Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is The Number Of Earthquakes Increasing?

This was the title of an article today and represents yet another writing that looks like it came directly from the pages of biblical prophecy.

Keep in mind, it was only around 10 years ago that the total number of earthquakes recorded worldwide was close to 20,000/year. Now we are having over 30,000/year. That is a 10 year period. And this is not to mention the fact that earthquakes are very much part of the news. Back around 1980 the number was in the neighborhood of 10,000/year.

Most of us have already forgotten the epic quake and tsunami of just a few years ago, as the last couple of years have brought headline quakes in Haiti, Chile, and Japan just to name a few.

This generation, which we assume began in the WWI era has seen more quakes than any other generation - by far. It isn't even close.

That takes us to this article:

Is The Number Of Earthquakes Increasing? Why The 5.8 Virginia Earthquake Might Just Be A Preview of Things To Come

Is the number of earthquakes increasing? Are major earthquakes becoming more frequent? In the aftermath of the magnitude-5.8 earthquake in Virginia, a whole lot of people are asking those questions.

The truth is that this year we are on pace to have more than twice the number of major earthquakes than we did just 10 years ago.

Our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and the magnitude-5.8 Virginia earthquake that we just witnessed might just be a preview of things to come.

The Virginia earthquake is already being called a "once a century" earthquake for the east coast. The earthquake was felt from Georgia all the way up to Ottawa, Canada.

But that was not the only major seismic event in the U.S. that day. A magnitude-5.3 earthquake rattled the area along the Colorado/New Mexico border. That was the largest earthquake that region had seen in more than 40 years.

If these were isolated incidents, that would be one thing. Unfortunately, major earthquakes are popping up all over the globe with alarming frequency. In fact, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake just struck northern Peru.

But what about the overall numbers?

Back in 2001, the world had 1361 earthquakes of magnitude-5.0 or greater. This year, we are on pace to have over 2800. In fact, the number of major earthquakes this year is going to be the highest number we have seen during this past decade by far.

Take a look at the chart (in the article) - with this preface below:

The following chart shows the number of earthquakes having a magnitude of 6.0 or greater since 1973. This chart comes from, and it includes data for this year. As you can see, the number of magnitude-6.0 earthquakes for this year is "off the charts" because we are on pace for well over 200....

So after viewing these charts, how can anyone still deny that the number of major earthquakes is increasing?

But that is exactly what all of the "experts" on the mainstream news are going to keep on doing.

In the end, do your own research and find out for yourself. Don't let the television do your thinking for you.

Good advice. Just look at the numbers, they will tell the story.

There are all sorts of theories about why the planet seems to be becoming more unstable, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this is not a good trend and that we should all be preparing for the worst.

So the next time an "expert" appears on television assuring you that earthquakes are not becoming more frequent and that you don't have anything to be concerned about, don't be so quick to believe that person.

The cold, hard reality of the matter is that the number of earthquakes is increasing and our planet is becoming increasingly unstable.

The funny thing is, Jesus didn't really emphasize the raw numbers of quakes (although there is a story regarding the increasing numbers). Like the other signs - these events would be noteworthy.

We are living in a generation in which earthquakes have become part of the narrative - and we are most definitely seeing an increase in frequency (total number of earthquakes per year) and in severity (frequency of 'strong' quakes).

Exactly as we would expect in this generation.


WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Scott for ammo on the truth regarding the increase of EQ's...

Good stuff!

Anybody else struggling concentrating at work? I own my own business so I don't have any one cracking the whip. (except some pesky customers):)

I have always been driven and self motivated but not so much lately...My other problem is I have essentially worked my self out of jobs over the years as my business grew, so day to day stuff doesn't demand my attention all that much...

I'm not being a very good CEO at present but God said you can't serve him and money...I choose God! Like Joshua said.. "as for me and my house...we will serve the Lord"

Dylan said...

Wv, hopefully it's not like that for me when I go back to school on wednesday. Grade 9, highschool. I'm kinda getting nervous haha. Oh well, it'll probably be a good experience

John Chingford said...

Hi Scott

are you familiar with Jacob Prasch?

Any way, he has recently written an article (18 Aug 2011) entitled "Do Not Lift That Stone" which updates us regarding recent antisemitic activity by USA, Britain and Norway's Governments against Israel.

Could you publish parts as a separate article?

This is the url:

God bless

gearedup2go said...

Dylan, will keep you in prayer as you start high school.

Scott, will you be affected by the hurricane? Accuweather has a pretty grim outlook on Irene.

"The Hurricane Center is confident that Irene will strike the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Saturday as a strong Category 3.
Beyond that point, Irene will track extremely close to or over the mid-Atlantic coast and New York City before plowing into western New England. This could mean the worst effects from a hurricane in the region in 50 years."


