Monday, January 23, 2017

The MSM vs The People

Negative Trump Coverage Is Long-Term Threat to His Presidency

[This title is somewhat deceiving because the article is far more than the tension between Trump and the on...]

The largest issue is whether the relationship between Trump and the media can continue this way and for how long. An article at State of the Nation maintains that the mainstream media must be shut down because it is not going to change:

Truly, if ever there was a treasonous and deadly enemy of the American people, it is the entire Mainstream Media (MSM).  …  The writing is now on the wall:  The current corporate Mainstream Media cannot peacefully coexist with the American Republic.
The Mainstream Media has proven itself determined to subvert democratic institutions wherever they can cynically manipulate them for the benefit of the ruling elites.  The Mainstream Media has committed numerous acts of high treason, abetted the genocide and forced displacement of indigenous peoples around the world, and employed yellow journalism to explicitly goad the American people into unprovoked wars of aggression.
The Mainstream Media has demonstrated repeatedly that it does not act in the best interest of the American people, and often acts to their great detriment.

The article goes over a number of different topics and discusses ways the mainstream media may not be telling the truth about any of them. It says for instance that chemtrails haven’t been properly reported on and that the reports that have been made don’t tell the truth.
It calls 9/11 the “greatest coverup in history” but then quickly moves on to various assassinations that it also believe have not been properly reported including that of President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, and many others.
There’s more. “The Mainstream Media, at the very least, has covered up the true facts surrounding the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Virginia Tech massacre, the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting, the San Bernardino shootings, among numerous other government-sponsored false flag terrorist attacks and black operations.”

The article stated that it is not the mainstream media that alone is in charge of the larger propaganda effort. Instead, interlocking directorships create a monolithic global complex that is inextricably interconnected to the World Shadow Government.”

The main point of the article is that the media ought to be shut down entirely – the mainstream media not the alternative media.

How this is suppose to be done is not clear however and to take down the mainstream media you would also have to take down such related elements as Google and Facebook.
An alternative way to deal with this problem is to remove the advantages held by the mainstream media. You would do this by removing the corporate advantages given to it by the federal court.
We’ve mentioned them in the past. They have to do with corporate personhood, intellectual property rights, central banking and corporate regulation, among other issues.
Without these props, none of which were available for any length of time before the Civil War, the corporate media would collapse along with its parent companies. The artificial, fascist bigness of corporate America would be done away with.
In its place there would rise up once more a plethora of smaller entities, many with a libertarian bent. The situation would be somewhat analogous to the way the alternative press is structured today.
Admittedly, nothing like this is being contemplated at the moment but if things get bad enough … who knows.
Even a quick review of front page Google headlines presents the problem clearly:

Trump leaves world diplomats down and out – CNN-3 hours ago
Women’s March on Washington overshadows Trump’s first full day – The Guardian-Jan 21, 2017
Trump’s motorcade surrounded by screaming protesters – Daily Mail-Jan 21, 2017
Violence flares in Washington during Trump inauguration – International-Reuters-Jan 20, 2017
Trump’s Attack on the Press Shows Why Protests Are Necessary – Opinion-The New Yorker-Jan 22, 2017
Trump rejects new lawsuit over foreign payments to his firms – Reuters-16 minutes ago
Lawsuit to call for ban on payments to Trump firms from foreign powers – The Guardian-9 hours ago
Foreign Payments to Trump Firms Violate Constitution, Suit Will Claim – Highly Cited-New York Times-17 hours ago
Ethics Experts File Lawsuit Saying Trump’s Overseas Interests – International-NPR-3 hours ago

Conclusion: The point here is that the alternative press does not have a chance to reach Google’s front page, while the mainstream media is almost uniformly critical. Unless the mainstream press is somehow blunted, Trump will not have an easy time with this sort of coordinated negativity.


Unknown said...

Sounds like the media is "strongly deluded". I've always thought it was interesting that Satan is known as the prince of the air.

Scott said...

Either way - they are a huge part of the problem...