Saturday, January 21, 2017

A World Divided: Freedom vs Oppression, Life vs Death

Can't we safely state that God would be on the side of freedom? After all, God gives us total freedom in terms of determining our path to salvation. The divisions between people inhabiting this earth are growing and growing apart by the minute. Not only religious divisions, usually involving Islam vs ____, but totalitarianism/communism vs freedom, life vs death,  abortion vs life, enslavement vs self-determination, the "nations" vs Israel, and on and on these divisions go. Violence is increasing. The world seems to be on edge...

What is also interesting is reading the full transcript of Trump's Inaugural Address, as compared to the commentary on this address. Due to work, I was unable to see the address, and read a few commentaries about it prior to seeing the transcript. After reading some of the commentaries, I was wondering "what in the heck did he say that was so bad, and why would he have done this?" Then I read the actual words stated in this address - which contained nothing in what the commentaries would lead one to believe. 

The full transcript is below and its a quick and easy read. Then look at the commentaries. Bizarre. Surreal. Supernatural? 

As usual, I'll let the information below speak for itself:


Caver said...

The howls of complaint and condemnation of the inaguration speech has been documented to be pure manure.

One of the Fox News opinion analysis proved it today. They had their moving color coded line graph. Red for Repub, blue for Dem, and yellow for Independents and on the % Approval graph. That was on one side of the screen.

ON the other side was Pres Trump followed the words and the % Approval on the Graph. Point after point....inclusiveness, fairness, economic revitalization, and on and on.....Republicans evaluated A to A+, Independents were B+ to A+, and Democrats rated C to C+. Never were they lower than C.

So, George Will and the talking heads come on and say the most Militant, Aggressive, partisan, exclusionary, and so on.

Our man is dead on. The darkness is....well, the darkness. As The Word says, the truth is not in him (them).

It may be a long or short time....but its most defiantly going to be an interesting time.

Unknown said...

Amir Tsarfati ( Behold Isreal ) nailed it again

Unknown said...

Amir Tsarfati ( Behold Isreal ) nailed it again