"Irene will spread destructive hurricane-force winds (gusts between 80 to 100 mph) across the Delmarva coast, eastern New Jersey, New York City, western Long Island and southwestern New England.

Widespread tree damage, major and lengthy power outages and structural damage to buildings and homes would ensue. Glass windows could shatter along the sides of New York City skyscrapers."

"Damaging tropical storm-force winds (winds between 40 and 70 mph) will extend nearly 150 miles westward and more than 250 miles eastward from Irene's center.
These winds will whip Richmond, Va., Baltimore, Md., Philadelphia, Pa., Albany, N.Y., and nearly all of New England, threatening to cause significant tree damage and power outages."

I'm afraid we're looking at another Katrina. Many prayers are going up for you folks near this storm.

gearedup2go said...

While we are on the topic of EQ's and such, Dutch has posted a link to an alternative communication system in the event of post-disaster disruption of telecom systems. Dutch discusses Life Net, "A large decentralized network of devices that search for, find, and communicate with each other directly WITHOUT the use of large scale infrastructure like telecom companies."

Video here:

Life Net communication system

gearedup2go said...

Me again. Sorry I'm so verbose this morning~ the caffeine is really kicking in and I wanted to post this before the fog descends on my pea brain. ;-)

According to some sources the earthquake in DC was a nuclear weapon that was intercepted by the Air Force and detonated underground in a bunker. Allegedly, the intended target was a Virginia nuclear facility. Seismic activity indicates a blast. IF this is true, I would suspect that Iran is involved as they have openly stated they want to incinerate Israel. And remember, Ahmadinijad labeled Israel as the little Satan whereas the US is the Big Satan.

Scott said...

John, no I wasn't familiar, but I'll go to that link and check it out - thanks

Geared - I was familiar with that article regarding the explosion triggering the EQ..It was interesting, but I don't know what to think...As far as the Hurricane, we have a generator, so we should be good to go....If the Cavers show up they better at least bring a cake or something god to eat (jelly donuts?)....

WV - When things heat up (like now), yea - I have some trouble focusing on anything non-prophecy related :)

Dylan, My daughter starts on Monday - you two should talk (wink, wink) :)

Anonymous said...

Is it possible there weren't as many earquake detecting instruments in the last 20 years than we do today? Not trying to argue but if we had less seismological tools back then we wouldn't detect as many, right?

Caver said...

Anon, that could explain a rise in the number of low magnitude quakes, but not the big ones. They register for thousands of miles and triangulation allows accuracy in locating the event. No, the increase in number of larger quakes is dramatic and demonstrable.

Scott, will freshly baked banana walnut bread work? :)

Congratulations to all with upcoming family growth in their lives...if we're still here.

We're going to be about 100 miles from the center so can expect 40-80 mph winds and "lots" of rain. Ya might say its gonna be a high humidity type day for us.

The Lord, He is just amazing. We have about 13 bird feeders out there and food for virtually every type of feathered friend. Normally, every feeder is covered with birds...including humming bird territorial disputes around their nectar. Today, I've been outside since about 5:30 to watch the dawn break. I've seen 1....that's in only 1...come for breakfast and it was about as small as they get. Its amazing to watch His hand in these, the smallest of His creatures. They know.

Expected Imminently said...


Little reminder!

I have told you about him a few times. He wrote the official warning about the fraudster 'Dusty Peterson' I posted here.

Jacob Prasch has just come out with his new book on the Anti-christ. I did comment here what I thought about his view against a Pre-Trib Rapture.

Generally I do respect Jacob's work in The Lord; but this new book has let his cred down severely; on this subject he is severely confused. That's not just my opinion, his new book has horrified Arnold Frucht and others of like quality.

We just DO NOT need flaky Rapture teachings in these final days. So just be aware, in case it causes confusion.

God bless

Scott said...


Jesus said that earthquakes would be a "story" in these end times.

If we had no seismic monitors, then how would we even know about such earthquakes?

The fact that we have so many monitors now is actually very consistent with Jesus' words.

After all - Jesus knew we'd have the capability to monitor quakes - thus, it is one of the signs/

If we had no such capability to monitor, then it probably wouldn't have been a "sign" to watch for.

Scott said...

Thanks for that Sue - God Bless sister

Caver - bread? Hmmm.....I guess.....Just make sure its fresh :) And a lot - you know I'm always hungry :)

Expected Imminently said...


Just in case you aren’t aware. Sabby could have developed a peanut allergy OR accidently breathed one into his windpipe. This can cause inflammation and cause other problems.

This happened to my late father. Thankfully I had taught my parents how to do an ‘abdominal thrust’, so my Mum tried to do it then called me – I took over and out popped the peanut. I still called the Doc who sent him for an Xray to make sure his airway was properly cleared. He was prescribed a short course of anti-inflammation drugs to make sure.
Peanuts do have this reputation in humans, so dogs may as well?

