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Abbas Meets King Abdullah To Coordinate Moves Against U.S. Embassy Move, Persecution In This Age Increasing, Soros Plan For One-World Government Exposed, Coming Financial Crash From Epic Debt

PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordanian King Abdullah met in Amman on Sunday to coordinate policy over the possible relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“Abbas and King Abdullah II discussed the possible ramifications of moving the American Embassy to occupied Jerusalem and agreed to take a number of measures if the embassy is relocated,” the official Palestinian Authority news site Wafa reported, without clarifying what such measures would be.

Abbas also told a group of reporters: “What is taking placing regarding the [possible] relocation of the American Embassy to Jerusalem is important to the king and us, and we must coordinate.”

The Palestinian leadership launched a campaign two weeks ago to appeal to the world against the possible relocation.

Abbas added that his visit to Jordan was “necessary” because Abdullah will soon visit Washington and Moscow.

Jordan considers itself the “guardian of Jerusalem’s holy sites,” but also takes particular concern for other matters pertaining to the city.

Abbas also said he hopes the US administration “will stop talking about moving the embassy to Jerusalem... and become involved in serious negotiations between us and the Israelis to reach a political resolution.”

Israel, for its part, has encouraged the US president to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he thought such a move would be “great” during a trip to Azerbaijan in December.

900,000 Christians Have Been Martyred For Following Jesus In The Last 10 Years And That Number Is Going To Go Up

There is a worldwide hatred against Christianity that is welling up. According to a recent report, 900,000 Christians have been martyred for Christ in the past ten years, which nearly one every six minutes:
Gordon-Conwell’s Center for the Study of Global Christianity recently released its annual report on the persecution of Christians, which found that as many as 90,000 Christians died for their faith in the last year.
Although the study was released this month, the finding that 90,000 Christians — or one Christian every six minutes — were killed in 2016 was leaked by a prominent Italian sociologist named Massimo Introvigne during an interview with Vatican Radio in December and the report received much media attention before it was even released.
Even though 90,000 Christian martyrs might seem like a lot in one year, the think tank maintains that 90,000 Christians have died each year on average from 2005 to 2015.
“In the last week, several news organizations reported on the persecution of Christians around the world and cited our figure of 90,000 Christian martyrs in 2016,” the organization said in an email to supporters. “The Center for the Study of Global Christianity has done extensive research on Christian martyrdom, both historical and contemporary. We estimate that between 2005 and 2015 there were 900,000 Christian martyrs worldwide — an average of 90,000 per year.”

According to Open Doors, Christian persecution across the world has steadily increased over the last three years and 2016 was “the worst year of persecution on record.”

Center for the Study of Global Christianity also found that Christians are the most persecuted religious group throughout the world. (source)

Given the developments that have been taking place in the West, if you think things are bad now for Christians, just wait…

War Criminal George Soros:

Aging evil billionaire George Soros sure is mad that his very expensive Hillary Clinton puppet didn’t win the presidency, and that Trump is about to be sworn in despite all of his efforts to prevent it.  Soros is like a cartoon villain come to life. He could actually be that creepy character from Pinky and the Brain, plotting to take over the world.
Right now, he can’t stop insulting his new arch-enemy, President Trump.
The ever-repugnant Soros was speaking at a dinner at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – you know, the little get-together where billionaires get together to “solve the problems” of the middle class.

Trump’s win has been costly for Soros, and by costly, I mean he has lost more money than most of us will ever see in a lifetime of accumulated earnings.
Not only is he out a reputed $10 million in donations made to the losing Clinton campaign, but he also lost around a billion dollars in investments when Trump won the election. Some people in the financial world said he was trying to pull the same stunt he pulled off in 1992 when he became known as “The man who broke the Bank of England”.
Just as he bet on the devaluation of the pound in 1992, he hedged his bets, literally, that the markets would plummet with a Trump win. The markets rallied meaning that his bearish stance didn’t pay off.
By the way, Soros has no issue making money by ruining countries and the lives of the middle class in those countries. In a long lost interview, he said.”I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do.”  Translation: he doesn’t give a hoot about you, despite his facade of philanthropy. You can see the super-creepy interview of younger George Soros here.

Trump stands in the way of Soros’s goal to take over the world.

Soros has been talking about a one-world government for years.
In a recent example, back in 2011, Soros was talking about a New World Order, something Clinton touched upon in her emails referring to a “hemispheric government.”
Zero Hedge wrote at the time:
…the need for a “managed decline” of the U.S. dollar and he talks at length of the global need for a true world currency…
So exactly what is it that George Soros is trying to accomplish? Well, in a nutshell, what he wants is a Big Brother-style one world government based on extreme European-style socialism, strict population control and the radical green agenda. It would be a world where the state tightly regulates everything that we do for the greater benefit of the environment and of society as a whole.

“I think this would be the time, because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. Their share is not commeasurate — their voting rights are not commeasurate — to their weight. So I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies.“

Soros’ plans for China are the exact opposite of Donald Trump’s expected policies regarding China. The President-elect has described the Asian giant as a “currency manipulator” and outlined plans to correct the current situation of unfair competition and bring good jobs back to America. He has already angered the Chinese, speaking on the phone to President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan – breaking with nearly four decades of U.S. protocol.

