Monday, August 22, 2011

More Rockets: No Truce

Nothing has changed today - there is clearly no truce and no end in sight:

Lull breached; rockets hit western Negev

The fragile armistice declared by the Gaza terror groups was breached once more Monday evening, as several rockets were were fired from northern Gaza at Israel's southern communities.

Four Qassam rockets were fired from northern Gaza at the area: One landed south of Ashkelon causing no harm; and three others exploded in open areas at the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

One of the rockets which hit Hof Ashkelon caused a local brushfire, which spread to an area bordering two of the council's communities, and threatened local greenhouses. Fire and Rescue Services teams were able to extinguish the blaze. No injuries were reported.

This was the third time rockets were fired at Israel since the Gaza groups agreed to a lull: A rocket hit the Eshkol Regional Council early Monday morning, damaging an empty building; and a barrage of Qassam rockets was fired at Israel's south Sunday evening, just minutes after a ceasefire declared by Hamas was to go into effect.

Rocket Fire Continues on Southern Israel

Southern Israeli cities came under rocket fire again for a fifth night

Residents in the coastal city of Ashkelon found themselves racing for cover several times throughout the night Monday as the Color Red air raid siren blared its warning, starting in the early evening

Below, we can basically see why its called 'terrorism':

However, the necessity of racing for shelter late at night creates an especially difficult time for families with children or other relatives who are elderly or unwell, noted Hana Levi Julian, LCSW-R, a behavioral psychotherapist.

"This comes not only due to the nocturnal disruption in the body's circadian rhythm but also due to the sudden spike in adrenalin that results from the body's response to the alert siren. The cumulative effect of such stimuli are especially damaging to children, whose bodies and minds are in the formative stages of life," she commented.

Turning back to Libya, we see another analysis by Debka:

Rebels still battling for control of Tripoli

This is an interesting piece, but at the end they ask some more very interesting questions - here are a few that struck me:

Where are the six government special divisions whose loyalty to the Libyan ruler and his sons was never in question? None of the 15,000 trained government troops were to be seen in the way of the rebel advance into the capital. The mystery might be accounted for by several scenarios:

Or, perhaps, government units are staying out of sight and biding their time in order to turn the tables on the triumphant rebels and trap them in a siege. The Libyan army has used this stratagem before.

The news that is coming out late Monday is starting to suggest that the above scenario may be in play. Apparently the battle is far from over, and a trap may have been set for the rebels. We'll see.

How did the ragtag, squabbling Libyan rebels who were unable to build a coherent army in six months suddenly turn up in Tripoli Sunday looking like an organized military force and using weapons for which they were not known to have received proper training? Did they secretly harbor a non-Libyan hard core of professional soldiers?

What happened to the tribes loyal to Qaddafi? Up until last week, they numbered the three largest tribal grouping in the country. Did they suddenly melt away without warning?

Can the rebels and NATO claim an undisputed victory? Or might not the Libyan ruler, forewarned of NATO's plan to topple him by Sept. 1, have decided to dodge a crushing blow, cede Tripoli and retire to the Libyan Desert from which to wage war on the new rulers?

Can the heavily divided rebels, consisting of at least three militias, put their differences aside and establish a reasonable administration for governing a city of many millions? Their performance in running the rebel stronghold of Benghazi is not reassuring.

These are very good questions, and worth keeping in mind as we see more and more news coming in from Libya.


Caver said...

Ya just gotta shake your head....about two days ago the rebels went in and took their own top commander who had lead them so successfully...well, they took him and his 2 top administrators outside and shot them.

Reason, they had gotten so popular, they might be inclined to seek a powerful position after the fighting was over.

Nah, these good folk got no internal, tribal, family squabbles. They just want a free country.

Go figure....

Scott said...

Wow - I didn't even know that Caver. And from everything I read, Al Quada is a BIG part of the Rebel force...

Dylan said...

Sounds very Muslim brotherhoody to me

Dylan said...

I mean, if the MB isn't part of gadhaffi's regime, then they're trying to overthrow him. If the MB is part of his regime, then they're most likely supporting the killings of the rebels.

Scott said...

Either way - these uprisings present a golden opportunity for radical Islam to take control. Personally, I believe they are working behind the scenes to trigger these events - but either way, in each and every case, we see radical islam gain power in the countries following the uprisings. Its also prophetic IMO.

Scott said...

...prophetic in the sense of those countries who we know ill be aligned against Israel as becoming more radically Islamic and a prevailing anti-Israeli mindset in the country as a result.

Caver said...

That's the way we see it also.

Leadership of the countries that will come against Israel is being replaced. Those that just dislike the Jew is being replaced by those that hate.....Just like Pharaoh, their heart is being hardened.

Syria,however, I still find a mystery. Their current leadership hates Israel aplenty....but perhaps not enough to act out of blind hate.

Mrs. C said...