SCOTT if you or anyone else can alert Caver - just to be on the safe side please.

Thank you

gearedup2go said...

Cavers and Scott, I hope you don't get much wind damage or severe flooding. If Scott joins you at your abode you may have to break out the Coleman cookstove and cook him a proper meal in the Dutch oven. ;-) Don't forget the Tabasco sauce.

John Chingford said...

Hi Scott and EI

I was not aware of Jacob's new book. How sad! He has been used by God to wake many of us about the arise of deception, false teachings and false prophecies. I believe that it is because of him that many watchman ministries started. Certainly he was a major influence to me and opened my eyes.

However, I have always wondered about his abrasive style and his (seemingly) rudeness to the deceivers. Yes, Jesus showed his anger to the hypocrites and liars, but was He ever rude? I mean, Paul instructed us "let your speech be gracious, seasoned with salt".

We have simply just "overlooked" this weakness because of the zeal and fire he shows for truth. His teachings (being himself Jewish) on the Jewish mindset of the scriptures have been excellent and his love/compassion for the unsaved and sincere believers is evident.

However, his abrasive style has always bothered me, so I have somewhat held back from fully trusting him.

Having said these things, Jacob DOES have his hand on the pulse of current events. I do recommend his latest article (I have read it) because it focusses on facts, not theology. It is a good update on the recent escalating antisemitic and unchristian feelings within some individual Governments around the world.

To save time trying to find that link again. Here it is:

John Chingford said...

However, I agree with EI that we should all be cautious regarding his eschatological views.

DrNofog said...


"We always had EQs!"...or so they would like to believe.

As Scott said... "Jesus said that earthquakes would be a "story" in these end times."

Jesus just flatly states "there will be EQs in diverse places..."

"Well then, what could it possibly be about EQs that would make them a "sign"??

And that is the proper question to ask unbelievers in response. [it's really just a practical, rhetorical question...]

The only things that could possibly make EQs a noteworthy "sign" are frequency and/or intensity...

...and that they are occurring in places that we know of AND also where we've rarely heard of, if ever...

Caver said...

Sue, thank you for the advice. Yep, we're aware. Seriously, he gets to very few of them and he always chews well.....if he can get it down before we get to him.

No, this is just clingy fear. I've seen it in combat, the boy is afraid of guess its the Lord's gift to him, the warning system so sensitive we have nary a clue. Could be a long night.

We just got the first wind/rain band and we're 145 miles inland from central NC beaches. I was out topping off in gas and it was flooding in 15 minutes, it was raining that hard. This just might turn out to be real. No fear, got the supplies and an emergency generator but Sabby is gonna go NUTS!

James said...


I am just now noticing you are new to the blog. Welcome. I read a couple of your post on the blog and i think you are asking for some important information from Scott. I think you are better served to email him with informational requests rather than post it on the blog. I believe that when you suggest an article that you should shoot him an email with a link so he can review it first. That way if he discerns the source is reputable and wants to post it he will. Also that line of communication stays between you and doesn't put us here on the blog in the middle.

With that said, I think you are going to bring a lot of great things to the family here and I am looking forward to the journey.

James in Nashville

John Chingford said...

Thanks James. I want to contact Scott by email but cannot find his email on this blog. I explained that before on a previous article. I hear what you are saying, but what can I do without an email address.

God bless

John Chingford said...

Dear Scott

on the basis of James request (to me) above, I wonder if you would please email me (see details below), so that I have your email address. Then I can contact you privately in future on some matters.

Thanks for all the help and encouragement you have given, so far. I am blessed at finding this lovely Christian community here.

You can find my email address fairly easily on my blog

Mrs. C said...

Hi Sister Sue! :) Hug
Yeah, power back on! Please forgive me for my absence. Ive got great pressure to finish some extremely important accounting! To put it simply, Im working about three jobs, and two of which have to be submitted to legal and federal authorities within the next two weeks. This is due to the antics of what was believed to be a "Christian Brother". So very serious "stuff" going on, and its been almost a YEAR! To say we’re exhausted is an understatement!
Thank you so much for the advice for Sabby! Yes indeed Sis, he does occasionally eat the peanuts, and it does concern me, more so for other reasons than you had mentioned. Once, along time ago, he was coughing-(hacking really), for about two days, finally I took a look down his throat. What did I see? a feather! A bery long feather where the pointed end, the quill?, was stuck in the back of his throat! I gently pulled it out! Dont ask me how that got in his throat! lol But I know he didnt eat a bird! lol
Again, thank you Sis! and please know that I can only pop in now and then under the circumstances going on.
God Bless You! Hug

Scott said...

I'm just now getting back to this thread - I'll get to your site again in order to get your email addy and I;ll drop you a note as soon as I get a chance later today or sunday

James said...

