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U.S. Coup, Counter-Coup And The Soros Factor, Inauguration Planned Chaos, Globalists In Exile: Davos A Gloomy Event

An Execrable Coup—An Exhilarating Counter-Coup


To both casual observers and political junkies, it seemed all-too-obvious that the real brains behind this coup was the brilliant, megalomaniacal hedge-fund billionaire, Hungarian-born George Soros, who was probably responsible for appointing Iranian-born lawyer Valerie Jarrett as Barack Obama’s consigliere, effectively putting her in charge of the White House, the putative president, and their shared fetish of giving the arch-terrorist state, Iran, billions of dollars to develop nuclear weapons that will be aimed at the Great Satan, which the mullahs call the United States of America, and, as they promise every day, at the Little Satan, Israel. Nice.
I would not be surprised if Mr. Soros didn’t mandate Iranian-born Huma Abedin as Hillary Clinton’s consigliere because he knew of Abedin’s longtime affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, the prominent role both she and her parents played in that Nazi-inspired, anti-American organization with its stated goal of conquering what they consider vile democracies and converting them into Islamic-controlled states subservient to the caliphate they all dream about.

Why? Because Mr. Soros is a genius at orchestrating complex scenarios that are uniformly bad for America. A prolific author, he has written, among other tomes, The Bubble of American Supremacy. The many books that have been written about him further reveal his distaste for America, where he lives in spectacular splendor. Here is but a sample of book titles that describe his long-held mission:

But it is the way that Mr. Soros has used his vast wealth around the world that makes his support of the coup against America so plausible, as Wayne Madsen explains in a recent and fascinating article, Does George Soros Control the Obama White House? 

In short, Madsen concludes yes—Mr. Obama’s “moneybags” indeed controls the White House.In short, Mr. Soros is a master at manipulating markets all over the world and, for the most part, avoiding criminal prosecution, although a French Court did indict him, saying that “his billion-dollar raids on national currencies and financial institutions were not based on peerless financial acumen, but on illegally acquired inside information.” 

Mr. Soros believes in the fairy-tale notion of one-world globalism, the better to eliminate the “unfair” disparity between the rich and the poor. What he considers a lofty goal involves destroying the most productive and generous nations on the face of the earth: America and Israel. Nice.

That is the tip of the Soros iceberg. From what is being reported, Mr. Soros has assembled a team of media people and politicians to fight the Trump presidency every step of the way. 

From what is being reported, Mr. Soros has assembled a team of media people and politicians to fight the Trump presidency every step of the way. You can already see the flunkies in the U.S. Congress doing their best to sabotage President-elect Trump’s cabinet nominees with questions that are both loaded and hostile.Yet, for the first time in his formidable dealings, it is clear that Mr. Soros has met his match in PE Trump.


They keep hurling things onto the tracks—right in front of President-elect Locomotive—because they still can’t absorb the fact that everything they’ve based their identities on, everything they believe, everything they hoped for, everything they’ve learned in school and on TV, everything they thought they accomplished—was utterly and totally destroyed by one man and millions of voters.

These children have tried everything:
  • Popping up at demonstrations, complete with shiny new placards, in front of Trump Tower.
  • Regurgitating stale and wildly inaccurate talking points, as happens five days a week from a woman named Whoopi and a joyless creature name Joy.
  • Devolving into an embarrassing freakout at a press conference, as did CNN’s Jim Acosta when the grown-up in the room didn’t call on him.
  • Contriving an evidence-free Russian hacking scandal to rationalize Hillary’s crashing loss. Why? So they could kick 35 Russian diplomats out of the U.S. and quickly invade their compounds to purge any records that might implicate Mr. Obama—not Mr. Trump—in subterfuge, not to omit the other desperate purging and shredding of records they’re engaged in at this very minute.
  • Stacking the hearings for PE Trump’s cabinet nominees with dense Democrats like New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and still-bitter Republicans like Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio.
  • Calling on a famed actress to audition for the role of a snooty, finger-wagging scold and display her “selective empathy” at Hollywood’s Golden Globes Awards.
  • Trotting out a puerile pol like Georgia’s Rep. John Lewis to take a cheap potshot.
  • Inventing a sex scandal based on made-up gossip from the now thoroughly discredited BuzzFeed.
  • Preaching, as The New York Times did about what’s wrong with nepotism, when its entire conglomerate is based on nepotism.
  • Exposing, as writer Glenn Greenwald did, that [Obama’s] CIA and a complicit media are deeply involved in the stop-Trump juggernaut.
  • Threatening the most massive and disruptive demonstrations and riots during the upcoming inauguration.

