blown bubble last night.

Soros.....George Soros....just the tip of the iceberg. For whatever reason, this guy is front and center, he's talking, he's the one we all identify and connect to these events as manipulating currencies, governments, and public opinion to fit his personal entertainment, wealth, goals, and beliefs. He's also first generation rich and power....not to mention super rich and super powerful. He needs to blow his own horn, grab some face time in the spotlight.....his ego demands it and he enjoys it.

But he's only the Johnny-Come-Lately to this group, the newbie that can afford to publically indulge his self.

What about the multitude of others that are at the end of a long line of money and power, the top 1% of 1% of 1%? Their ego doesn't need feeding but they are every bit, if not more, involved in manipulating events for their own twisted self centered beliefs and enrichment and power. Their ego is mature, they don't need the spotlight but are comfortable in their position staying back in the shadows but exerting as much or more control and power than Soros.

Darkness and evil seems to be emerging from untold directions and closets these days, as we were told it would. These guys and gals are part of the power and money elite with influence to control world direction and events in ways we can't imagine.....and I'm sure Soros is only the tip of the ice burg, the newbie face on the concept.

Sobering, ain't it.