Saturday, January 14, 2017

The 'Tolerant' Left

Their true colors are being exposed for all to see...Hiding under the banner of 'Tolerance' - we see the actual hatred and desire for totalitarianism. The scary part of this is - it is now easy to see how this group will participate in and relish the opportunity to have Christians and Jews put to their death during the Tribulation - once there is no obstruction: 

MILO’s event at the University of California, Davis has been cancelled after protesters tore down barricades and engaged in scuffles outside the venue.

ABC-7 reports “violent interactions with protesters.” Video footage shows protesters jumping barricades and throwing them towards police.

Protesters could be seen wearing masks, holding LGBT flags, and wearing “anti-fascist” badges.

Protesters also chanted an old staple, “No Milo, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

In a statement to Breitbart News, Matt Perdie said:
“One of the protesters didn’t like the fact that I was filming him while working for Breitbart, so he summoned a few of his smelly cronies on me, instructing them to get me away from him. A bunch of them started yelling obscenities in my face, another was shoving me by ramming me with his back towards me.
It’s pathetic. These losers try to do everything in their power to intimidate and silence those with opposing opinions.
Then the same protester who told people to push me away then proceeded to tell the other protesters to grab my camera.”
He said: ‘Get that camera! Someone grab that expensive camera!’
When I confronted him about inciting people to damage or steal my equipment, protesters then pushed and shoved me. I also had a guy spit in my face because he didn’t like me filming in a public space.”
Other reports from the evening have shown ski mask-clad protestors jumping tearing down barricades and engaging in fights, whilst shouting chants comparing MILO to fascists and Ku Klux Klan. At least one man was arrested.

Protestors at the (now-cancelled) event featuring MILO and Martin Shkreli at UC Davis were seen jumping barricades and throwing them towards police as security risks prevented the event from going ahead.

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Anonymous said...

If this is the left, than thank The Lord I am right.