This is aberrant behavior which the Wall St. Journal’s Kimberly A. Strassel explains: “The more that progressives have failed to win political arguments, the more they have turned to underhanded tactics to shut down their political opponents…Mr. Trump can expect plenty more of this to come. In winning the election, he blocked the left’s ability to use some of its favorite intimidation tactics. It no longer controls an accommodating federal bureaucracy. It no longer runs a Justice Department willing to threaten political opponents and turn a blind eye to liberal abuse. So the left will increasingly rely on campaigns of delegitimization…this is the best they’ve got.”

The Vortex: Imminent Revolution, War, and Mass Murder

America is undergoing a coup attempt, a violent revolution against the people's expressed will under their Constitution. It is happening now.

The treasonous criminals behind this attack are desperate to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. They include George Soros and his string of subversive organizations; the remnants of Hillary Clinton's campaign cadre; outgoing President Barack Obama and his political retinue; rogue members of the administration-controlled "intelligence community"; the Democrat Socialists of America (including the 69 Democrat members of Congress comprising the Congressional Progressive Caucus); the leadership of many national Labor Unions; virtually the entire establishment "news" and entertainment establishment; Leftist university and college faculties across the United States; and, perhaps most dangerous of all, a subversive Fifth Column of treacherous neo-conservative war mongers who pretend to be "conservatives" but are not. 

These include Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio and others who are working as hard as they can to instigate yet another war of aggression, this one with Iran and Russia. If you are a loyal Republican who objects to my description of neo-conservatives as a subversive Fifth Column you're most likely a good person who just hasn't been paying attention to their machinations for the last thirty years. 

This week contains the last few days before Trump's inauguration and is a period of maximum danger.  The US has rushed troopsand ammunition in large quantities to  the Russian border. The U.S. and Israel last Friday conducted an air raid on a Syrian air base housing Russian troops in Damascus in a failed attempt to provoke a Russian response. And, in a chilling development, Obama just fired the Commanding General of the DC National Guard effective with Trump's inauguration. 

With the pieces all in place, it is very likely the plotters will manufacture an incident with Iran in the Persian Gulf  as they did in the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident which was used to launch the Vietnam War. Washington's propaganda machine has been setting the stage for this option for the last several months. Alternatively, they may stage a mass casualty False Flag attack on the United States as it planned to do with Operations North Woods in the early 1960s to justify war with Cuba.

The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of Donald J. Trump (Updated 01/15/2017)

In my last article, “Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day”, I outlined the efforts of a new organization named Refuse Fascism to prevent the ascension of Donald Trump to President of the United States. My conclusion regarding this organization’s ability to achieve their objective was that they would fall short of their goal. I believe that this group will be unable to field more than 10,000 protesters by inauguration day. Today is their first planned action, a march starting at McPherson Square at 1600hrs EST. This march will be repeated daily until Inauguration Day. We will have observers in the area to determine if this group gains any traction.
In my article titled “#DisruptJ20 Threatens the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony” we reviewed the DisruptJ20 and ANTIFA organizations that have stated a desire to keep the Inauguration from taking place.  

These groups could potentially field as many as 6,000 protesters and have three basic components; the people who just want to protestthe people who are willing to violate minor laws (blocking traffic, blocking access to the inauguration security checkpoints, etc.) and the people who have no limits.  Organizationally, they are very similar to the group responsible for the riots in Portland, OR immediately following the election. Somehow, the people not wanting to break the law accept those who will break the law into their plans but feel because they are not personally doing the illegal action, they are not really responsible for the results.
The fourth group we have reviewed is ANSWER Coalition. ANSWER is by far the largest of these four organizations and conservatively will bring 40,000 protesters to the inauguration day events. With the good weather that is forecast, the number could be significantly higher.  They are primarily comprised of college age students and university staff members intent on protesting during the inauguration parade. They have remarkably achieved permits to stage their personnel at critical points along the inauguration parade route.