Look out for Soros-funded unrest.

After the election, riots and chaos blew up across the streets of America, and there were many disturbing links to organizations funded by George Soros. You know, those “philanthropic” organizations of his.
The same thing happened during the Ferguson riots and the Charlotte riots. Soros has a history of funding unrest to destabilize a country.
Many organizations are making plans to protest today. And, not all of these organizations are made up of radicals or bad people. They have every right to peaceful demonstration and to have their opposing opinions noted.
But what they don’t have the right to do is take dangerous, disruptive, and illegal actions. A much-debated video by Project Veritas showed some people planning to deploy butyric acid at the Deploraball last night. (They didn’t, but was that because the video was aired?) Numerous other groups are planning to protest today, and some of them don’t sound very peaceful.
And you can bet your last button that George Soros will be involved right up to his greedy little eyeballs, safely in his tower pulling the puppet strings in another attempt to destroy America from within.
As for Inauguration Day and the weekend ahead, be vigilant and be ready to head home and avoid trouble. Go here to download a last-minute guide to staying safe during civil unrest.

President Trump faces years of attempts to undermine his leadership. It won’t matter if he is doing the right thing or the wrong thing – that is incidental.
What matters is that he was not “The Chosen One.” He is not the person that will further the One World Government movement so beloved of Soros, the Clintons, and others of their ilk.
They’ll do everything possible to undermine Trump, and they’ll use the rage of the Snowflakes to do it. I suspect Donald Trump is in more physical danger than any president who has ever taken the oath of office. He certainly is the rock in the shoe of some very powerful enemies.

Nomi Prins Warns Financial Crash From Epic Debt, Asset Bubbles "Possible In Last Quarter 2017"

Could there be a crash coming in 2017? Will increasing interest rates at the Federal Reserve trigger the beginning of the end?
It is possible, but not certain.
It will fall, perhaps, after a new sense of normal sets in, and some become comfortable with the change in leadership, and accustomed to drowning out the opposition yelling noisily from the other side. Expectations have been set for a growing economy, fresh infrastructure and new hopes for the average worker.

Many have seen dark signals about the immediate future, but no one can claim to know the timing.
However, former Wall Street banker and now best selling critic of the predatory financial system Nomi Prins sees the pattern unfolding, and fears that the end of 2017 may be the time that everyone has been watching for. At the center of it is the whiplash effect of Federal Reserve stimulus-withdrawal (i.e. rate hikes and the contraction of easy money).

Former top Wall Street banker and best-selling author Nomi Prins correctly predicted no financial crash for 2016. Prins’ upcoming book is titled “Artisans of Money.” It is all about central bank money creation. What does Prins say about this year? Prins predicts, “In 2016, I pegged the non-crash. . . . Central bankers were finding new ways to extend their money creation policies. That is what kept the markets up.

There was a separate bid on the markets after Trump was elected. It was on the expectation that he would be good for growth, that he would be good for infrastructure and that he would create jobs. I do think there is a little juice in the central banks. I keep thinking there shouldn’t be, but they keep surprising all of us with their ability to boost the markets. They have artificially stimulated so many different asset bubbles, whether it’s debt, which is epic, or stock markets, many of which are at historic highs. If we have a crash, it will be in the second half of 2017. The promises, the rate hikes, the dollar being high could collapse into the realities of the stability and this artificialness. I am not sure about a crash this year, but if we see a big decline, it will be in the last quarter.”

One Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble

The establishment is setting up Donald Trump.
The mainstream media hates him. Hollywood hates him. The “Intellectual Yet Idiot” academia class hates him.
The CIA hates him. So does the rest of the Deep State, or the permanently entrenched “national security” bureaucracy.
They did everything possible to stop Trump from taking office. None of it worked. They fired all of their bullets, but he still wouldn’t go down.

The Deep State’s next move is to pin the coming stock market collapse on Trump. When people think “Greater Depression,” they’ll think “Donald Trump.”
The economy has been on life support since the 2008 financial crisis. The Fed has pumped it up with unprecedented amounts of “stimulus.” This has created enormous distortions and misallocations of capital that need to be flushed.

Think of the trillions of dollars in money printing programs—euphemistically called quantitative easing (QE) 1, 2, and 3.
Meanwhile, with zero and even negative interest rates in many countries, rates are the lowest they’ve been in 5,000 years of recorded human history.
This is not hyperbole. We’re really in uncharted territory. (Interest rates were never lower than 6% in ancient Greece, and ranged from 4% to over 12% in ancient Rome.)
The too-big-to-fail banks are even bigger than they were in 2008. They have more derivatives, and they’re much more dangerous.

If the Deep State wants to trigger a stock market collapse on par with 1929, it just has to pull the plug on the extraordinary life support measures it’s used since the last crisis.
It’s already baked in the cake. It’s just a matter of when they decide to trigger the controlled demolition.
Donald Trump is the perfect fall guy. And there are signs the Deep State is already starting to get its revenge.
The most important variable to watch is the Federal Reserve—the quintessential establishment institution.

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