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Attacks On Christian Churches On The Rise In France, Hamas Procures N Korean Laser-Guided Missiles,

There Is A Huge Rise In Muslims Terrorizing Christians And Attacking Churches Across France- Europe Is On The Edge Of A Massive And Horrible Persecution Of Christians

Europe and especially France was once one of the strongest bastions of Christianity in the world. But after centuries of attack, France is now anything but Christian and thanks to the growing Muslim presence, France is becoming as dangerous a place to be a Christian in as the Middle East. Christians in France experienced a 38% increase in persecution from last year according to a recent report and things are expected to be worse still for this year:

Islamist extremist attacks on Christians in France intensified in 2016, with the country experiencing a 38 percent rise in faith-related incidents.

The group revealed that “Christianophobic” attacks in France rose from 273 in 2015 to 376 in 2016, with majority of these incidents happening in December.
Many of the attacks took place in churches and other places of worship. One church had its wall vandalised by blasphemous graffiti. A Jesus Christ figure at a Catholic memorial in Fournes-en-Weppes was likewise attacked by the Islamist militants.
However, the group noted that the most notorious anti-Christian attack had to be the one against Fr. Jacques Hamel, who was killed by two young Islamists in the middle of mass at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church.
Hamel reportedly shouted “Be gone, Satan!” as the men slit his throat. During Hamel’s memorial service, Archbishop Dominique Lebrun cautioned those who might be tempted to carry the banner of Islamist extremism.
“You who are tormented by diabolical violence, you who are drawn to kill by a demonic, murderous madness, pray to God to free you from the devil’s grip,” he said. “We pray for you, we pray to Jesus who healed all those who were under the power of evil.”

A nun named Sister Helene, who witnessed the attack, said Hamel shouted at ISIS fanatics Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik Petitjean, both 19, to stop what they were doing. But they refused to listen, according to the Mirror. “It was then that one of them struck the first blow to his throat,” she said. “Thinking I was going to die, I offered my life to God.”
Thankfully, Sister Helene survived the attack, although one of the nuns sustained some injuries because of the attack. The police later gunned down the fleeing suspects outside the church. (source)
In the days of antiquity, to be a Christian in Europe was to be part of a small, hated minority subject to horrific torture and death if people knew you were a Christian. After Europe became Christian, all of that changed and Europe became a bastion to the entire world for Christianity. Now with the European people having extinguished the light of Christianity by their own choice, the heathenism of old is resurfacing with a vengeance. Europe has indeed come “full circle,” having once been delivered from darkness by Christ and now in these days they have chosen to return to darkness.

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources reveal that for the past three weeks, consignments of North Korean Bulsae-2- anti-tank missile have been flowing in from Libya through Sinai and the new tunnels into the hands of Hamas’ armed wing in the Gaza Strip.

Bulsae-2 is North Korea’s reverse-engineered version of the old Soviet anti-tank missile called 9K111 Fagot, which uses a so-called wired semi-automatic command to line of sight system. The guidance box mounted on the launcher tracks the missile in flight via an infrared sensor and correct its trajectory by sending signals through a wire reeled out behind it.

A laser-guided system used in anti-tank missiles has a different approach. The launcher is equipped with a laser designator, which aims a laser beam at the target, a system widely adopted in the 1980s. The missile has a rear-facing sensor that picks up the beam and makes the missile ride along it. Laser-guided anti-tank missiles have greater range compared to wire-guided ones. 

Hamas already possessed this laser-guided missile in the 2014 conflict, but in very small numbers. To date, the terrorist group is estimated to have procured 1,500 Bulsae-2 missiles. This would be enough in the event of another war with Israel to lay down a dense laser-guided anti-tank screen against IDF tanks and armored personnel carriers.

Hamas personnel have been sighted training in multiple launches of the North Korean anti-tank weapons. Although the Egyptian air force conducts strikes against the Hamas underground passages passing through Rafah, the traffic carries on without pause. Hamas has sunk four or five tunnels as decoys for the one that is in actual use.

In the aftermath of a United Nations resolution declaring Jewish settlements in the West Bank illegal came a call for the United States to withdraw from participation in the international body and its one-world agenda.

The U.N. resolution was implicitly approved by the Obama administration, which declined to use America’s veto power to stop it.
Among the reactions was an online petition calling for the U.S. to halt support for the U.N. and expel its headquarters from American soil.
Now Congress is considering a plan that would accomplish several of those objectives, removing the United States from the U.N., banning any continued financial support, barring American military members from serving under U.N. command and removing the diplomatic immunity of U.N. officials.

According to the congressional description, it would repeal “the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 and other specified related laws.”
“The bill requires: (1) the president to terminate U.S. membership in the United Nations (U.N.), including any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body; and (2) closure of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations,” it explains.
“The bill prohibits: (1) the authorization of funds for the U.S. assessed or voluntary contribution to the U.N., (2) the authorization of funds for any U.S. contribution to any U.N. military or peacekeeping operation, (3) the expenditure of funds to support the participation of U.S. Armed Forces as part of any U.N. military or peacekeeping operation, (4) U.S. Armed Forces from serving under U.N. command, and (5) diplomatic immunity for U.N. officers or employees.”

Blogger Lance Schuttler wrote at the ZeroHedge website: “Regardless of one’s beliefs or opinions on the U.N. being a front for a new world order, this bill is a direct and bold move against the elites’ plans. For any nation to reclaim true sovereignty from the United Nations is setting a powerful example for the rest of the world. It sends a message that a country does not need a global government body, but instead can run itself without global oversight.”

He continued, “Essentially, if the U.S. reclaimed sovereignty from the United Nations, it would be the equivalent of what Britain did by reclaiming its sovereignty from the European Union … times 10.”

David Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine wrote: “The United Nations does only two things consistently and effectively: waste money and bash Israel. Sometimes it manages to do both at the same time.”
He finished: “We should defund and withdraw. … The billions we waste on the U.N. will go toward taking care of our people. And once we are free of the U.N., we will actually be able to promote real human rights instead of pandering to the dictators and Islamists of the United Nations.”

Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer questioned why the U.N. spends “more than half its time and energy and resources and bureaucracy trying to attack the only Jewish state on the planet, a tiny little spec, while genocide, mayhem, murder and terrorism is going on all over the world.”

“The U.N. is a massively corrupt and hopelessly broken institution,” said Joseph Farah, founder, editor and CEO of WND. “If ever there were a time and the right opportunity to put this on the front burner of a new administration that clearly opposes the kind of globalist vision that the U.N. offers and promotes, this is it. Enough is a enough! Why are we supporting this twisted, anti-Israel rogues gallery with our tax dollars and debt? Why do we continue to permit them to operate within our country? If Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress don’t seize this moment, a future administration will undoubtedly humiliate the U.S. and our allies, again, through the auspices of the United Nuisances.”

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