ANSWER Coaltion is the least militant of the four protest groups discussed. They have been infiltrated by members of the more militant organizations that intend to leverage their larger numbers to help achieve more significant results. The management of ANSWER Coalition is oblivious to this infiltration and these plans.

Another group that receives a lot of attention is a pro-Trump group known as Bikers for Trump. They will also be present in significant numbers. Their staging area is close to the US Capital.  It is not close enough to any of the protest groups planned activities to provide any meaningful resistance should the protests spin out of control.
The DC Metropolitan Police force can muster roughly 3,000 officers to provide general event security. Considering the placement of protest organizations and the unusually large area that will need to be secured, they may be unable to contain protest activities. The protesters will most likely be able to conduct direct actions both prior and during the inauguration schedule.
The various Federal agencies involved (DHS, FBI Secret Service, etc.) are operating as if this inauguration will be no different than previous inaugurations.  They may be understaffed should the protests spin out of control. Their senior leadership is fully aware of the planned activities of all of the major protest organizations.s
The following is the most likely scenario of events at the time this article was written:
    1. Protest marches will commence today (January 14) from McPherson Square Park and continue every day until the inauguration. These protests will build, similar to the protests in Portland, OR and may result in minor damages and injuries. These protests will significantly disrupt the DC transportation systems. Should the DC Police use excessive force because of their inability to field sufficient officers to contain the protests, riots similar to those experienced in Baltimore in April 2015 are a possibility.
    2. On the evening of January 19, the DisruptJ20 and DC ANTIFA organizations will protest civilians entering and leaving the National Press Club. The event they will be protesting is the Citizens for Trump Deploraball. Should the DC Police use excessive force because of their inability to field sufficient officers to contain the protesters, word will travel at lightning speed and bring more protesters to the streets.
    3. At some point following the events at the National Press Club on the evening of January 19, protesters may level the demand to President Obama that the ascension of Donald Trump to President be halted pending completion of an investigation into his associations with the Russian Government. Should military action between Russia and the United States take place due to US provocations in Poland, the Baltic States or other areas of contention, the US Senate may also decide to weigh in on whether to use emergency powers to prevent a suspected Russian Manchurian candidate from assuming the office of President. All of these allegations and events are concocted and have no basis in fact. They have been purposefully created by the CIA, the MSM and the NEOCONs (McCain, Graham, etc.) to block Donald trump from becoming President or to diminish his mandate.
    4. Assuming that the inauguration events proceed, the morning of January 20 will be consumed with blocking actions by the various protest groups. Traffic will be snarled. The DC Metro subway system will have delays. Should these delays cascade, the system may gridlock. Getting to the inauguration viewing areas may be challenging.
    5. During the inauguration ceremony there will be disruptions. Some of these disruptions may be purposefully designed to create fear (amplified sounds of explosions, gunfire, etc.). There will be a roar of protesters so loud that it may make it difficult to hear what is being said during the inauguration ceremony.
    6. When the inauguration parade commences, there will be protesters lining the entire route. After the Presidential motorcade passes the Navy Memorial, there is a risk that protesters will fill Pennsylvania Avenue blocking any egress opportunities Eastbound. Before the motorcade reaches 13th Street, protesters have access and have discussed potentially blocking access Westbound towards the White House. It would be at this point that the Secret Service would initiate protocols for escape and evasion.

    The more aggressive organizations discussed above are dwafed by comparison to many other groups planning to protest the inauguration events, including the Women’s March Against TrumpThe World Workers PartyLa Raza and Black Lives Matter.

    Update 01/15/2017

    Last night went well for Refuse Fascism. Leveraging the MLK March led by Al Sharpton, the Refuse Fascism group was able to hijack the MLK March participants and get their first protest march to snarl traffic and capture local headlines. They exceeded their own expectations. Tonight they will encircle the DC Trump Hotel and attempt to block access until the DC Police run them off. The DC Police have known for days that this was coming.

