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Betraying Israel

Articles: Betraying Israel

On Sunday, January 15, top diplomats from as many as 70 nations, led by the departing United States secretary of state, John Kerry, gathered in Paris to express once again their sick obsession with the creation of a Palestinian State at the expense of Israel.

With all the recent catastrophic challenges facing the Middle East, Europe, and the world, such as brutal wars of massive death and destruction, terrorism, and an ever-deepening refugee crisis, the international community has accepted the invitation of French President Fran├žois Hollande to come together again to hammer out what despite all logic, they seem to think is the most monumental challenge facing the world today: the two-state solution. 

Sadly, the Obama administration, with Kerry’s anti-Israel speech and failure to veto an anti-Israeli UN Security Council Resolution, seems to have made a decision to spend its last few weeks galvanizing the international community to isolate and scapegoat the Jewish State and the only democracy in the Middle East.

History teaches us that after evil entities and ideologies finish with the Jews, they then go after everyone else. The establishment of a Palestinian state or even the total destruction of the only Jewish State will not stop the Islamist Jihadi cancer from spreading throughout Europe and the world. This enemy opposes the whole civilized world while Western nations foolishly focus on appeasing it in regard to pressuring Israel to sacrifice its security.
The international community must wake up soon and acknowledge the truth that a religious war is in progress between Radical Islam and the civilized, democratic, and free Western world, which includes Israel. Israel has been in the forefront of the war on Jihadist terror because it is a Western, democratic, nation located in the barbaric, primitive, Islamist neighborhood where Radical Islam originated.

For many years, Israel, has been trying to explain to Western nations, including the U.S., France, and other European Countries, that the root of the Israeli-Arab Palestinian conflict is extreme Muslim indoctrination to jihad, violence, and hatred against them. However, the West seems to dismiss this argument as an excuse and insists that the roots and the causes of the anti-Israel terrorism and violence have been Israel’s own actions and policies. 
These actions include the so-called occupation of Palestinian lands by Israel, the Jewish settlements, poverty, and a sense of humiliation and hopelessness among the Palestinians. But much worse, they have irrationally convinced themselves that the root cause of the anti-West and anti-European hatred and terrorism by European-born Muslims is the Palestinian-Israel conflict, and that solving the conflict by pressuring Israel for concessions will bring peace to Europe, the West, and the world.

However, the international community should know by now that throwing Israel under the bus through condemnations, product labeling, boycotting, and divestment will not save it from Radical Islam. Associating with, sympathizing with, and granting concessions to other radical Islamist players such as Iran, Assad’s Syria, Hamas, Hizb’allah, and the Palestinian Authority, only reassures Islamists that Europe and the world is not serious about defeating Muslim terror and eventually can be weakened and defeated by it.

Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that since the attacks in France in January two years ago, where French-born Muslims killed dozens of people in different locations, the French government has been single-mindedly using its diplomatic efforts to advance the Palestinian cause by punishing and isolating the Jewish State, instead of uniting a world effort to advance the cause of defeating the Islamists and their sympathizers?
How do you explain the fact that the UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution 14 to 0 to condemn Israeli settlement activity of building homes, schools, and kindergartens in their own historical ancestral land they have lived in for thousands of years while refusing to pass one resolution against the genocide of Yazidis, Christians, and fellow Muslim in Syria and Iraq? How do you explain the disgraceful scene following Obama’s betrayal of Israel, where members of the council clapped and cheered during the same week that Aleppo community in Syria was massacred by the Syrian army, Iran, Hizb’allah, and the Russians?

How do you explain that not one righteous democratic, civilized nation, including the U.S., Britain, France, or Spain, voted against the resolution, which called the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, and the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem “Palestinian occupied territories “despite the well-known historical fact that Jerusalem was in all of history only the capital of the Jewish state? 

How do you explain that countries such as Senegal, Venezuela, and Malaysia, who have no connection to the property dispute in the Middle East, felt so passionate about the issue to sponsor the resolution, despite their own dark history of tyranny and oppression of their own people?

How do you explain that New Zealand decided to sponsor the resolution that pronounced “settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967” to be illegal despite their own history as a colonialist state founded on the theft of the indigenous Maori land and slaughter of their population to build their own new settlements?
How do you explain the Obama administration betraying its closest ally in the Middle East for the sake of the Palestinians Arabs, after abandoning the Iraqi Sunnis when it ordered the withdrawal of all American soldiers from Iraq leading to the creation of ISIS? The same administration that took no action against Assad when he used chemical weapons against his own Sunni rebels in Syria.
How do you explain that a few days after the resolution, John Kerry harshly called the democratically elected Israeli government the most right-wing in the country’s history and said it is driven by an extremist settler agenda while saying nothing about the fact that the Palestinian president’s term expired in 2009 and since then he has cancelled many elections and tightened his corrupt grip on power by purging his rivals and suffocating freedoms?
For the Palestinians and other jihadists, the motivation for their actions is very clear. They are engaging in an end of days’ clash between the Muslim world characterized by tyranny, martyrdom, Sharia law, and the Quran, and the Western world of individual liberties, freedoms, equality, the rule of law, and value for life.

The American voters understood this clash and the fallacy of Obama’s obsession with appeasing Islamist enemies and undermining and betraying its greatest ally in the Middle East by rejecting his foreign policy legacy and voting for Trump. How much more bloodshed is necessary for Europe and the United Nations to understand that even if the West would stop supporting Israel and condemn and boycott it daily, there would still not be peace with radical Islam but just an invitation to more terror?

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