Thursday, January 26, 2017

Abbas: 'Dangerous Consequence' For New Settlement Construction, Trump Orders Removal Of Islamic Symbols, Practices In The White House

Abbas: 'Dangerous consequences' for new settlement construction

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said there would be “dangerous consequences” following Israel’s announcement on Tuesday approving the construction of 2,500 housing units in settlements in the West Bank, Israel Radio reported Thursday morning.

Speaking at a meeting of his Fatah party in Ramallah, Abbas also reportedly said that Palestinian diplomats will work to try and put a halt to the construction and that he is in consultations with officials from both Arab and other unspecified countries on how to introduce the subject in international forums.

Following Tuesday’s announcement, numerous Palestinian officials condemned the move, including Palestinian Liberation Organization Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi

“Such a deliberate escalation of Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise constitutes a war crime and the flagrant violation of international law and conventions, in particular UN Security Council Resolution 2334,” she said, a reference to a resolution from last month that condemned Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as “a flagrant violation under international law.”

The settlement building “needs to be condemned,” Swedish Ambassador Olof Skoog told reporters.

“We believe that any action that is taken in violation of international law or Security Council resolution 2334, regardless of who violates that resolution, needs to be condemned,” he said.
The ambassador, who holds the council presidency this month, said council members received an update on the situation but that no one pushed for immediate action during the talks, which were requested by Bolivia.

Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour told reporters the council must ensure that its own resolutions are upheld and that Israel must not “get away with it” by building in settlements.

He said the Palestinians are discussing “all kind of ideas” with council members and others to ensure that the resolution is implemented.

The Swedish ambassador said that despite taking no immediate action, “everyone in the council [who] spoke today is eager to make sure we find ways to minimize the effects of unilateral action.”

The possibility of passing a joint Security Council resolution condemning resolution appears unlikely, as US President Donald Trump harshly criticized the Obama administration’s decision to withhold the US’s veto last month, writing on Twitter that “we cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect” and encouraging Israel to “stay strong” until he assumed the presidency.

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that US President Donald Trump was reportedly preparing two executive orders that would halt US funding to the UN and other bodies that grant full membership to the PA and the PLO.

This latest White House moves coincide with Republican efforts in the Senate to defund the United Nations over the Security Council passing a resolution last December that condemned Israeli settlements as illegal.
While that measure — introduced by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) — aims to punish the world body for its censuring Israel, it also aims to incentivize the UN to reverse course. The motion would strip the UN of American assistance until the president can certify to Congress that UNSC Resolution 2334 has been repealed.
Amid condemnation from the EU, UN, Germany and a number of other countries, the US did not condemn Tuesday’s announcement on settlement construction, with White House press secretary Sean Spicer saying during Tuesday’s daily press briefing that “we’re going to have a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and we’ll continue to discuss that.”
“Israel continues to be a huge ally of the United States, [Trump] wants to grow closer with Israel, to make sure that it gets the full respect that it deserves in the Middle East,” Spicer said.

Obama was seen storming away from the West Wing after staffers from Donald Trump’s transition team began preparing the executive offices for the new administration. On Trump’s orders, one of Obama’s most secretive rituals is being reversed and all signs of it removed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For the past 8 years, to appease any Muslims working at or visiting the White House, silence has been ordered during the 5 times of Islamic prayer each day. In addition, prayer rugs and crescent moon symbols are available in several areas of the executive mansion to make Muslims more comfortable.

The administration has defended the practice by asserting that it also observes several other religious moments of silence and prayer out of respect, including a full 15 seconds for Christianity on Sunday morning while a chaplain blesses a staff breakfast.
None of the prayers is mandatory or led by a government official, which has allowed the administration to subvert 1st Amendment issues, but the obvious favoritism towards Islam, which is observed for 25 minutes per day 7 days a week, tells a story this president has denied for 8 years.

President-elect Trump, who acknowledges that this country was founded by Christians and was built on Christian morals, is having all pagan symbols removed from the property unless they offer some historical significance. Only the cross in the White House chapel will remain for worship. Jim Mergernerlerny, head of the team that will transform the White House from the Obama’s home to the Trumps’ second home, told MSNBC:

“Mr Trump doesn’t see the need to provide prayer rugs and false idols in a house built by Christians. Washington, DC offers a diverse cultural centre for the worship of any kind. You won’t find any special considerations for Judaism or crucifixes to appease Catholics, either. There is a simple chapel with a single cross on one wall that is suitable for prayer by anyone. Our government doesn’t need to be forcing prayer rituals down people’s throats just so we don’t “offend” apologising people looking to blow us up.


Anonymous said...

May Donald Trump be given the grace to restore the states to christian perfection. Hopefully he will also re-install free programs and services designed to help those who wish to escape destructive lifestyles.

Carol said...

Rember lord Jesus words "do not be deceived". Things r not what they seem. We need to keep looking up because we don't belong in this world