    [editor note:  You can watch a Periscope video stream of these “useful idiots” heading towards the DC Trump Hotel here and also here .  One of them actually just said “if we get rid of Trump, we gotta get rid of the internet too.”]

    If you are coming to DC for the inauguration, I suggest you have a plan and find other Oath Keepers or patriots to move in groups. Do not think for a moment that your “Make America Great Again” red hat will not make you a target for attack. Use your head and keep it on a swivel.
    I will update this article daily or if a more serious situation arises.

    Globalists In Exile: ‘Party of Davos’ a Gloomy Event This Year After Brexit, Donald Trump’s Win

    The globalists in world politics and international finance are celebrating a somber occasion in Davos, media reports indicate, as their influence on the global stage is waning rapidly in the wake of the U.K. referendum to leave the European Union and the U.S. election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

    The Sydney Morning Herald’s Clancy Yeates has a piece detailing how this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos—at which Chinese president Xi Jinping will speak, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not—there is a focus on the “backlash” voters worldwide have delivered against globalization.

    The globalists at Davos still don’t seem to fully understand what is happening, as the World Economic Forum’s website published a column from Robert Muggah of the Igarape Institute with a headline stating boldly: “Populism is poison.” He and co-author Misha Glenny, a writer and broadcaster, advocate for “plural cities” to defeat populism.

    “If cities are to defeat populism, they need to know what it is,” Muggah and Glenny write. “According to Princeton’s Jan-Werner Muller, at the core of populism is a profound rejection of pluralism. It is animated by two basic ideas – an opposition to diversity and a rejection of the so-called establishment. Populists contend that outsiders threaten the national way of life and that ‘the people’ need to exclude outsiders. The antithesis of the people is, oddly, migrants.”

    Populists aren’t likely to slow their winning streak any time soon. Globalization is on the decline everywhere in the world, from Guatemala—which elected a television comedian, Jimmy Morales, as its president back in late 2015—to Italy, whose recent referendum led to the resignation of prime minister Matteo Renzi. Obviously, America just elected Donald Trump and the British voted to leave the European Union. French and German presidential elections in 2017 threaten to see the potential rise of ultra-populist Marine Le Pen and the possible demise of mega-globalist Angela Merkel all in one fell swoop.

    At last year’s Davos, the elites were certain the people of the world would never vote for things like Brexit or Trump or the Italian referendum. In other words, all was well.
    “Last year, the consensus here was that Trump had no chance of being elected. His victory, less than half a year after Britain voted to leave the European Union, was a slap at the principles that elites in Davos have long held dear, from globalization and free trade to multilateralism,” Barkin wrote in Reuters.

    This year, though, it’s a much gloomier affair in Davos. These world elites have found out, thanks to voters worldwide, they’re no longer the center of the universe. Financial elites are losing control on the world markets while political elites are losing control of international governments and cultural elites are seeing their star power fade.

    “Trump is the poster child for a new strain of populism that is spreading across the developed world and threatening the post-war liberal democratic order,” Barkin adds. “With elections looming in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and possibly Italy, this year, the nervousness among Davos attendees is palpable.”

    And now, the gloomy affair in the Swiss Alps is getting even more depressing. According to Bloomberg’s Matthew Campbell and Simon Kennedy, those at Davos are even beginning to wonder if they’re “part of the problem.”
    “Did the global elite’s devotion to borderless capitalism sow the seeds of a populist backlash?” reads the subhead of a recent Bloomberg piece from Campbell and Kennedy.
    The elites at Davos are worried as the working class folks worldwide have stormed their castles and disrupted their lovely lives, the Bloomberg writers say, and they don’t find it very funny.

    Populists shouldn’t take this as proof the war is over: The globalists will always try to fight back. There’s even rumblings that Party of Davos regular former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a disgraced ex-GOP leader who lost his own primary election back in 2014 to now Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA), may try for a political comeback down the road. But if past is prologue, it’s unlikely these world elites will regain power and authority over the people who took their power away in the first place.