Mrs C:

I read your post above and to know that someone posing as a brother has inflicted pain on you and Mr C bothers me at the deepest level of my being. In reading your post, I asked God to give me some words to encourage you both and below is what I feel He wants me to say

While we would never wish harm to anyone we have to remember that God will use a horrific situation or any other situation for that matter to draw closer to us.

Looking at you and Mr. C. and growing closer to you here, I believe that a powerful lesson is being learned in your situation. That lesson, whatever it may be, bares not only consequences for you but I believe for everyone you know moving forward.

Having gone through a situation with a brother myself that was so awful God gave me this insight. Following God's word to the letter in dealing with this person God showed me that the truth means more than anything else we deal with in this world. He let me see in the midst of enormus pain and betrayal that He, that truth are one in the same. In dealing with this God revealed all the times in my life where truth came in to question. Looking back in each and every circumstance the outcome was secondary to the thing that mattered most, the truth. Outside of Christ, truth is hardly a word that anyone recognizes any more. In Christ,it/truth sits in the middle of a very important scripture flanked by "The Way" and "The Life". Looking at this scripture is says to me, other than the only way to get to heaven is through Christ, is that truth is the way we live our life for Christ. God is telling you, showing you, letting you feel how important truth is to Him. Your defence of the truth, in your situation, is out of love and honor for that which you hold most dear, your love for Christ. Knowing this, that love you feel for Christ is what will get you through this painful experience. Truth is all we have and it's everything we hang our hat on as we live, pray and worship waiting to be reunited with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Stand firm and see it through. God bless you both.

Mrs. C said...

Dearest Brother James, Big Hug
Mr.C and I, just read your post...and both of us responded the same way..."wow we don’t know what to say". :) Thank you Brother, for such a beautiful post. I was trying to not expand too long, in my response to Sue, but your discernment has indeed given you insight into the great amount of pain that continues with this situation.
We are talking about almost a full year of our lives, our time, the time that God Blesses us all with, being stolen by dealing with what this person has done.
I was obedient to God, I placed all of my Trust in Him, Our Lord Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. I did not trust myself, nor did Mr.C trust himself. All of our Trust was and is in Him, the best Matchmaker in the Universe! He had me move 3000 miles, to marry the LOMLF. With the golden glow of dusk all around, my train arrived at the train station, where the LOMLF was waiting for me with open arms. I am so grateful to Him, for such a wonderful gift!
The attacks against us began almost immediately after our Weddig. Not that I ever want to give the enemy any credit, but these attacks have been from angles, people we never, EVER expected.
This "Brother" I mentioned was even the Best Man at our Wedding!, but little did we know what he was doing. He has made himself a pillar in his Church etc., and this person is beyond deceptive.
There are many, many other things that have happened, that truly, Mr.C and I have just had to look at each other in dismay! At the same time this great, and I mean great deception was revealed to us with this person, we discovered another, and not even kidding here, it was by a woman who claimed to be a "Sister" and it involved Mr.C’s precious Mother.
As His Children, we just had to turn to Him, Our Lord Jesus, His Holy Spirit in a huge way.
He knows what we are up against, and His Hand is all over this! For example, He knew my professional background, and He knew what was being done to Mr.C by this "Brother".
As the time goes forward, it has been difficult for us sometimes not to react to the constant discoveries of what this person did, without dipping into "fleshly" tendencies.
We're in the final stretch! The "Sister" is about to go to jail, and hopefully, the "Brother" will see his day of justice too.
I say all this Brother James, as to say you are so right! The Truth is the Truth, and this person will indeed be facing the Truth very soon. The absolute tragedy of all of all this is that soooo many others will be effected by this persons deceptions. It breaks our hearts to think of it! Good, good true Brothers and Sisters, will be dismayed! As I said, its been tough, and the Lord knows exactly where we are with this. He knows we are tired, exhausted, and as if to give us some energy before the finish line, He showed us something else. We saw, that a small group of children at his Church, earned funds to present to this person and his wife, to help pay for their "Mission" trip to another country. Here this person was, taking funds from children. I tell ya, it was disgusting! to say the least. This just inspired me to work even harder, and faster, so that the Truth will indeed be revealed to all. Plus, I have a short timeline left to provide information to two different authorities.God is so good! No matter what the outcome, we have to do our part. As Charles Stanley says, be obedient, and leave ALL the consequences to Him! Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus, Thank You Holy Spririt! And Thank you so very much our dear Brother James!
God Bless You James! Big Hug

Scott said...

I love that quote "Be obedient and leave ALL the consequences to Him"...Indeed.

We'll continue to pray for this situation that you are in.

James - you are a treasured brother in Christ and your wisdom runs very deep my friend.

James said...

Mrs. C:

Thank you for your kind words. I feel nothing but love for the both of you. Rest well!


Thank you. Your friendship lights my path, and your witness strengthens me. Love you Brother!

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