To continue our morning conversation (your off to work, and Im soon following :)
Caver...mon amour...yes, God is without question solidifying the hatred towards Israel ,in the surrounding nations. With Syria, Assad has been a weak slithering snake, doing his evil deeds on the sly so as to speak. Just look at what he's done in Lebanon...Iraq etc.
Assad is a true coward, who only inherited his evil position from his Daddy. He's an Ophthalmologist! Yike! Not exactly good training for his position.
The question is, what will happen when he's gone or chased out? Just a couple of things to think of :)
•First and most important, God specifically tells us "Damascus", not "Syria" but "Damascus" will be destroyed. God also tells us that it is not all of Syria, but specially “Damascus” as Israel will take Syrian prisoners. God Word tells us about the Syrian prisoners, in the second portion of Isaiah 17:3.
Isaiah 17:3
3.The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts
Ephraim, is today the West Bank. The final statement " and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the Lord of hosts", is a strong statement of the judgment against Syria. Isaiah was writing during the time that the Assyrians had devastated the northern 10 Tribes of Israel,captured and took them away. Isaiah is saying that Syria will experience the same as what they did to Israel..
So we know, that it is specifically “Damascus”.
•Bibi has specifically said many times that they will hold “Damascus”, not “Syria” but “Damascus” responsible for any attacks on Israel.
•We now see the full evil coward that Assad is, with the death he is bringing to his own people. Should he flee, who will replace him? Who will have control
over all of Syrias stock pile of chemical weapons? Hamas and Hezbollah are headquartered in “Damascus”, they could and would easily take over, and have access to all of their weapons. Israel knows these evil leaders are headquartered in Damascus, and that is why they say they will hold “Damascus” responsible for any attack on Israel.

As it is very clear, that God is allowing these nations surrounding Israel, to be solidified in hatred towards His People. With Assad in power, Israel has had to be careful with their responses towards Syria. With Assad fleeing, out of the way so as to speak, it is a possibility that Hezbollah and Hamas will fill the void in Syria. That would mean Damascus would be a certain solidified, without question, target for Israel. We shall see Brothers and Sisters…we shall see…one thing for sure, when it happens, it will happen very quickly…like dominos falling…
God Bless!

Scott said...

"...possibility that Hezbollah and Hamas will fill the void"


And don't forget Iran is behind these two groups and they have invested WAY too much time, money and effort in the region to let it go...if Assad steps down or is forced out we know that a more radical Islamic group will take over, presumably, as you say, Hamas/Hezbollah involvement. Its almost a guarantee.

Mrs. C said...

Yes Scott, annnddd...we have to remember most importantly, Gods Word says nothing about Iran in this war, and He knows full well who Iran is. Iran...the "head of the snake" as Bibi refers to them, may just let Hezbollah and Hamas take the "hit" for them so as to speak. That would fit the cowards that Iran is. His Word does tell us that something indeed will happen to Iran. By Ezekiel 38 which will quickly follow, God tells us in Vs 5 that Iran is merely a tagalong like all the rest. Iran is diminished in power. Could be a preemptive Israeli strike, where as Iran gives Hezbollah instructions to hit Israel, and there goes Damascus. Or, it could be a giant earthquake...but for sure...something will happen to Iran as His Word tells us…

Scott said...

Oh yea - I believe the first war will be Iran using their proxies. Don't forget - even though Iran might not be "directly" participating in the first 'series' - they will lose a lot in the battle(s). That alone will weaken them IMO - through a combination of soldiers and advisors in these regions, and military equipment, weapons, etc will be diminished as a result of the initial "stufff".

Mrs. C said...

Excellent point! Your good Brother Scott! Wow, didnt even think of their disbursed military! But your absolutely right. Iranian Officers have openly been in charge of Hezbollah in Lebanon for years now...cheers to you Brother Scott...another piece of the puzzle comes together...WOW! :)
God Bless

Tasarwen said...

If you guys are talking about Psalms 83, I don't think there is a battle of any kind. At least, I haven't seen that. It does talk about all Israel's enemies:
1. making an uproar
2. exalting themselves
3. making shrewd plans
4. conspiring

...but unless I'm missing something, I don't see any mention of a war.

Iran is Persia, which is mentioned in Ezekiel 38:5. It is indeed a major player in the Gog conflict.

Mrs. C said...

Yes indeed Tasarwen, we are talking about Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38. Yes, God only tells us of Iran in Ezekiel 38:5, where He tells us that Iran-Persia is weak, a tagalong with all the other Gog followers.
You are absolutely correct, Psalm 83 is not a war at all, it is a Prayer :) yet to be fulfilled.:) Isaiah 17 is the answer to that Prayer :)

The Prayer
Psalm 83:13
13. O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.

The Prayer Answered
Isaiah 17:13
13. The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

God Bless!

Tasarwen said...

Thanks Mrs. C, now I get it! :)

Mrs. C said...

My privilege Tas :)
God Bless! :)

Scott said...

Yep - thats exactly how I see those scriptures as well.