    Hacker Breaks Into Clinton Foundation Server, Finds Millions in Fraud

    UK Attended Paris Summit in ‘Observer Status’ Only

    Iran Received ‘Billions’ From Obama Administration in Cash, 

    UK refuses to sign Paris declaration, warns summit may harden Palestinian positions

    Inauguration protests could get very ugly

    Pruitt heads EPA: More leftist slavery ended


    Gary said...

    Caver said,
    "Everything I read / heard was that when Paris broke up, a resolution would have been agreed upon, voted on, and passed. It would then be brought to the UN Security Council and put to a vote and then adopted. A two state solution with fixed borders would be approved."
    Caver I thought the same thing. I wonder what happened? Supposedly something big is to happen to Israel this Tuesday. See Aloha Prophecy dated Jan. 15th 2017.

    Caver said...

    Wow! Gary, don't know but agree....something sure changed the political landscape. Prayer maybe?? From reading everything I can find out there, there does seem to be a shifting tide....realization that things are turning, and the population is supporting it. Perhaps the first real signs and cracks in the sinister agenda's are starting to be acknowledged.

    Along the same vein, reading from the superb list of links above, this little observation of truth stood out in neon flashing light to me....

    "...the US Senate may also decide to weigh in on whether to use emergency powers to prevent a suspected Russian Manchurian candidate from assuming the office of President. All of these allegations and events are concocted and have no basis in fact. They have been purposefully created by the CIA, the MSM and the NEOCONs (McCain, Graham, etc.) to block Donald trump from becoming President or to diminish his mandate..."

    Amazing times the Lord has blessed us to be part of. Pray, Brothers and Sisters, pray often and hard. Real lives, careers, and freedoms are being willingly placed in the gap for us. There are some serious bad people working to enslave us and eliminate Israel and equally brave unsung heroes standing for us.

    Pray hard!

    Anonymous said...

    I understand that DT may be an ideal man to lead the USA, but we must recognize that he is only a man. Only Christ knows if whether this new president of ours will keep his word or, Lord forbid, stab us in the back.

    Trust the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.

    Proverbs 3:5

    Caver said...

    Just read Scott's Monday update on this....what the heck?!!? It almost sounds like either the countries or the authors don't realize just what the UN-SC Resolution 2334 actually contained. Still, they reaffirmed it in conjunction with separate language not nearly as strong. The full extent of our treachery of Israel, Resolution 2334, has yet to be realized.

    foretastes said...

    Just watched Pastor JD's Prophecy Update from yesterday (Sunday). WOW!

    Caver said...

    Dave....YIKES>....I don't normally follow these anymore but because its you, I went. Wow.

    He didn't give specific references but this man says this is from the Jewish Press. Around the 5-8:30 minute mark is a statement that these countries are going to the UN tomorrow, Tuesday, and they have a document drafted to sign recognizing a Palestine State drawn up ......NOT ON THE 1967 BORDERS but even worse, the 1949 Green Line Armistice border!!!!

    Even more there for us to cringe about....esp Obama and the 10 kings. I think that is at about the 10 minute marker.

    Would have felt much better if he had given us specific publications to go read ourselves. I don't know this man or his reputation other than a few comments from posters I have grown to trust over the years. If I remember correctly, they are generally respectful and favorable.

    Unknown said...


    foretastes said...

    Thanks for posting the links, Caver. I've been watching JD Farag for a few years. He's a very solid Bible teacher and spot on, in my opinion with Bible prophecy, supporting a pre-Trib rapture.

    I also hoped he had references to these things. He mentioned listening to another Calvary Chapel guy in Spokane. I think it was him who brought JD's attention to Mr. O' becoming this U.N. security council chairman. I searched, but couldn't find anything on this. I wonder if anyone else has found more evidence to support this?

    Fasten your seatbelts, folks! And maranatha!!!

    Scott said...

    The thing is. The AC comes FROM the 10 kings. If obama presides over the UNSC i still dont see that as coming "from" the UNSC. if that makes any sense. Plus obama isnt of or from the modern day roman empire. Im skeptical on that aspect

    Scott said...

    Either way. Ive never seen times like this. Not even close. Things are happening at light speed right now. Surreal doesnt come close i wish i could think of the appropriate words

    jdntennessee said...


    I think we are use to seeing things happen over time. in other words a declaration and the fulfillment of. We usually have had time to process in between revelations therefore understanding the literal word of God in relationship to the fulfillment of the declared event. What we are seeing now is multi fulfillment with an expansion of understanding God's literal word. Things are happening so fast I find myself flat footed rather than on my toes. Moreover in a reactionary role rather than a proactive role. I think the word realtime is starting to convey the understanding of prophecy with the event happening simultaneously or shortly after another event. Whatever the case understanding is coming so fast we barely have time to evaluate before the next unfolds. I think we are definitely living out the unsealing of knowledge and understanding spoken of in Daniel.. That's why this site and us coming together here is so important. Thank you for allowing us to come here and be comforted.

    Scott said...

    Very very good points i agree. And its my pleasure :). Thanks

    Gary said...

    Hey Dave, I love pastor J.D. too. But, Scott's the man!

    Scott said...

    Haaaa. I paid him to say that :)

    Unknown said...

    I couldn't agree more

    foretastes said...

    "Scott's the man!" — I concur!

    jdntennessee — Very good points.

    Scott said: "Surreal doesn't come close i wish i could think of the appropriate words."


    Scott said...

    Heh :) ok we'll use that one for a while lol. We need to dig around and see if there will be another UN meeting this week. But i already believe we have ample evidence of the nations aligned against Israel. So these nations will be cut into pieces. Hmmm

    Caver said...

    Scott, yep. You're right...the AC is from the 10, not the arrangement mentioned. So true on the speed. Do you realize that a quick trip to the barber could cost you a chapter an half dozen verses. :)

    Ahaaa...DAVE...( :scratches head ) that a word or small dictionary?

    foretastes said...

    I think I found that in the urban dictionary. Not quite approved by Noah Webster. :)

    Caver said...

    Will be nice to finally meet this crew under the Tree of Life.

    Scott, what was that date now? First Saturday after the Feast? Assume dress code is white robe and sandals.

    Scott said...

    As soon as we get there :)
    And I'll be wearing Golf Shoes :)

    Unknown said...

    Amen corner??? I'm in!

    ally said...

    James, if you get a chance, go look at Dr. Owuor, from Kenya, Africa and see the rapture thing he was shown yesterday. He prophesy (his stuff comes true and he loves the Lord) He was shown the rapture and it felt so imminent to him (at 7am while he was in prayer) he was afraid he wouldn't be able to share it with the congregation (which was only a few hours later)
    The details are kinda neat. But he says soon, very soon. He thought he didn't have time to tell his congregation...that's pretty imminent.
    My head is spinning too, how Scott manages to keep up is astonishing. It has to be the guidance of the Holy Spirit, no human can do all this alone!
    For a long time, I thought this reality of living in this time period, was going to be business as usual just revved up in every arena. But under great study and much thought with help from God, I have realized something much more is going on.
    We are actually going into, or thru some kind of dimensional alteration, I don't think it's been seen before, my little pea brain can't grasp it or explain it, but I'm experiencing it, that's for sure.
    And oddly enough is scientifically measurable. The earth has been hit by all kinds of anomalies lately, I wouldn't be surprised to see an earthquake in the 10, 11 or 12 range, or asteroids crashing into us, they earth is literally being pulled apart, hell is expanding, and that's just the earth changes
    We will all be meeting your mom soon!!!! :)
    Bring her to the Tree of Life picnic!
    Love you all!!

    foretastes said...

    Regarding JD Farag's comment that I posted... I just saw this comment he made on Facebook:

    "By way of a clarification and an apology concerning Obama chairing the UN Security Council, I misspoke and should have said that he “was” (in 2009) and not “will become” (in 2017) the first president in history to do so."

    I apologize as well for jumping the gun without doing further research on this.

    Unknown said...

    UN set to meet this morning to open debate.....includes the Palestinian question...

    ally said...

    :) I'm betting there is a new set of clubs waiting for you too!

    Scott said...

    Haha im counting on it!

    Unknown said...

    Watch LIVE.... Middle East debates and the Palestinian question... as I'm writing this, Uruguay has the floor.